May 14


IN the biz … ON the biz … Where am I ?

By IsayaBelle

May 14, 2017

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So I didn’t post on Friday …

Excuses ? Well I’ve been sick for one … and yes l know, not a real excuse but well…

But mostly, since l came back from Japan, I’m having trouble finding my mindset again, l loose focus and energy about my goals, l “forget” my affirmations, l don’t meditate regularly, l have way too many ideas, l hop from one to the other, l freak out about deadlines, I’m all over the place … and nowhere fully invested …

It happens almost every year about that time… Springtime!

Why ?

Because l spend my winters as the introvert that l can be, working on my mindset, my website, my online offers and freebies, my social media… and my art… And that is FINE.

Then comes springtime and a LOT more opportunities to see people, to sell my art (fairs, exhibitions, shows, etc that l can apply to), shops that are awaiting more tourists and want more of my stuff…

And I freak out. TOO MUCH … And so that is what l can hear in my head:

” I don’t have enough physical stuff to sell (art, handmade notebooks, keyrings, and all the other crazy ideas that l want to do, and did not have time to this winter, but have kind of promised to various exhibitions …)

“There are too many webinars to watch on social media that I’ve stupidly registered to …”

“l have too many blog posts to write (and l don’t know what about …)”

“l need to learn this new technique NOW”

“l don’t have time for walks in nature”

” l can’t be IN my biz and creating and ON my biz and do the marketing, branding, blogging, bla, bla, bla”

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRG. And then  l don’t post …

And l binge watch Netflix or Dancing with the Stars (sorry, I’m a sucker for ballroom!!)

Then this happens …

One of my creative ideas pushes everyone and everything aside… takes up ALL the space in my head, on my desk and in y life for a day (that was today), bringing me back to my place, the one where l thrive, the one where joy is… where l stop thinking and worrying and hopping about…

I just do. Or rather l just am. And l don’t seem to care where …

And after a whole day of that …

This happens

There is a lot of finished stuff, pretty art and cards, and notebooks, and so forth … ready to be exhibited, photographed, delivered and  sold.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY … This happens

And then l can start again to know where l am, where l want to go, write blog posts and do the dishes, meditate and talk to my peeps with a normal voice (and not a shrieky one!), sit in the sun and enjoy the first heat of the year, create like a mofo (or not), do the admin for the house, remodel my website… or anything that needs to be done … or something that doesn’t need to be done but feels like being done… or nothing for a while if l feel like it …

Mainly … l can hear only ONE voice in my head … at a time!

Thus l am reminded (a little too harshly Universe !) that l need to create to calm my mind, that the “ON my biz” part is NEVER MORE IMPORTANT that the “IN my biz”…. because l only have a biz to present my creativity and art to the world, a biz to serve and share … And if I’m focusing too much on the biz… there is nothing more to share…

Can you relate ? Does any of it make any sense ?

If you want to try my “calming” method, stay tuned for a coloring meditation coming soon!

Sending love, light and gratitude











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