May 24


Wednesday Revelation!!

By IsayaBelle

May 24, 2017

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So one thing that I realized recently is that I was afraid of being and appearing “too much guided”…. as in… “I have to be responsible for myself, I don’t want other people to think that I am just following whatever guidance I get from wherever … I need to be and appear autonomous and self reliable and empowered, I can’t be pulling cards every day for every decision, bla, bla, bla…”

As you can see it, I’m sure! … This was utter BS … There is no such thing as too much guidance, since I can only rely on my intuition and myself to actually guide my life.

Other people, Source, Oracles, Astrology, The Yi Qing, Tarot and Guides … always have and always will just give me suggestions, ideas, clues, and so forth …

The actual decisions and life choices are made by ME, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether listening to guidance or ignoring it …

So … to fight this belief and implement change, I am going to share a weekly oracle here (on Wednesdays, the day of Hermes, the day of change! ) … It will be a good experiment for me … Of course, as always with the Universe, if you actually stumble upon those posts …it means you were meant to read to them and they concern you too ! Oops, here I go being all spiritual again!!

So, week one is this card, from Energy Mandalas, the Oracle, which I love …

It is the Kindness card, which invites me to stand in kindness and in the light that chases away the darkness. This light is also represented by the sun, which is now blessing my way. Kindness frees me from the pain and aggravations of life, it will help create and undertake any projects. Standing in the light of kindness I walk my path with empathy and love for everything.





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