August 19


Ripples …

By IsayaBelle

August 19, 2017

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So … not a good week for the world’s vibration, was it ?

From all over the internet voices arise and sadly ask …

“What can be done ?  How do we stop this way of thinking, acting, believing, destroying ? ”

What could I do, I am alone and powerless …

What I can do, what you can do is VERY simple… we can create ripples of positive energy.

One stone in the water … And then this happens …

Like circles in the water, the ripples will spread throughout the world …

Oh ! You’re talking symbolically, now Isaya, are you ? It’s all about rainbows and unicorns and happy endings all around …


But the rest of us serious people know that this is just BS, and we need to start a proper WAR against the bad guys… don’t we ? (whoever the bad guys are …)


That guy.

Plus we know now scientifically that energy is like water, it has waves and ripples … We then need to have bigger and bigger ripples of positivity and light to just drown the darkness… without pretending it’s not there …

Love, light, gratitude for the beauties and joys of life are, today more than ever, THE ONLY EFFECTIVE TOOLS WE HAVE.  I don’t know for you … but I consider we have no choice here. We have to find it in ourselves to love, understand and forgive.

Yeah. Well … How do we create ripples of positive energy ? Where in us do we find that ?

I don’t know.

We just do.

I do.

You do.


Because there is no other option than love. Because love is our best … and we need to strive towards it everyday.

For ourselves.

For the world.

One tiny stone at a time if there are’t any huge rocks available, we will create ripples.

How do I know ? Because I did. And I do. And I will.

I live with three male individuals (hubby and two big 21 and 15 years old boys). I’ve been n this journey about changing myself for many years now. I’ve spent countless hours discussing with them about my theories, my evolving beliefs, my ever changing certainties… And a good year boring them every meal we take together (we’re French, so twice a day!) about this love and compassion path and gratitude attitude…

And ?

Well, for years … not much.

Find the meditations here:

And then… Last January I suggested we might do the Gratitude Jar practice (where your write on a piece of paper once a week something for which you’re grateful, and open the jar at the end of the year, to remember and rejoice about the joys and gratitudes you’ve had. Plus it gives you an opportunity to take 5 minutes a week to be grateful!) … We started to fill the jar every Sunday. Now… if I forget it, my boys will remind me ! They love it ! Might I remind we are talking here about 2 young men who dress in black with skulls, listen to heavy metal music and play on their computers most of their free time … Ripples …

Plus I’ve been meditating for years. I love Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s 21 day meditations series. And again I’ve been boring everyone around me with those … My hubby (who is NOT fluent on English usually very resistant to anything coming from the Anglo-saxon world) is now enjoying these daily … Along with many of my friends … Ripples …

And NO, I’m not being naïve and overly optimistic here.

I know nothing will change if I’m alone.

But I’m NOT.

These guys for instance … They intend to create the biggest ever drum prayer circle for global peace…

Are you in ? I am … And that does include rising up at 03:30 am because of the timezone differences … Find an event near you here:

And if you watch your Facebook feed closely, if you search on the internet … You will find us. Sometimes we are more discreet than the warmongers and haters…but we are here … like love, we are … all around.

Yeah. Read that before. Seen that before. So ?

Proves my point. You read it. You saw it. Love is all around.

When do YOU start ?


How ?

Just start loving and being grateful.

Not loving someone or something. Not being grateful for someone or something.

Just feel love and be grateful. “Reasons” have nothing to do with that. Love and gratitude are emotions.

Feel them. Fake them at first if necessary.

And enjoy the ride! Because feeling positive emotions is not only good for the world … It’s freaking good for you!

Sending, as always, love, light and gratitude,


PS/ But of course, since I am this rainbow, unicorn, faerie hippie person … I will finish today with this …

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