February 14


My best ever personal development tool !

By IsayaBelle

February 14, 2017

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So I’ve been working quite a lot on myself these days … How to actually implement change of a massive type in my physical reality … I’ve read a lot of books (or rather listened to a lot of books, as I tend to do that while doing boring house chores …), I’ve listened to whole lot of conferences, courses, and so on … What is the ONE tool that everybody seems to advise? Forgiveness.

Nice. Cool. OK.


How do you ACTUALLY do it ? How do you actually, really FORGIVE other people for what you’ve suffered, and mostly forgive yourself for … (fill in your own bank!) ?

Because we can all agree that forgiveness is for myself, it frees me from the pas, from resentment and liberates my blocked energy.

The method is called Ho’oponopono (name is from Hawai, I believe) and it’s not some ht new stuff, it’s been around for quite a while …. Even I knew about it …. I had just never believed in it strong enough to actually IMPLEMENT it !

How does it work (for those of you who’ve lived in a desert those last 10 years … together with me) : Four little sentences that you say while focusing on the situation or the person you want to forgive …

Here it comes :  I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Yes and I know it doesn’t seem to make sense to ask for forgiveness when what you’re looking for is to forgive … The idea here is … SAY IT … even if it doesn’t seem to mean anything … even if you don’t “feel” it (by the way I will come back to that in a future post … if we only did what we “feel” like doing …. I know where I’d be now)

Focus on the situation, the person (remember it can be you) and SAY IT like you mean it.

And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.


Until you don’t remember why…

It might take one day… or five … or more…

BUT IT HAPPENS … and you’re free !

“Alright I’ll do that Isaya … but why the photo of a fireplace?”

Because THAT is my best ever personal development tool … Every morning I have to light a fire in my house (that is the only heating device we have) … it used to be one of those boring everyday chores… Now it is a forgiveness session … I focus about one person or a situation and roll four sheets of paper into balls (usually old family or work related stuff that should have been de-cluttered loooong ago !), then throw them into the fire one by one while saying the sentences …

My fire catches light much easier … I’m not bored … and the work is done … The forgiveness happens … Plus I’m mega proud of myself for having found a creative way to do something!

And I can write about it !!

That is one of my main goals in life. Put meaning in every action. Live in gratitude, experience life from the heart. And soul. It brings sooo much joy !

Oh and I know it’s Valentine’s day … I love you ladies!
But I will NOT write about love today! Any other day I’m all for the love … but I can’t stand the “all together, just once a year” … I’m a rebel, won’t change that!

You may also want to listen to some Ho’oponopono meditations on youtube … this one is quite nice for example !


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