May 19


The Dentist and the lessons learned…

By IsayaBelle

May 19, 2017

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So I woke up this morning and one of the first I read on Facebook is this small post by Citrine Gabriel Joyous: “Pay attention to your joints and teeth (bone health) today because Moon is in Capricorn”

Then I remembered I had a dentist appointment today to deal with a cavity that appeared before my trip to Japan and that the dentist had just temporarily sealed, saying “we’ll have to deal with that when you come back”. Even though my dentist is the sweetest guy (I chose him for his kindness!), this did feel like a menace …

When I did come back, I made an appointment …and waited quite anxiously (on top of the above threat, I do have a painful past history with dentist that I will spare you …) …

Fast forward to this afternoon …I’ve had the BEST EVER appointment, full of spiritual revelations !!! (No, I’m not drunk or high on medication!)

I enter the room to Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain (who I adore !) and the dentist starts a conversation about jazz, American musicals, the Triple Threats and the Rat Pack.

Let’s take a minute here… I live in France in the middle of one of the most rural areas and to find someone who even knows who Dean Martin is … falls under exceptional to say the least … So much for my stereotyped vision of rural French …

Anyway… all that conversation stopped my anxiety, I had almost forgotten why I was there !

But then of course he had me in the weird chair and my mouth open and BAM more fear … What was I to do ?

My usual (I told you, I have a painful LONG past with dentists !) method of dealing with this situation is to grip one of my fingers with the other five and squeeze hard, so as to concentrate there (on THAT pain) rather than on anything that is going on in my mouth …

I decided to change.

I focused on my breath (years of meditating paying off!!) and mostly I focused on a visualization I am creating these days, a manifesting process that I’m working and enjoying sooo much … I am going to the USA’s east coast in October, renting a house ON THE BEACH somewhere near Cape Cod to spend 6 days and enjoy. So in the chair, I focused on being there, on the wooden deck in front of the house, late afternoon, with a huge mug of boiling tea in my hands, imagining as many details as I could …


I have no idea what happened in my real mouth but in my day dreaming visualization, I could smell the tea, and the salty ocean and hear the waves … It was amazing, I was so happy and enjoying myself… When the dentist rose and said, “ok, we’re done” I was dumbfounded.

My mind is blown by its own power here!

Then I realize that when he said we’re done, he meant “we’re done”… not “please come back next week to have your tooth painfully removed and replaced by a fake one for the price of a small sports car”. The problem was SOLVED. And again it blows my mind that I would have anticipated the worse, always … I do know that it’s very common to think so, that it gets us prepared for the worst case scenario, bla, bla…

But WHY ON EARTH does it make more sense to be afraid for a long time (thus generally very unhappy) and then just “relieved” than to be hoping, planning, expecting the very best (thus being quite happy!) … maybe getting some disappointment some times around… ???

Maintained fear is a waste of energy. It drives love and happiness away. Let’s stop it.

Now on a completely woo woo /spiritual point of view… some revelations too !

Teeth are supposed to be linked to decisions in your life … So teeth problems relate to difficult decisions you don’t want to take or have taken. Cavities in this picture would represent “rotten situations”. Of course, being me, I had thought about this particular cavity and linked it to one particular relationship … “I will have to make difficult decisions, I will have to have the tooth (and the relationship!) removed, bla, bla” (you did notice that I talk to myself a lot in bla, blas!!)

Then what really happened ? Well… problem solved. The kind dentist, using way too much anesthetic to prevent me feeling any pain whatsoever (we’re 5 hours after and it’s still numb!!) solved the problem, all the while checking with me every 2 minutes if it wasn’t painful.

So ? Again, stop forecasting complications and difficulties … (me talking to myself again) and wait and see. And do not always expect long problems … sometimes problems, even big ones, can be solved quickly.

Plus regarding the actual relationship it’s a good lesson too … If I’m not absolutely happy with a relationship, I do not have to “remove” it … Just the “rotten” part! So it’s not an either or conversation… it’s a work in progress conversation…just like my whole life!!

And of course sometimes it feels more “romantic” to rip the band-aid off … But it is generally painful and does not solve EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

I now believe in incremental change that gets me more and more in a pain free, rotten free, generally happier teeth and life situation.

In other words, incremental upgrades will get me to perfect happiness … in due course! But the most important is that the path to it needs to be joyful …

Because the goal is in the path, as Buddha is supposed to have said.

Thus I feel grateful today.

For the lessons.

For the problem solved.

And the pain free tooth fixing!

Sending, as always, love, light and gratitude to you, dear reader.


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