May 22


Money, Money, Money …..

By IsayaBelle

May 22, 2017

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So as most of you know, I’ve turned 50 and decided to change my life … mostly to change the mindset … which of course changes everything !

One of my main focusing points this year is abundance … I decided to be abundant, to experience the feelings of profusion, opulence and wealth in all areas of my life.

And yes, I also mean money. I dare write the word…

I am not ashamed anymore to say that I’ve had a difficult relationship with money for most of my life… Feeling poor, being poor, being proud of being poor, being ashamed of being poor …

And I very recently realized that it made no sense.

I’ve spent quite a bit of money, time and energy working on my “self development” and “spiritual awakening” and “personal growth”… But in this process I had NEVER even considered, let alone talked about money … Way too “vulgar”, “low” or “irrelevant”…

This had to change.

So I decided to search the web … And see if anyone was having this conversation… Little did I know that there were so many … But very quickly, I realized very few seemed to be walking their talk and/or having anything really interesting to say …

Then I saw this … 37 Lessons From Becoming A Self-made Millionaire

And I was seriously puzzled and triggered … Do you know anything about your own money mindset ? Do you know the concept of money blocks ? Who are you in relation with money ?

Meet Denise Duffield-Thomas, who brings such a clever, raw, fun and deep voice to the subject of the relationship we women have with money. Plus she doesn’t want to be a guru (if she says so herself!!)


I joined her Money bootcamp in March … and OMGoddess is it changing everything!

Her work is changing my perspective so deeply.

It is bringing to the light so many discoveries about me, how I function, the beliefs behind, the role models, the archetypes, the blocks…

But she doesn’t only highlight the problem … she also helped me create solutions!

But MORE importantly … it is changing my life … as in very very concretely changing my life!

I will tell you more about it regularly … Main difficulty here is the changes are so fast I don’t have time to actually write about them!

Hard core personal development … I’m telling you !

It is blowing my mind. Literally.

So … if you want to listen, if you want to change …

Go. Read. Listen. Start here for instance 37 Lessons From Becoming A Self-made Millionaire

Then if you want to go further… don’t forget to actually DO THE WORK!

Sending, as always love, light and gratitude.

Of course I’m an affiliate ! I so believe in this work ! Of course if you sign up through me you”ll pay the same price but I’ll earn a commission… Why shouldn’t I? You should for sure if any of that money stiff is an issue for you !

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Queen Bee !



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