April 27


Going away and being present…

By IsayaBelle

April 27, 2023

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So… some catching up needed…
I feel like I’ve been sharing "recorded" stuff with you for a while.
I feel like I need to catch up with you "LIVE"…
Like tell you where I am in the world and in my Goddess Life and wtf I’m doing … or rather wtf I’m being…
Here goes… in the beautiful disorganized form that ideas and stories want to to emerge…

I am in the UK.
I am in Stroud actually.
I arrived last Wednesday.
OMGoddess, just a week.
Sooooo many things happening.
Sooooo many revelations, ideas, U turns, synchronicities and more generally JOY!
I’m gonna number them, in a vain attempt to organize my thoughts…
Actually, coming back to revise that… There’s no way all these are going in just the one blog post… I’ll have to leave some of the stories for next time!

1. Going away from one’s home/comfort zone/habits is DA BOMB.

So much novelty, so many possibilities…. I actually feel bombarded with positive energy bombs every singe minute… And I love it… New ideas, new people, new emotions, new smells, new vistas… I am loving every second (also… I’m alone in a stranger’s kitchen writing this because today, I gave myself a day off… no new input today… Today is reflection day, pondering day, to recover, digest, recharge my battery and be in my own energy so I can re-energize and revitalize… Truly an ambivert after all!)
Going away actually should be compulsory for everyone every now and then.
… and of course I hear you, little fearful girl inside me (inside you?) … all this new, all this uncomfortable and unknown can be fucking frightening.
So much fun!!
So much growing…
I can’t believe it’s only been a week!!
Deeply grateful to have had the courage and lunacy to create that lifestyle for myself and embody the Traveling Priestess.
And don’t get me wrong, I will be happy to go home and rest at some point!!

2. Mika.

If you know, you know.
I was at a Mika concert last night.
Bear in mind that I actually really did not know the guy that well. I was not a "fan". He was kinda flying below my radar.
But synchronicities and magic brought me there.
If you haven’t, listen to his music. Listen to his words. So much love, so much positivity, so much self affirmation.
Soooo good for the Soul!
And if you can, go see him live. So much energy from the stage towards the public… and back again!!
The NHS (Social Security, Medicaid, you name it) should prescribe it free of charge!
These last years I came to realize that there are not many things I love more than real people performing in front of a live audience… OK, sure … nature, hugs, sisterhood, writing, reading a book sipping hot tea, sex, swimming, avocado toast, chick flicks… Oh fuck, so many things to love… but hey you get my point…
Still real people doing real performing… So many good vibrations.
Well Mika is a multiplier.
My heart got shot last night with so many love bombs, so much positivity, so much affection, so much warmth and joy…
In the middle of a 2000 people crowd, I felt seen.
And loved.
If you get the chance, give yourself that gift.
It got me to reaffirm my one fundamental lifelong goal and value: JOY.
Thank you.

"I’ve been crying for so long
Fighting tears just to carry on
But now, but now it’s gone away"
Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr, aka Mika

3. The power of tarot and going down in my body

I’m a card deck addict.
I have loads. I use them everyday.
Whether at home or traveling, I pull one or more cards for myself daily.
As you know if you’ve been catching me live, I love the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne (she’s actually publishing a pocket travel version of it in August… Feels like she heard my prayers!! Here’s a link to pre-buy that one on Amazon if you feel like it… and yes I might a tiny percentage at no extra cost for you… https://amzn.to/3ngGuns)
I’ve been getting the 10 of wands a lot over the last months. (see pic below)
She’s always coming to remind me that I can ask for help, that it’s time to let go of some of the responsibilities and things that weigh me down (lol, I love words and their double meanings!!).
Today she hit hard.
She metaphorically turned her heard to me and also said, kinda loudly…
"Do you realize where you’ve come from? How much you’ve traveled already and how close to home you are?"

No. I hadn’t.
Until yesterday I hadn’t.
The other card that keep popping and that I got this morning is the 8 of cups (see pic below)
Here’s what Chis-Anne writes about that card:
"She has released her last cup in the water and her bowl-burning ceremony has come to a close. There were 7 bowls before this one:7 days and nights to build a new vision for her life and 7 ceremonies to let go of old habits, feelings, beliefs and ideas and while she is not totally sure that she is there yet, she knows she feels more empowered than she ever has before. These rituals have cleansed her heart and spirit and she understands that she deserves much more than she's been settling for lately.
She feels so powerful in this moment that she doesn't even feel compelled to watch that last bowl dip its way into the sea. She knows what fate has in store for it: a complete submerging and then washing away. She knows the water will cleanse any sign of its presence and that the only thing that we're remain is her memory of it
She knows that her memories tend to be stored in her muscles so she vows to actively create new memories to be called upon and enjoyed. She will enjoy this new memory, the one where her situation holds so little power over her that she walks away before the ritual is even complete. She no longer needs this purification. She chooses her own path and she is ready to grow beyond this version of herself."

That powerful.
So freaking to the point.

Yesterday, before the Mika concert, I spent some time with Tracey Kissoon in her Gloucester clinic (just like a Mika concert, this is something to experience, a gift one gives to one’s self, try it, I promise it’s amazing!)
She said she wanted to put her hands on my body (chill, she’s a physio!).
It ended up as being one of the most healing sessions of anything I’ve ever had.
The blending of pure energy body work and the deepest, most profound conversation with my 3 year old me was sheer magic. I do feel like a new person. And I know that there are layers, that nothing is ever "finished"… Yet I know, deep in my heart, just like Chris-Anne puts it, that "my situation holds so little power over me" now, that this part of my traumatic response to life is now over, that together with Tracey, we have created a resolution. A final one.
So freaking powerful.
And breathe Isaya.
I got a third card this morning, the King of Cups… (see pic below) This is what he’s all about..
"He knows that his emotions are the key to his intuition and to his success successful leadership and he asks you to find the regulation and balanced peace in your life."
OK then.
Here we go.
Allowing all the emotions and the intuitions and the flowing energy.
All day every day.
And bearing witness.
That my body changes, being no longer in constant reaction and survival mode.
That my heart opens and my soul thrives.
That my life changes to the point of becoming unrecognizable.
That my life truly becomes a Goddess Life.

Hoping that you found some inspiration in my words,
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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