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Want to step on stage to speak ?

Would you like to become a speaker, establish your expertise and grow your audience ?

Feeling unsure of how to become a Speaker?

Maybe you've been thinking about it for a while, maybe you're dreaming about it... This program is made for you if...
You feel worried about your capabilities as a speaker

Issues of self-confidence, or even doubts about your worthiness, uncertainties about the relevance of your story or your message... These can really affect you and your Speaker skills!

You feel you have "no story", "no clear message" or "nothing to say"

And still you hear the call to become a speaker... We've got you!

You have no clue where to begin or how to get an opportunity to speak

This is where this program can really be the one for you!

Step up and Speak ...

  • Shift your mindset and explore your stories,
  • Learn to get organized and have all your ducks in arow for a Summit (Your Talk, Offers, Freebies, Giveaways, etc) 
  • Master the recording and video techniques to make your talk unforgettable,
  • Get exposure to 1.3K (and growing!) interested people,
  • Start building your email list with a brand new audience,
  • Add you new speaker skills in your resumé and feel the confidence of prior experience when you submit your next applications,
  • Get information about your next possible speaking gigs (podcasts, summits, etc)
  • Participate in our live panels and shine,
  • Learn the ropes... Grab the mike!

 Here's what is NOT in the program !

  • Coaching
  • Business advice
  • Tech tutorials

What are we offering you?

We are with you all along the way to make sure you are ready and confident and your audience is as excited to hear you as you are!
Your 40 min Recorded Talk in the Summit and a Spot in our Live Panels!

You become part of an intimate and mighty Community of Women Lighting the Way and co-create an amazing Summit!

You get to share your story in a Recorded Talk AND participate in our live Panels to discuss with other Speakers!

1 live 30 min Group Call on How to Create your Talk

Thanks to a unique intuitive process, Kris support you as you uncover the fundamentals of your story.

Call recorded


1 live 30 min Group Call on How to Record your talk

Isaya takes the lead to help you find the easiest and most efficient way to record, edit and trim your Talk for the Summit.

Call recorded


1 live 30 min Group Call on how to navigate the platform

The Summit is hosted on a platform that you need to master so you can fully help your audience benefit!

Call recorded

1 live 30 min Group Call on How to Promote the Summit

Ideas, tips and hacks to help you promote the Summit, your talks and your special offers! We've got your back!

Call recorded

1 live 30 min Group Call on How to shine in the Live Panels and create your Workbook Page

Confidence boosts, Tech details and preparation for the Live Panels... You've got it all here! We'll also discuss how to create your Summit workbook page

August 15th, 7pm UK


Bonus Call

On September 26th, 2 weeks after the Summit, we come together one last time for a complete debriefing, discussing how to incorporate your new audience into your email list and finalizing your Speaker One Sheet !


Get to practice to an existing audience of 1.3k ... and growing!

The Women Lighting the Way Summit Group is THE place where you get to practice your Speaker skills and ideas ... and we will be working daily together to increase these numbers!

Would you like to be a speaker in a Global Summit ?

As a Bonus in our program, you get your spot for the 2022 edition of

Women Lighting the Way

Women Lighting the Way

12 incredible women who used their stories to create successful lives and/or businesses, will be sharing their experiences, stories and knowledge to inspire you and light the way!

September 9 - 10 - 11 2022

And once you're done recording, Isaya will edit and bling your talk up to make it even better!

You also get a monthly email and PDF to keep you on track!

As a Bonus, we'll send you tips and tricks to never drop the ball!

Who we are

Kris Wallace


about Kris

Always feeling like an outsider, Kris pushed herself for years to fit in and be normal.

One morning in 2009, pregnant with her fourth child and still pushing herself to find a way to practice law, she was inspired to take a weekend trip to Seattle. On that trip she stumbled upon her destiny and five weeks later she was selling donuts at the farmers market. An entire new world opened up to her when she later realized she had manifested her ideal business.

Kris can help you remember the life and service you are here to create and evolve with.

Isaya Gabriel


about ISaya

Isaya is an Artist, Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor and Tech Coach, Goddess Teacher, and Traveling Priestess , working with the Goddesses Archetypes and facilitating sacred retreats worldwide.

She holds space for women who feel "too much" or "not enough" so they feel supported, dare to rise, take up their rightful place, shine their light, talk their truth, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole!

Women Lighting the Way, 2021

In September 2021, the first edition of the Women Lighting the Way Summit came to life!

13 incredible speakers walked the path of the H.E.R. Enlightened Business Matrix for 6 months and created their own online magic!

It is your turn now.

The 2021 Summit in numbers!




Happy attendees


group members

As promised, all proceeds from selling the replays of the Summit went toward costs first and 100% of profits went to Kiva, an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco. Kiva loans money with a mission to expand financial access for low-income entrepreneurs and students in 77 countries.
We chose to help budding female entrepreneurs from undeserved communities.
We hope to generate more revenue for our next Summit in September 2022 and be able to donate to Kiva even more!


Special Mentors



3 days of magic

September 09 - 10 - 11

Women Lighting the Way, 2022

In September 2022, we come together for the second edition of our Summit ! YOU will be one of the Speakers... to light the way!

Real Success Stories

This Summit was the most effective and important thing I have done for my business and myself in the past 2 years. 

Katische Haberfield


Just WOW, what a dynamic duo Isaya and Kris are. I had never spoken at a conference before and to be honest felt hugely intimidated by the opportunity.
But they both gently tended and encouraged me along, meaning that in 6 months I was ready to show up and shine my light in the world.

Thank you so much Kris and Isaya.

Carol Lee

Kinesiologist, Coach

Thank you both so much for creating a safe space to expand in and grow in a beautiful way to be able to uplevel and share my story.

They way you both worked together to keep everything on track and keep us all informed was really refreshing.

Ruby Coupe

Positivity Artist

Plus ...

You'll have your own recorded talk, to be reused in your business or shared on your socials.

And ...

You walk away with your own complete and customized Speaker One Sheet, ready to share with Podcasters, Conference or Summit organizers and more!

Interested in joining? Still on the fence? Let's talk!

If you're interested, we'd really like to talk to you!