January 26


Isaya’s Inspiring Evenings

By IsayaBelle

January 26, 2024

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Maybe you’ve heard I have a podcast…
It’s titled Isaya’s Inspiring Evenings.
Please go and listen, rate, comment and subscribe to it on any platform you listen to podcasts on ... or here: https://pod.co/isayas-inspiring-evenings
Season Four is just beginning and I couldn’t be more excited!
I’m hoping to have a weekly episode in 2024.
There are going to be five series in it (for now!!), all different, all aiming to inspire you, all telling stories, each complementing each other.

One series is about "Things Women Don’t Talk About" and it’s made of conversations with a woman guest around topics seldom discussed, whether difficult or "not serious enough" to be broadcasted, mundane or sacred, dark or light, taboo or fun, because no subject is off the table!

One series will be about women’s stories, centering around the past or future speakers from the Women Lighting the Way Summit (title of the series as well), adding to the virtual library of women’s stories and providing a much needed counterpoint to the many men’s stories going around in our patriarchal world.

One series is about Cards and Decks and shuffle and play and is called "Deckiverse Diaries: Stories from Card Creators". It is a collaboration between the OTALOCO Congress (soon to be renamed DECKIVERSE … do you like that new name by the way?) and the incredible Deckible App and it’s all about deck creators, deck ideas, card stories and all the amazing things that one can imagine with cards, physical or digital!

One series, called "Round and Up She Goes" is about cyclic women, understanding and aligning with our cyclic nature and with the cycles of nature, and navigating the sometimes perilous but always fascinating path of the spiral cyclic feminine!

One series, called The Broom, the Brush and the Beyond, is about the intersection of art and spirituality, mostly centering around the iterations of spirituality that are connected to nature, mysticism, galactic origins, ancient traditions, paganism, forgotten rituals and mythology.

All series have guests… or sometimes not!
The episodes are recorded "live" and barely edited so the authenticity of the conversation is maintained.
The video is shared on my YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@IsayaBelle
And the audio goes on my podcast… of course!

Some guests are a one off firework of genius appearing in one specific episode (until they have something new to talk about!), some others are "regulars", maybe with a theme of their own, recurring spectacular magickal ladies who will come for a sequence of episodes, whether in succession or once in a while…

Without revealing everything (please subscribe!), I can tell you that I am beyond excited to be talking about menopause, grief, illuminating your essence, breaking barriers with color, dealing with intuitive awakenings, creativity as a spiritual practice … and so much more!!
And that’s only for the first six months of 2024…

The first 2 episodes of 2024 have been released...
Let’s talk female Health, with Lisa Jara
Your 2024, Your 2024, Desires, Intentions and Energetic Invitations! Workshop Recorded Live (solo episode)

The next two are:
The Magic of you, with Jill Chesrow
Decks? Why Decks ? With Nick Kellet, Founder of Deckible

You can subscribe to the podcast here: https://pod.co/isayas-inspiring-evenings
or on any platform you listen to podcasts on (I personally like Spotify... so here is a link for that one).

So much for today ...

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: Now I know that so many of you lovely people have amazing knowledge and stories to share … So if you think you might have something relevant to share in one of the series… if you want to be a guest in that podcast…
Please book yourself here anytime to discuss your potential participation.

Please bear in mind that I am now taking bookings for the second half of 2024!!
Please also make it your responsibility to choose one of the series when booking as well as coming with a clear idea of what you would like to talk about. We will then decide together if that works, choose a date and make an appointment to record!
So happy to talk and get to know you better!

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