June 30


Commitment to Consistency

By IsayaBelle

June 30, 2022

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John Maxwell

“Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing. That’s the Law of Consistency. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you receive. If you want to grow, consistency is key.”

In the next few weeks I will write a series of posts about Consistency… a subject really dear to my heart… Both in life and in business… I will however focus on the Business side of things this time… Maybe subscribe to not miss a beat…

I often end my articles or workbooks with these sentences.
“You've got this.
Start now.
Start small.
Keep going.
Consistency is THE key to success…”

Today I want to explore a little further what I mean…
Why is consistency crucial in business, particularly in the online business?
Why do I believe that Commitment to Consistency is THE game changer for all of us online business owners, particularly if you’re just starting or still in your first years?
And how to achieve that very desired consistency day in, day out… without burning out, working 24/7, spending fortunes or hiring a full time team?

And I know that the topic is not sexy, that we all dream of instant success and immediate rewards… Sorry… Tough love lady here… NOT GONNA HAPPEN…

Here’s what it’s all about…
Let’s dive in…

What is Consistency?

I like to go back to basics and go back to a dictionary… So here we go …
Consistency is…

  • the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.
  • the state of staying constantly with the same principles.
  • the way in which a substance holds together.
  • agreement, harmony, or compatibility, esp. correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing.
  • always behaving in the same way, having the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieving the same level of success in something.

Consistency in business seems like a basic idea, but many companies, especially solopreneur businesses, operate chaotically. They don’t have a real plan or roadmap for success. They don’t “act or behave the same way.” Instead, their day-to-day activities revolve around putting out fires and just trying to keep up.

Consistency comes from what we do at our businesses every day to keep it afloat, seek growth, and further greatness. For example, when we examine brands, the best brands are uniform by most measures, their products are consistent, and the way the business manages itself is relatively consistent.
Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently and profitably. Without it, your business is more likely to fail. 

Here's why:

1. Consistency allows for measurement.

Until you have tried something new for a period of time and in a consistent manner, you can't decide if it works or not. How do you measure effectiveness if what you are measuring isn't performed consistently?
I typically give new initiatives, processes, and organizational structures at least six months before judging them a success or failure. It's often minor tweaking instead of major overhauls that make the difference.

2. Consistency creates accountability.

Both inside your business… If you are not working solo, ask your team to be accountable for their deliverables and goals, and in the same way, be accountable to them with follow through and regular availability.
And outside… Your clients are certain that you will be accountable and put a priority on making time for and being available to them. No one wants to pay for a wild card.

3. Consistency establishes your reputation.

Business growth requires a track record of success. You can't establish a track record if you are constantly shifting gears, subjects or trying new tactics. Many efforts fail before they get to the finish line, but not because the tactic was flawed or goals weren't clear. The problem is often that we simply didn't stay the course to achieve the objective.

4. Consistency makes you relevant.

Your team and your clients need a predictable flow of information from you. All too often I see businesses, both small and large, adopt a campaign or initiative only to end it before it gains traction. It's effective to run many advertisements, numerous blog entries, weekly newsletters, or continual process changes throughout a year.

5. Consistency maintains your message.

Consistency in your leadership serves as a model for how your team and clients will behave. If you treat a meeting as unimportant, don't be surprised when you find they are doing the same…

When something doesn't work, I look back at what happened and ask some serious questions. Did we shift gears too quickly? Did part of the team not deliver on a commitment? Or was the expected outcome off base from the start? Most of the time, the reason tracks back to lack of consistency.

6. Consistency is reassuring

Consistency is especially important in challenging times when people want certainty and reassurance. Consistency helps your marketing. The best way to advertise your services to potential clients is to show a success story. So why shouldn’t that success story be your own business?

7. Consistency in business builds trust.

It’s hard to develop a positive reputation in your industry without consistency. To be known for something, you need to do it the same way enough times for people to notice. People trust businesses that prove themselves to be reliable.

8. Financial Decisions and Factors

Consistency can also have an impact on your profits. Start-ups and small businesses cannot afford to make terrible financial decisions based on contradictory measures, and companies can go under quickly. When you make a plan, see through it to its end. Any time you change your plan too early, you are likely to drive up costs by taking advantage of previous initiatives, and your business can quickly go over or under.

Next week I’ll discuss how to achieve this desired consistency.. In the meantime…
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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