July 9


The TooMuch Woman discusses stories

By IsayaBelle

July 9, 2021

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So if you've been reading me for quite a while now you must have realised that I love stories.
My stories, your stories, I believe stories are the Fabric of the Universe we live in.
Each of us weaves her life with the threads of the stories she lives in.
Let's have a look at what happens everyday…
We wake up and we are launched in the day that the Universe has in store for us, or if you're more “awoke” we can put it this way, we are launched in the day that we have manifested for ourselves.
In any case, most of the time, we seem to have not much choice about the events happening.

A year ago today my father died. Abruptly. Unexpectedly. And I was suddenly launched into a day of shock, grief, sorrow and responsibilities.
Obviously I had not manifested that for myself.
Obviously I had no choice but to deal with that event.
But the choice I had, the choice I have everyday is to choose how I react to this, to the events of my life, how I choose to feel and express those feelings…
And this becomes the story.
As far as this particular story goes, I chose to express my feelings of sadness very publicly and to allow for support to come from all directions.
I also chose the story of my grieving becoming a gateway towards a new reality.
Fast forward 365 days and here I am living in a completely different place, in my head and in my heart. But this is not my story for today.

Let me tell you another story.
For 35 years I was a smoker. Day in, day out, I would smoke a pack of cigarettes.
I started smoking when I was 17.
The day my grandfather died.
I could tell you more grief stories and how each major death in my life has induced a fork in the road and me choosing a different direction.
Can you see how grief has such a crucial importance in my life, how so many events and choices I made were influenced by grief… This is a story I tell myself about my reactions to the death of my loved ones. But this is still not my story here …

So I smoked for 35 years.
The story I was telling myself was: I am a smoker. This is a fact. This is my reality. This is who I am. This is one of my fundamentals.This is how my life is.
In October 2016 I decided to try and quit smoking.
Rather I decided to become a non-smoker.
I spent the whole month of November working on that project. I gave it my everything. If you want to know more about the hows and whys, you can read the blog post I wrote about this adventure here, https://isayabelle.com/so-i-finally-wrote-it-how-i-became-a-non-smoker-the-easy-mindset-way

On December 1st 2016, I became a non-smoker.
I managed to convince myself that I was a non-smoker. I changed my story.
Today I know that I am, and will always be a non-smoker.
And again it's a story. It's the story I tell of me being a non-smoker.
Smoking tobacco is an addiction. Most days I still think about it.
If I've had a nice meal with a company of smokers, I very often think to myself: “if I was a smoker, I would really enjoy a cigarette today” … But then there's another voice in my head that says “Oh but you can't, you are a non-smoker”…
I truly believe in my own story of being a non smoker.
And you can see the power of the story here. Because I could very simply smoke a cigarette. Nobody's preventing me. Only my own conviction that I am a non-smoker is standing between me and the cigarette.
And such is the great power of the story that I have actually not smoked a cigarette for more than 4 years and I know deep down that I won't ever again.
Because I believe my story.
I'm a non-smoker.

Moreover I am so happy to say that I have actually in this case, changed my own story.
Ever since going through this fundamental change in my story, it has opened up the possibility for me to believe that I can change any part of my story, at any moment, provided I give it enough time and devotion.
And I started believing in the magic of the stories I tell myself.
And I started believing in my own magic.
But you see this is it. I'm not that special. If I can change my story, so can you.
I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart.
How would you feel if you rewrote your story in a way that makes you happier, lighter, more joyful, more abundant ?
How would you feel if you knew you were fully in charge of your own destiny ?
Exciting isn't it ?
Well, I have got news for you.
This September comes a free opportunity to listen, meet, learn and get inspired by the incredible stories of 13 amazing women.
Women Lighting the Way, the Summit
When my friend and business Queen Kris Wallace came up with the idea to create a Summit where women would share their stories to inspire other women, where women could speak about their path to their here and now, openly divulge their pitfalls and revelations, their mistakes and achievements, so as to be role models for more women to uncover the hidden stories in their lives and to start walking their truths and rewriting their stories … I was enthusiastic to participate and we ended up co-creating this summit.
This is how Women Lighting the Way, the Summit was born.
So here we are …
I am a speaker at the Women Lighting the Way Summit, happening September 10,11 and 12, exclusively online.
Are you coming ?
The speakers, 13 incredible women who used their stories to create successful businesses, will be sharing their experiences, stories and knowledge to inspire you and light the way ! I couldn't be more excited about our lineup.
Through this FREE summit we light the way for other women, with our stories of healing, with our journeys to empowerment, with our ripple of love shifting the planet into the emerging feminine energy. Whether you're looking to get inspired, get entertained or get amazed- we've got your covered.
Be inspired, transformed and enlightened by the amazing, incredible, mundane and extraordinary stories of our speakers ... This is about women bringing love and light to women, using our light to guide them to theirs. And find YOUR story!
Click on the link to reserve your spot asap !! https://wltw-summit.heysummit.com/
And don't forget to join the Facebook group where all the action and the fun will take place ... We have so many surprises along the way until September !
Click here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wltwsummit
I really hope you will join us.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


PS: Oh and ..

If you feel you need assistance to let go of your past and fully step into your present and glorious future,
If you’re ready to rewrite your story for one where happiness is a daily given,
If you’re willing to embrace absolute self-love and stop betraying yourself every chance you get,
If you're finally ready to invest in yourself … and to back yourself up !
I’ve got two spots for 1:1 coaching !

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