January 30


Vibration… Duh !

By IsayaBelle

January 30, 2017

I guess you’ve heard or read about the idea that you have to “raise your vibration” in order to … (fill in the blank) … Well I used to think that it was kinda … bs to put it politely, that it really meant nothing to me, that I didn’t understand the sheer notion of “vibration”. Then … then … life happened (I’ll tell you more about this some other time) …
And nowadays I find myself awake around 7 am, fully rested and dynamic, even with very few hours of sleep … The “vibration” thingy seems to be working … Although I do not yet fully believe it … I can feel it, in my body and mind and even in my soul … I am … I can’t find a word to put here,so I’ll just stick to that … I am.

And Oh my Goddess does that feel wonderful !
This morning, awake very early and fully working on changing this blog’s appearance (and not finding anything that made me really happy !) I suddenly saw a pink light outside the window … I put on my walking shoes and rushed out … and …voilà … the photos can’t really render the beauty of what was given to me this morning … I am so grateful to be living here and I try really hard not to be too harsh on myself for not having noticed THAT beauty for almost 20 years that I’ve been living here …
Please dear reader … Look around you ! Be attentive to beauty around you ! We do not have to search for it far away… Beauty is everywhere !
Blessed Be.

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