April 23


The TooMuch woman rants again

By IsayaBelle

April 23, 2021

Darkness, Duality, Light, perspehone

Talking about duality, Rags to Riches and Persephone

So yesterday I was in a class with my incredible mentor Joanna Hunter, on her programme called Divine Downloads, and she was making a point about the depths of Darkness some people experience before finding their way to the Light.
She was explaining that going low in energy, allowing the low energies to pass through us instead of trying to suppress them, actually opens up the path to higher energies and to the Light.
She was saying that she really had met very few spiritual people who had not experienced some true Dark Night of the Soul. And adding that the law of duality states that for every energy there is an equal opposite energy.

So if the dark that is available is very dark, then the light that is available is really huge too.
Joanna added that we sometimes don't like the idea that spiritual people are capable of Darkness. We prefer to think that they are just "love and light, fairy wings, and loveliness."
Sometimes we also don't like to think that we have been there, in the depths, in the darkness.
And she repeated: “ The deeper the darkness the more capacity for Light there is;”
The depths of the darkness expands the capacity for Light.

Then someone commented : “The darker you go the lighter you go;”
That comment annoyed me so much .. There is a conflation here …
This is not what Joanna was saying.
She was saying : the darker you go, the lighter you can go. 
Remember …  we have a choice.
At all times.

What to do with the Darkness then ? Well .. Nothing to do … A lot of BEING though ...
“We must anchor the Darkness, the Shadow as an equal teacher”,  added Kate Gold.
Yes. Makes so much sense.
We can choose to stay in the darkness and dwell there, thus justifying the Poor Little Me story we tell ourselves …
Or we can choose to “use” the Shadow to propel us into the Light ..
But remember … The lighter you go, the darker you can go too ...
We expand the capacity for both sides at the same time.
The lady’s comment supposed that people who were/ are “lucky” enough to not have experienced the worst of Darkness have no chance to see the light ?
I resent this idea so much.
I sat with the resentment for a while and here are the feelings that emerged for me …
- NO, suffering is not the only way to the light.
- YES, Darkness is a teacher and a freaking good one.
- NO, it's never all rainbows and unicorns ( this is also a very dangerous attitude because it negates any low energies and bad feelings, thus keeping them hidden inside myself and not letting them pass through me)
NO, basking in the Darkness because it supposedly opens up more Light is not the way for me.
I sat with the resentment for a while longer and here is what came through:
The Rags to Riches stories, the “I have gone through hell and back” narratives, the fables of going from Darkness to Light ..
They are a masculine way of looking at time, and a masculine way of looking at our lives, a masculine way of looking at our stories.
A unidirectional upwards path.
That is NOT how this works.
Time (and I will write more about time at some point, just watch the picture to get what I’m saying here…)
Life experiences.
The path to awakening and enlightenment.
They are feminine paths.
Cyclic ones.
They mirror Persephone's journey into the Underworld and out again at springtime.
We go through cyclic energies of Darkness and Light.
We are made of cycles of Darkness and Light, intertwined and beautiful, all part of us and all part of the Universe, of the one Source.
Like the Moon, we cycle from the Light down to the labyrinth of Darkness and back up into the Light, monthly, yearly, eternally...
I believe, along with Joanna Hunter, that the cycles are like a spiral, and that we can go higher and higher, always circling around our Sacred center, our Heart and Soul.
So I stand here in front of you.
Naked. Stripped to a bare minimum.
And tell you my truth.
I know Darkness.
I know her intimately.
I have faced the fear of Darkness, I have been overtaken by it.
Not anymore.
I refuse to stay there.
Darkness, just like Light, is passing through my human body, my human experience.
My soul holds it all.
And I am opening up for so much more Light.
Not because I “deserve” it.
Not because I've suffered “enough”.
But because I choose to hold more Light, more joy and more love in my human experience.
And I'm ready for more Darkness if she comes.
We will dance again and I will come out stronger.
Because I choose it.
But most days I'm getting ready for so much more Light.
It gets to be easy,  joyful, and loving because I choose it to be.
I am a child of the Universe
I am a starseed of the Cosmos
I am a shard of Light of the One Source
I am loved.
I love myself.
I am love.
Food for thought …How about trying it ?
How about moving to a place where nothing justifies suffering, but you can sit with your  unsuppressed emotions, warts and all, at all times while they pass through you, teaching you to open up for more Light and Happiness than you’ve ever experienced ?
If you feel this is the path, if you are a Too Much Woman too, and desire to fully step into this superpower, I am the coach for you.
Let's connect in a free Dare to Shine discovery call and see if we could work together!
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: In case you are wondering ... Of course “there is a goddess for that” and that is Persephone, Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

And by the way, if you’re up to it, I have a new 3 weeks group program, also led by Persephone, about choices, decisions and fully trusting yourself …
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