May 9


50 … omg

By IsayaBelle

May 9, 2017

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So today is my 50th birthday.

And l’m not sure l take it very serenely… l might well be over-reacting but … for now I’m not so deliriously happy about it…

I’m in the process of changing my whole life, going from:

  • a monthly bleeding to a full on menopause …
  • two kids at home to no kids at home
  • a 9 to 5 job to a full time biz
  • a well mastered profession to a a brand new one
  • a steady if not abundant income to ????
  • a social media presence dedicated to “fun” to a professional use of social media which involves regularity an consistency and … feels a lot more like work …

So … What happened last Friday when I was supposed to blog (like l said l would every Friday…) ?

l didn’t.

I thought … well… no one is reading those anyway, it makes no sense, l’m ridiculous with my starting a blog at 50… Internet is a “for the young” scene, l’m too old to succeed in any of this,  bla, bla, bla…

Furthermore, I asked for some opinions in my latest post and got some criticism (justified and rather intelligent but nonetheless my little ego didn’t like it, you see!!) …

Then what happened ? Well today happened.

I did turn 50.

Soooooo many people l know or don’t know wished me a happy birthday. I got presents, cards, mails, messages, Instagram photos, phone calls, etc, etc …

And l realized l had to come on the internet and post something on my FB page … because the “queue” for it was empty.

So l opened my blog app. And here it was, this small comment waiting for approval … from someone I don’t know… someone who by some weird twist of the web algorithms… read one my bog posts … Here is what she said:

“I love this(!) ~ your blogs. They are like a mirror of what I feel. And I love the colors you surround yourself with. And…messy? I think not. You are far more organized that I am…..”

So yes. I will keep on blogging (and I will tackle those critics and much needed improvements ! Soon!)

Because it DOES matter. Because people DO read it. Because I MATTER. Because each and every one of us MATTERS. While changing myself and relating the process, I can help others change and help change the world while we’re at it.

Yes, I’m 50.

So what ?







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