January 31


And then she even started vlogging!

By IsayaBelle

January 31, 2017

I’m impressed by the endless energy  I have these days …
It does speak wonders of hypnosis, self-care and love and a few other things that I might discuss some other day but for now …A few days ago I was talking about becoming visible … it does seem like a wise idea if I consider myself an entrepreneur!! Well today I’m taking that to a whole other level … vlogging AND a tutorial… and a call to visit my site and buy my products … Oh my ! The sky is the limit! And it doesn’t mean that I feel beautiful and/or fully accomplished or that I consider this video even remotely perfect … I just leaped and decided to put it online… why not ? Better done than perfect!  So you can watch it, say nice things about it… and mostly you can use the practice in it for yourself… it is really magical! You can also be a witness to my journey on the road to exposure and success! Because it’s my time and I’m ready for the next step. Take care !
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