July 29


Would you like to become lucky ? I did and you can too !

By IsayaBelle

July 29, 2017

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So … I’m a Lucky Bee … I have been since the end of January 2017.

And it changed my life.

I’ve told you time and time again that I’m assessing my life choices this year … One of them, a major one … is the idea that I’m poor, that it’s a fact and that I almost am proud of it. Well …

I changed my mind!

Since January 2017 I have decided to become rich. And I did. In so many ways.

But I didn’t do it alone. I did it with Denise DT and all the the Lucky Bees.

In January I joined Denise DT’s Money Bootcamp and became one of almost 3500 Lucky Bees.

This was my initial reaction …

As you can read I was over the top with excitement and happiness … I was also very frightened to have invested what felt like a huge amount of money in an e-course … Even though almost EVERYONE I had alluded my questions and issues with money had mentioned Denise DT and her program as THE go-to person for shifting … I still felt quite frightened.

I WAS WRONG to be.

Denise is GREAT. Her Money Bootcamp is EXTRAORDINARY. The Lucky Bee Community online is AMAZING.

If you haven’t heard of Denise Duffield-Thomas, you’re totally missing out. She is a 7-figure business owner, an award-winning speaker, a bestselling author, and a money mentor to tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs.

(She’s also a mom and wife! So, perhaps like you, she pretty much wears a cape.)

This changed my life. No kidding. I am so grateful … to Denise, to all the Lucky Bees, to all the people who recommended Denise… to myself for daring.

It changed my life. This work actually … changed ME. And you can try it for yourself for free !

What if, in fact, there were a simple, proven (and even fun!) way to transform your money mindset, breakthrough your money blocks, and start attracting wealth and abundance?

Great news: there is. Denise DT is generously offering it today in a brand-new free training video she’s just released.

I’m particularly excited to share Denise’s new training with you, though, because she’s covering a really powerful topic: money sabotages — and more importantly, how to fix them, along with a step-by-step roadmap to attracting more abundance into your life.

>> Click here to watch “The Female Entrepreneur’s Map To Wealth” 

The truth is, we all have money sabotages. For most of us, they just run in the background, preventing us from having the wealth and lifestyle we really want (and deserve) — but we don’t notice they’re there.

With Denise’s training, however, you’ll learn how to zero in on the specific ways in which you sabotage yourself, so you can quickly shift your habits and start seeing results in your life in the way of more income without more work.

In fact you’ll get, for free, one of the most potent exercises Denise uses in her Money Bootcamp — which has helped over 4,000 women clear their money blocks, transform their money mindsets, and collectively earn millions more in income, all while having a lot more joy and ease in their lives.

You won’t want to miss out on this free training, which lays out Denise’s entire (proven!) Money Bootcamp formula to wealth and abundance.

In fact, I recommend you go right now and watch the video, and then download the “Map To Wealth” workbook so you can begin taking steps right now to having a more abundant business and life.

>> Get free access to the complete “Female Entrepreneur’s Map To Wealth” right here.

By sharing Denise’s valuable training with you today, it’s my intention to make a positive difference in your life and in the world. I hope you’ll take advantage of it, and pass it along to other women who need to hear this message right now.

Sending, as always, love, life and gratitude


P.S. I know that the “Female Entrepreneur’s Map To Wealth” isn’t going to be up for too long, so you’ll want to watch it right away so you don’t miss out on Denise’s unique Money Bootcamp process and the powerful money sabotage exercise you’ll receive.


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