June 10


Visibility… Aaargl…

By IsayaBelle

June 10, 2022

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Visibility… Whether we’re talking about life or business… it’s kind of a main issue, isn’t it?
For me it is anyway.
Being visible. Being chosen. Being loved. Being bought (you offers, your products, not you directly, I know)
Showing up.
Day in, day out.
Being authentic. Being lovable (“buyable”)
All the resistance.
All the fear.

So … how do we?
Here’s my two cents on that.

Let me start by sharing a pic of my face... which is still a challenge... But hey!... Visibility !

You want a happy life? Well…
Step 1: What does a happy life mean to you? Really, deeply, authentically?
Who are you and what are you REALLY looking for? Forget the cliches of Disney movies, happy everafter and the luxury status items … What do YOU want?
To get to that understanding, we need to own who we really are, what we really want… Not always that easy, is it?
Because that does include allowing the invisible stuff to become visible (ie the unconscious stuff, but also the stuff we might be ashamed of, the stuff we don’t like that much about ourselves…).
And how, pray Isaya, do we do that?
Well… daily, slowly, consistently showing up and being you.
Day in, day out.
In your private life.
In your business.
In your love life.
In your family.
With your loved ones.
With your clients.
With your prospects.
Stop filtering your words, thoughts, emotions and give yourself permission to be you, at any given moment, to ignore the little judgy voice inside your head that says “You can't say that, for Heaven’ sake” or “What would your mother think if she heard you?” or “What will people think?” or “Oh, my God, put some makeup on, you look like an old hag” (meet my judgy voice!!!) and the like…
Everything is and has always been inside YOU. Stop listening elsewhere, stop looking elsewhere. You’ve got this.
It’s about getting one millimeter closer to yourself with every thought, word, live video, interaction … and never looking back at the fearful, shameful, repressed person you used to be yesterday.

Step 2: (and that is done at the same time as step 1 please) Remember your story.
Take time, energy and love to remember who you are, where you came from, what you have been through (the good, the bad and the fugly!) in this life (and maybe in others!) who your ancestors were and what you are carrying from their lineage and legacy (again, the good, the bad and the fugly!) … You can use journaling, meditation, energy work, past life regressions… and/or get help from a coach or a psychotherapist to investigate and bring to light all the little, amazing, dirty, gorgeous, incredible details of who you are and how you got here…
And maybe write that story down.
And celebrate yourself.
You have come so far. You are so extraordinary! 

Step 3: Become OK with sharing this amazingness that is you with the world. Become conscious that the world needs to get to know you.
And by the world I mean your world.
If we’re talking about your private sphere, your world here can be understood as your friends and family.
Please show up as who you are to them. And let them love you. Just like you are.
If we’re talking about business (and mostly about online business, as you know that this is what I’m specialising in), please let the awesome person that you are shine and become visible for your tribe, your peeps, your potential clients and all the people whose life YOU can change (you and only you, being you, just the way you are!)
Why do I say that only YOU can be the person for your peeps? Because you are YOU. And remember that your message might be similar to others but your voice, your true, authentic voice is unique, precious and irreplaceable. If you were to stop talking, no one, not one single person in the whole wide world would say the things in the same exact way and as for some people, as for your people, they would have no one to listen to, no one to be inspired by.
When we are not showing authentically and daring visibility, we are depriving the world of our voice, of our unique take on life. Up to an extent, if you’ve felt called to speak to the world, if you’ve “heard the call” and then withhold your authentic voice, you are denying the world the chance to experience YOU.

Step 4: Well… Just do it.
Be you.
Warts and all.
With everyone.
Whether they like it or not.
Whether you like it or not.
In a small, inconspicuous way.
Or in a loud, extravagant way.
Whatever works for you.
Just do it.

Step 5: Just watch…
Watch your life change.
Watch your business change.
Enjoy your loved ones loving you more (and the ones who don’t… just fall out of your life)
Enjoy your business thrive and your clients love you more (and again the ones who don’t will fall out… no worries, the ones who love you are enough!)
And enjoy being you, more and more you…

There you have it. The key to visibility is authentically showing up. Day in, day out.
Try it and tell me how it goes.

“Ok, thanks Isaya… Any help here .. because it still feels scary and lonely…”
Well, glad you asked my lovely…
How about a program that would help you uncover your story and find your authentic voice, boost your visibility, offer you a spot in a global feminine summit and help you get to a place where you feel confident as a Speaker ?
With my friend Kris, we are offering just that.
The program is called Step up and Speak.
It’s designed to assist you in becoming a speaker, establishing your expertise and growing your audience …
For less than $300, you get the hand holding, the Tech assist, the mindset boosts, the opportunity to speak on a global stage, the community feeling with your fellow speakers… and so much more!
Plus you walk away with your own complete and customised Speaker One Sheet, ready to share with Podcasters, Conference or Summit organisers and ideas of where to find these Speaking Opportunities!
Interested? Find more info here: https://isayabelle.com/speaker

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.
PS: the next call for the Step up program is next Monday, June 13th 2022 .. you don't want to miss that!

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