July 21


The tourist archetype took over …

By IsayaBelle

July 21, 2017

gratitude, lifestory, loving the city, present


You know I was telling you last week that I was finally starting to work on my e-course about Goddesses and archetypes and so forth …


I didn’t.

The tourist archetype took over.

I am in London with my youngest son  and one of his friends. I was supposed to jst chaperon them and stick to the appartment and WORK.

Well I didn’t. I don’t. I can’t. And I don’t want to.

It’s freaking LONDON !!!! I want to inhale it, taste it, touch it, breathe it in, smell it, photograph it and live it to the fullest … Because it is only for a short while … and I’m loving it !

And by the way, I DO NOT feel guilty about that! I needed the time off, I know I can be super productive once back at home in a week and I’m so enjoying myself that guilt seems WAY overrated ! I ditched it ! you should try that, it’s a lovely feeling !

It is also a discovery of a more spiritual … I’m living in the moment … and I feel so grateful I have this opportunity to be here! Gratitude is a very good antidote to guilt, as is living in the present and having a blast! Try it !

So … no work … Not even a correct blog post this week ! But a whole lot of photographs … Most of them not really your typical touristic picture… Plus a reclaiming of the rainbow! Here you go … Hope you enjoy !

And today, I’m headed to the British museum to see the Ancient Greek statues … so it IS work ! (or not!)

Sending, as usual, love, light and gratitude


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