July 13


Meet the Maiden, one of the four Feminine Archetypes

By IsayaBelle

July 13, 2021

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During our moon cycles – both our own personal cycles, and the cosmic, lunar cycle overhead – four distinct and powerful female energy archetypes are dancing in turn on our paths. The same thing happens throughout the sun year, with each season epitomizing one the four energies.
I would like to talk to you today about the energy of the Maiden. So, I am a student of Miranda Gray who discovered, invented, conceptualized, organized, choose the word that suits you, the female menstrual cycle or the female lunar cycle. The idea is that during our menstrual cycle we have four distinct powerful feminine energy archetypes that take their turn to emerge. And this dance of the four Archetypes is found both in our personal menstrual cycle, in our own lunar cycle, but also in that of the actual Moon.

And, of course, on a larger scale throughout the solar year, with each season embodying one of the four energies. These four energies, these four Archetypes they are the Energy of the Maiden, linked with the pre-ovulation phase, the waxing moon and the spring, the Energy of the Mother which is linked with the ovulation phase, the full moon and the summer, the Energy of the Enchantress, related with the post-ovulation phase, the fall and the waning moon. And finally, the Energy of the Crone, of the wise old woman which is linked with the bleeding phase, the dark moon and with winter, of course.

So today, I am going to talk a little more about the Maiden Archetype.
The Maiden Energy is related with the pre-ovulation phase, with the waxing moon, the rising tide and with the spring.
This energy is also known under the name of the Virgin, and she is an independent woman. We agree that if we go beyond the framework of simple sexuality, a virgin is a woman who is not bound to respond to any man. She is an autonomous person, therefore the energy of the Maiden, that we each experience for a week, just after our period, is really an Energy of autonomy, of dynamism.
The Maiden is oriented towards her goals. She is sure of herself. She is motivated, a little intellectual and she is very, very direct. She embodies purity, independence, strength and unspoiled nature. She is full of enthusiasm and authenticity, with an intelligent and practical attitude that knows how to plan, organize and predict with confidence what is to come.

She has a passion for action. The Maiden will always want to act for the world, to act in the world. She is incredibly confident in her own skin. Opportunities and people seem to be flowing to her. She always seems to sparkle. She exudes a feeling of being supported and directed by the universe.
She also represents purity, the innocence of childhood with all the dreams, magic and fantasy of the soul that it implies. She enjoys success, personal development, achieving things and owning things.
She has a big ego, which is shiny and strong and she has enormous self-confidence and a feeling of self-esteem which is absolutely impeccable. The Maiden is a very powerful force in our world, we can enroll her to carry us forward.
She's fresh, she's new to her experiences. Her energy may have a certain naivety at times, but that's the secret to her courage. She's a got getter. She rushes. She is all in. Overall, the Maiden is thorough and thoroughly organized. When we embody the Archetype, it seems like we can juggle many super interesting activities.

Most often, the Maiden works in an autonomous, determined, daring manner. Sometimes, however, she will collaborate with friends. When we are the Maiden, we are firmly grounded in our own power.
We create changes in the structures, in the environments around us and we attract whatever we need and whatever we want. She's super powerful, the Maiden, she is really a very, very important Archetype, but she's a powerhouse in everything related to projects, moving forward, anything that grows into life. This is why she is particularly linked to spring, of course.

Everything about spring in nature is related with this energy. So imagine if you are in your Maiden week and, moreover, it's springtime, there, you are unstoppable when you harness these Energies. You can accomplish anything… That is why it’s so interesting to know these feminine Energies and these feminine Archetypes. So you can use them in your life. To be able to serve these Archetypes and at the same time put them at your service.

The Maiden’s invitation is to live fully when she lives in you, when it is spring and when it is this week, it is to be fully, thoroughly Maiden and to enjoy the Archetype that serves you and which you serve. She adds power to what you need to do, and has nothing similar to the other Archetypes, as we will see in further blog posts.

The Maiden's sexual energies in this phase are just for fun. There is no egg released and therefore the Energies are just for fun, for play. And so, we have Energies which are fresh, which are dynamic, which are adventurous. She is still very young and invites you to rediscover this youth within yourself, this freshness and this determination, whatever your age, when you are in the Maiden phase.

A little side note to remind postmenopausal women that, like me, you just have to connect to the Moon, and get into harmony with Her cycle to still experience your cyclic nature, whatever your age. This is what an energetic cycle is. And as women, whether we still have a uterus or not, whether we still bleed or not, we remain cyclic and this energetic cycle is always available to us. We just need to reconnect with the Moon.
With the waxing Moon, we align ourselves with the Maiden Archetype and will switch to the Mother Archetype as soon as the full Moon is there.

There can be two issues with the Maiden Archetype. The first is that sometimes, like I said, she is very ego-centered and therefore she is sometimes too self-centered. Her dreams and energies exist only for her own needs and personal goals.
The second danger is, in my opinion, much more present and much more worrying.
The Maiden archetype represents exactly the acceptable view of the Feminine in our modern world. In this male dominated world, in the competitive world we live in, the Maiden is the archetype who can compete with men. She can thrive most easily in this environment since she is always all-in. Basically, she never stops. She is full of energy.
She plans, organizes, she is determined. She has a big ego. She's in action all the time. She seems to live really like a man, from point A to point B. Therefore, modern culture and corporate culture in particular stimulates the Maiden Archetype in an excessive way and in us it pulls … too much, in each of us. All the time. It demands. Everyday. Ignoring the other three Archetypes.
And in response, we have wombs that weep, that cry, that are in a painful imbalance and suffering. There are, in our world today, a lot of diseases that are centered around the womb or the lower abdomen, or particularly affecting women, like fibromyalgia, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, etc. Those are, in my opinion, related to this abuse that we have of the Maiden Archetype, so that the other Archetypes do not have the possibility to live, to be expressed in us for the other three weeks, or even for the other three seasons of the year. As a result, an imbalance can be created which often becomes painful in us. It is up to each of us to be careful that this does not happen.

So much for today …
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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