April 22


Why you should hire someone to help you with your Tech NOW

By IsayaBelle

April 22, 2022

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So you’re an online entrepreneur.
A fresh one.
A not yet hugely successful one.
And you’re Tech resistant.
And you're struggling with ALL the things.
And you’re trying hard and working hard and everything seems to be difficult, every move seems to be like paddling upstream.
And you’ve been taught that you need to “get there” first before getting to hire people or ask for help.
And you think you’re not ready yet.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Here’s why you should (and no I don’t like that word, but here, I’m going to own it)...
Here’s why you should hire someone to help you with your Tech NOW.

And I’m NOT going to explain that you should “invest in yourself” and “trust that the money will come” …
And I’m NOT going to say that “if you put yourself in the shoes of the successful version of you, then of course, you’re hiring people and getting the help you need.”
And I’m NOT going to tell you to start before you’re ready… Read last week’s blog post for that! https://isayabelle.com/magic-numbers-all-around

All that is mindset.
Law of Attraction.
Not that I don’t believe it.
Not that it isn’t true.
It is.

There is also the issue of “Is it supposed to be so hard?”
Maybe you have been taught that this is how it’s supposed to go… The “work hard” till you get there mindset…
Which I grew up with as well…
And have grown to find out that it’s total BS.
Joy, Ease, Love, Flow, Perseverance, Faith and Gratitude will get you there soooo much faster! (and in such a better mood and shape!!)
Try it someday and tell me about it.

But there is another reason.
A very down to earth, reasonable, left-brain, no woo woo reason to hire help with Tech NOW.
Hiring someone to help you with Tech, mostly Website Design, will get you where you want to be. And so much faster…
And that isn't’ even about the Tech skills you might not have…

Let me explain by telling you a story… a true story of one of my clients, which is happening this very minute.

So I’ve got this client, let’s call her Crystal.
She actually decided to invest and hire me to create her brand website.
She’s very excited, as am I because her old website was misaligned.
Plus the way it was built meant that she wasn’t “able” to tweak it or even understand how to …
So Crystal's very excited. She can’t wait, she says.
She is going to have a state of the art, mobile responsive, pretty, branded, awesome website.
And it’s going to be telling the world who she is, and what she is all about, and promoting her services and offers.

So after she sent me the payment, I sent her a questionnaire with everything I need to get started asap.
And then I wait.
And wait some more.
And then I sent a message saying “Hey, how about sending me what I asked for?”
“Oups”, she answers … “I’ll get right back at you.”
And then I wait.
And wait some more.

After another message, she ends up sending me some of the stuff.
And I get to work.
And finish the part that can be done.

And wait again.
And send her a message…

OK, you get the idea.
I end up having to pursue her all of the time, in order to have the stuff (content, images, links, etc) necessary to the building of the website.

And, slowly, with me literally on her back day in, day out, I get the content and the website is almost finished.

Then I stumble on yet another obstacle.
When we get to the ”Work with me” page, Crystal seems to be in such a huge hesitation about her offers, her prices, her packages (she’s a coach)...
And again I wait.
And push for answers.
And wait some more.

Finally, we get there.
We have a website.
All my part is done.
All that is left to do is for her to send me her final notes, so I can do final tweaks, and then push the publish button.

But, you guessed it, the notes aren’t coming.
I suggest a Zoom conversation so we can discuss any notes.
That means a deadline for her to review the website.

When we meet, she “hasn’t had time” to review.
I then make a unilateral decision to publish the website.

Because I see now this is never happening otherwise.

So many reasons…
Perfectionism …
And fear…
Fear of actually getting those clients and this success that Crystal has been praying for… and maybe having to change her story around success and failure…

THAT is why you should hire someone for your Tech.
Because that someone will push you.
When you feel like hiding again, when you feel like giving up, when the resistance kicks in, that someone will insist you go forward and do your part.
Because they want to do their job!

Now… Why should you hire ME to do your Tech?
Well, because my Web Design Special Offer includes 12 months of tweaking … And you get your own, custom designed WordPress Website with 12 months maintenance and Learn to do it yourself tutorials for less than 1500€.

And I will push you.
I will hold you accountable.
I will not let you slip.
And you get 12 months of me tweaking the website AND teaching you how to become autonomous with it!
12 months of hand holding and pushing…

Together we will create your online home.
And there will be no hiding, no procrastinating until an unreachable perfection is reached, no giving up, no “leaving that part” out because it’s not “finished yet”…
Together we will get you there.
That’s my promise.

If you have been procrastinating showing up for yourself,
If you’ve been playing around Social Media, and pretending this is your business,
If you don’t have a coherent place for all your offers (free and paying) to exist and be visible to the world (that is what a GOOD website will do for you!),
If you have a free website that cannot grow as your business will… (or will end up getting more expensive than a “real” one),
If feel the resistance against visibility, “easy” success and Tech altogether,

If you’re ready to quit betraying yourself and letting yourself down by keeping it small or playing hide and seek with your people,
If you’re raring to go and eager and yet still slightly frightened…
If you know you need the accountability of a coach and the skills of a Tech Goddess…
I’m your woman!

Find more info about my Web Design Special Offer here: https://isayabelle.com/website-design-services

Now if you’re not ready for that (which by the way is A-OK), I invite you to ponder on how you are keeping yourself small or invisible, and creating a story of failure by not giving yourself a fighting chance.
See that resistance. See it for what it is.
And choose another way.
And invest in yourself, in your dreams.
And stop letting yourself down with procrastination, doubts or perfectionism.
You've got this.
Choose a path.
Start walking.
Start now.
Start small.
Keep going.
Consistency is THE key to success…

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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