April 21


Living a Goddess Life, step one

By IsayaBelle

April 21, 2023

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Hey lovely... The article below is actually the Introduction of my "coming soon" book. I'm writing and prepping and getting excited... So I thought I'd share! The working title is, Living a Goddess Life: 4 aces to up your game! I hope you enjoy this "amuse-bouche"!!

Welcome to your Goddess Life.
I’m so happy and grateful to have you here.
Grab a cuppa and a cozy blanket and allow me to introduce you to the concept of Living a Goddess Life.
Over the many years when I was learning who I am (not that I’m finished!) and growing and opening up to the whole of myself while accompanying my women clients to do the same, I came to channel and develop a way of being, a state of consciousness, a specific vibration that I’m calling Living a Goddess Life.

It’s made of tiny understandings, deliberate choices, conscious actions and some deep yet feasible changes in the way we talk to ourselves, in the way we treat ourselves, in the way we act towards ourselves and others, as well as animals, plants and the planet as a whole.
In this book, which I hope you will find to be “digestible” and somewhat amusing too, I’m going to outline the blueprint of this lifestyle that brings me daily joy, happiness, as well as increasing serenity and peace.
It is, in my modest opinion, a recipe for a successful life. Of course I will invite you to define what a successful life means to you, regardless of society’s dictates and fashions.
Together we are going to explore the nature of living as a woman, of walking the cyclic path of womanhood. Starting then at the level of our body, we are going to understand how the woman incarnation that our Soul chose for this lifetime defines and determines the way we can experience life.

We will explore the four basic Archetypes of the Divine Feminine, who are rooted in the basic functioning of our bodies. And we will find new ways to team up with our Archetypes, and embark on a powerful quest to remember who we are and how this profound knowledge can empower us to live a happier, more peaceful, more creative and satisfying life… everyday. Because if there is a lot of noise around these days about big, flashy, “extraordinary” moments and gestures in life (which are great, let’s admit it!), not many people seem to be talking about the day when you come back from this amazing vacation, the week after you’ve walked on fire, the months after you’ve said yes to that handsome fellow…
What happens “after” or “in between” the powerful, life changing, amazing moments, that is what defines your feeling of happiness and success. Not the big moments themselves. Because if we rely on the big moments, we will fall flat if they are too few and too far apart.

My invitation is to make your daily life a Goddess Life.
I bear witness that it is achievable.
For you. NOW.
There are a few rules to abide with though ...
Start now (why wait?)
Start small (give yourself a break!)
Keep going to see results (pretend giving up is not an option!)
Before we dive into the hows, I need to make myself very clear… There is a crucial rule, a fundamental belief you have to switch…

This MAIN rule is…
Be OK with the following statement: Yes, it can be that simple.
“It can't be that simple”, I hear daily.
And so many women shove my solutions (Soulutions ?) aside.
And ignore them. Because it can't be that simple.
Annoying isn’t it ?
Because it actually is.
We would love (I know, I've been there) for the solutions to be complex and only available to the selected ones, the ones connected with the Universe, the special ones ...
So not us.
That would explain why we’re not where we want to be, why we’re finding it so difficult and unattainable ...
Too bad. Tough luck.
Let me put my furry bunny slippers and download some tough love and some reality check upon you.
Yes, it is that simple.
But … (you saw it coming I'm sure !)
You have to do the simple things.
You have to implement.
Most of the time we don't.
We dismiss the simple answer, the simple solutions, the easy way.
And we don't do it.
Then we can complain nothing works, it's so hard and it can't be that simple.

I find myself slightly annoyed. Because so many women I know, so many women who I could help and assist in creating their best life and business, just dismiss me because “it can't be that simple”.
Or they believe that they can do it on their own and don't understand why they would invest for it … Since it is that simple …
And then don’t do it anyway...
So yes, it is that simple.
But if you don't know how to.
And if you don't actually implement ...
Nothing happens.
And you can keep up the good work of failing and affirming daily how difficult and complicated it is … And how your life is hard and sad ...

But you see, you’re reading this book. And I’m going to hold you accountable not to go down that path.
You are the priestess of your own temple. So my invitation is for you to step into radical responsibility towards yourself, into absolute self-love.
And to stop betraying yourself every chance you get.
To stop letting yourself down.
And remember.
That yes, it is that simple.
I did it. Or rather I’m doing it!
If I can, you can too…
I am nothing special.
I am a human.
I am an embodied Soul.
I am a TooMuch Woman.
I am a Child of the Universe.
I am a Starseed of the Cosmos.
I am a Shard of Light of the One Source.
I am an incarnated Goddess.
As are YOU.

Now if you don't know how to… I’ve got you!
Together we take a journey through a year in the life of a Goddess and explore the 4 aces you’ve got up your sleeve that will allow you to Live a Goddess Life.
I’ll give you tools, recipes and ideas to alchemize your daily life and, through a seemingly magical process, change everything ordinary into an enchanted moment of its own.
I’ll help you remember your cyclic nature, team up with your Archetypes and start living your Goddess life today!

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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