June 24


Copywriting 101

By IsayaBelle

June 24, 2022

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Of course you know how to write.
Maybe you’re even a writer.
Of course you know your stuff.
But do you know the basics of copy-writing?
Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.
Voilà. It’s said. Publicity.

Copywriting is the art of writing to sell, of wring copy that converts your people into paying clients. And copy may be the most overlooked and most powerful way to improve know, like and trust as well as conversion rates and sales.
It seems a little strange to call copy overlooked. Doesn’t everyone know that you need to have good copy? Yes. But there’s a huge difference between having copy and having good copy, copy that converts.
Copywriting is an entire field—some people spend their entire career focusing on just copy.
If you need to improve your Copywriting skills, try to follow these copy guidelines.

1. Do your research.
Spend some time really researching your topic and if you share facts, numbers or knowledge, make sure your are accurate. You can also research what people are asking, suing a tool like https://answerthepublic.com/ … Then you know that your copy and product/offer are expected, awaited and have a “reedy-made audience”.

2. Clear writing
Get rid of marketing-speak, and don’t try to write clever puns until your offer is crystal clear.

3. Natural language.
Speak simply. Write plainly. Avoid using a lot of jargon, and sound conversational. The easier it is to understand what you’re saying, the more likely people are to convert.

4. Benefits
Why should people want your stuff? What problem are you trying to solve? Why are you the one that can solve it? And it doesn’t have to be a “problem” or pain point. It can be a “journey to better”. But you have to convey very clearly what are the benefits of your product/offer. What’s in in FOR THEM? Make sure you tell people how your product/offer will help them. This might be the most important. Talk about them, not you, not even the product/offer. People want to be seen, understood and helped. Tell them how you and your product/offer can do exactly that.

5. Solution versus problem
The first question you have to ask yourself when writing is what is the problem you solve.
And get past the surface level answer!
"I build them a website"
"I help them with their mindset"
That is NOT the problem. That is YOUR solution. Go deeper and ask yourself why, why, why…
Rolls-Royce doesn't sell cars... they sell status!!
Amazon doesn't sell products... they sell convenience!!
Chanel don't sell clothes... they sell luxury!!
They do not sell the product... they sell what you need to solve the problem you have!!
Every single thing you do in your business should have that problem right at the front of your mind. The content you create, the offers you put out into the world, the way you show up for your clients...To solve that problem for them!! 

6. Emotion
The strongest copy is emotional. Your work solves a burning pain for your audience. Make sure your copy reflects that pain—make sure they feel like you can solve it. Look for ways to amp up the emotion AND clarity in your copy to create compelling copy.

7. Authenticity

Write with your words, your voice, your ideas, your quirkiness, your stories and memories… People connect with people, not with cookie cutter ideas and cliches. And they buy from people.

8. Expertise
Assert your expertise in your field. Don’t shy out and write it straight from your heart and head and experience. You are the expert.

9. Be open and honest about your messaging frequency
You should let your people know when they’ll be receiving your messages, and assure them they won’t be excessive. Being clear about what they can expect from you always looks pleasant and spam-free.

10. Add social proof
Many websites use social proof as a powerful tool for enticing new customers. People react positively when they see that other users have already engaged. Social proof can even encourage conversions. You can display customer reviews and testimonials in many different formats, as long as they highlight the value of your offer and prove that other satisfied clients already exist.

11. Don’t forget your Call To Action (CTA)
As silly as it sounds, people won’t take the next step on their own. You need to tell them what to do, where to go next with a clear CTA. It doesn’t have to be a “Buy Now Button” but it has to explain clearly what you would like them to do next (like, comment, book a free call, join group, answer email, buy, etc)

12. Use actionable text

To encourage your people to click on your Calls to Action, make sure they inspire action, as with “Get Started”. It is direct and sets expectations for your audience. Use action-oriented words like “get”, “try”, and “receive”.

HI hope this very brief post can give you some ideas on how to boost your Copywriting skills.
If you really want to go deeper on copywriting, Copy Hackers is a site with some great free resources on increasing conversions.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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