May 25


Take time for gratitude

By IsayaBelle

May 25, 2017

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A lovely bouquet I got for my 50th birthday from my lovely girlfriends!

So … life runs fast these days.

I’ve read quite a few things online about the vibration of the Earth rising and accelerating.

And my life seems to reflect that.

Higher … Happier … But faster also.

And the problem with fast paced life is that it is … fast.

So I “run” from one great event to another, from one urgency to another (even the happy ones!), from one project to another, from …

And I get tired. And when I’ really tired, nothing seems to bring joy anymore…

And so many things go by unnoticed, like the color of the sky, the abundance of sunshine, the money coming in, the smile on my son’s face, the jokes hubby can do again after months of debilitating painful illness, flowers growing in the garden…

Tonight I stop. Tonight I breathe. Tonight I pat myself for the good work and the miracles accomplished. Tonight I bask in the happiness of what already is and day dream about the new to come. Tonight I conspire with the Universe!

Tis the New Moon tomorrow, time for me to write my monthly newsletter.

Tis the New Moon tomorrow, time for me to remember and reflect on the past month.

Tis the New Moon tomorrow, time for me to feel gratitude for the goodies in my life these past weeks.

Tis the New Moon tomorrow, time for me to set goals and dreams for the new month.

So what happened lately ?

Well I spent almost 3 weeks in Japan … in Kyoto to be specific. I loved it, having and taking the time to impregnate myself with this country, the magnificent temples, the differences, the similarities, the heated toilet seats,the non existing sushi restaurants, the lovely little temples, the crowds under the cherry blossom trees eating soup and noodles, and then more noodles, the beautiful temples, the paintings, the falling cherry blossoms, the fancy dress kimonos for Japanese tourists, the elegant temples, the stone gardens, the plastic food samples in the restaurant windows, the harmonious gigantic temples, the cray art shops… Everything so beautiful …  to me, it’s almost frightening the amount of controlling the Japanese intend to have on their life, their nature, their bodies, etc… Of course, just so I could breathe … there are the electric wires!!!

Seriously ? What about some wire decluttering!

And there’s the subject of my partner int his trip, namely my mum. Traveling with her has been a great pleasure, like a quiet, fun, easy going adventure. We managed to enjoy our trip and our relationship in an un-intrusive, flowing and loving  manner. I am very happy and proud about that too… And so grateful to my mum for inviting me… and to the Universe for organizing that!

What else ? First ever online paying clients this month too !!! So grateful !!! Thanks for the help Joanna Hunter, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Jennibellie and Leonie Dawson … and Universe again! More of that, please pretty please! Oh I know I have to put out offers… That is part of the New Moon plans!!

But for now I will just stick to gratitude. Because there are so many “reasons”… My life seems to be getting better and better every day … But mostly … for no reason at all, but that very very serious one: feeling grateful makes me happy.

“I am not grateful for this or for that, I am grateful”. Unknown author …

Sending, as always, love, life and gratitude.







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