August 12


The day everything failed …

By IsayaBelle

August 12, 2017

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So yesterday I was going to be sooo efficient and over-active …

I had a nice to-do list and was all ready to tick most of it  during the day …

And I started item N°1 on the list … Did the paperwork, wrote the letters, ready to be printed. And it didn’t work (i.e. there was no ink in the printer …)

Not discouraged I proceeded to N°2 … Fail  … (i.e. nobody answering the phone at the gas company after waiting 15 minutes holding the line…)

By that time … it was noon … Went to eat. Success! Then I took a nap. Y es I did ! … Because I work from home and I can do as I please ! (and usually in the summer I work very late at night and have afternoon naps!)

Then N°3 … Guess what ? Fail … I’m not going to narrate all of them … Suffice it to say that EVERYTHING was difficult and painful and demanded struggle and NOTHING was flowing … until I decided to stop trying to do what I SHOULD be doing and decided to do what I felt like doing … So I painted those rock in gold … Great success !

Now why on earth would you be painting rocks in gold color Isaya, would you be inclined to ask ? Well … I will tel you and then YOU might want to paint some rocks too !

This is a simple Feng Shui cure that you can use to magnetize luck+prosperity ! It was suggested to me by a Feng Shui expert I know called Tanya Blitz Jahnke.

I am creating a symbolic Mountain of Wealth at my front door with this cure:

Spray 8 river rocks or large stones GOLD, stack them up at the right side of your front door (when looking at your house from the outside). Visualize your own Pot O’Gold and infinite abundance coming your way!!

8 is the vibration of abundance…so I usually say a money affirmation or mantra as I stack each of the 8 rocks, which amplifies the power of the cure!

You can try : “I joyfully and effortlessly expand in money and abundance every day, as I inspire others to do the same.” Or something that makes your heart sing!

Sending as always, love, light, and gratitude.

And this week, let me add BIG luck + prosperity !!


PS/ And what about the rest of the day, might you ask again ? Did you DO nothing else, Isaya ?


I binge watched Heroes (I love Milo Ventimiglia’s character Peter … plus he’s cute, who am I kidding!) I loved it !

And you know what ? I didn’t feel guilty ! Not anymore!

Because I know, now, that mindset is everything, that working hard is NOT the only path to success and abundance, that the Universe has my back (AND YOURS!), that with the right mindset, abundance and joy and peace are mine EVERY TIME and all the time. I decide and choose that ease and flow are possible, that they aren’t”cheating”, that struggle and hustle and hard work are not more “valuable” and don’t make me more “deserving”.

What about you ?

PPS/ Oh, and also… this post is “only” 497 signs .. I usually aim for at least 700 …Well tough, I still have some episodes to watch and no more ideas to write about for today … So … Bye!

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