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Abundance and epiphanies

By IsayaBelle

February 1, 2022

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So last week I was reviewing one of my sales pages for the new iteration of an awesome program that we are launching in March… (if you're already curious about that… jump to the end of this blog post!)
And I had an epiphany .. (yes another one, you should know by now I love epiphanies … That’s what happens when you have daily conversation with your Higher Self, your Spirit team and the Goddesses …
So what was this one all about?
Well .. it’s about abundance.
Aha! I can see you’re hooked now and you want to know more…
Abundance, as we kinda know (even if we “like” to forget it…) is all around.
Mother Earth, the amazing Goddess Gaia is always reminding us, showing us the incredible abundance around and available to each of us.
And so often just because we are not getting the financial abundance we are dreaming of … we “forget” the “other abundance” …
And I know the season is not the best for us in the Northern Hemisphere to “show us” the Earth’s abundance …
But still… Just count the drops of water in the ocean, or in your glass for that matter.. You can't, right. Well, that’s abundance for you.

And, as we can witness everyday, that kind of abundance is everflowing, always coming to us, from the trees and the water, and every grass blade and every ray of sun and every gush of air... Eternally giving, forever “delivering” more abundance to us.
And again, we very often don’t see it or seriously appreciate it, or feel gratitude for it.
We want more.. Or a different kind of abundance.
And here’s to reminding you that there is only one kind of abundance… If we can’t/won’t see and appreciate the one that’s heer already, there's no way the big U will send more… or a more “tangible” one.

Now my epiphany was about getting my hands on that abundance…of magnetising “more” of it…

For the program in question, there was an application process… We were asking people to apply for an “interview” to see if they were the right fit for the program.
Now bear in mind that this is a group program, not a 1to1 coaching package…
So we were “screening” the clients.
We were hoping to create a really intimate community engaged program.
All good feelings, you would agree…

Yes, you could hear that but, couldn’t you?
Here’s the catch (and the epiphany).
“Screening” means we were going to “choose” the clients, right.
It was like we said to people: “hey, we’re not sure you’re good enough for that”.
Who then would buy into that?
Of course, there were no real bites… and we heard many crickets and the program didn’t happen.

But, hey, wait there's more.
The epiphany in the epiphany.
Because what were we saying to the Universe with this screening was… We “only” want the right people, and we don’t want many of them.
We were closing down the natural passage for abundance.

You see there is only one type of abundance.
There is also only one canal for that abundance to reach us.
If we decide to be picky, to filter the flow coming in, to sieve the energy of abundance … Well we actually end up cutting the flow, or at least shrinking the canal so much so that the energy of abundance can’t flow full throttle to us… and then we complain that we’re not “getting enough”, lose track of our gratitude practises … and lower our own vibration and end up screwing it up altogether…

So .. the epiphany was: we were actually creating a situation that would not allow people to sign up en masse and joyfully to the amazing program that we had created and believed in so much.
We were literally shooting ourselves (well oçur program) in the foot.
And by the way, who is this “we” that I keep mentioning?
Well the program was birthed by myself and my business bestie Kris Wallace thus the”we”.

So.. What did we do, following the epiphany?
Well we changed everything.
We put our trust back where it belongs.
On the Universe (Source, God, The Divine, whatever you want to call it).
We changed all the “apply now” buttons into “join now” buttons.
We opened the doors wide.
And decided to trust the Universe that only aligned women would join this program.
An abundant number of aligned women.

Now … Two more things I want to mention regarding this “episode”...

First… a question for you … Where in YOUR life are you closing down the canal for receiving abundance? Can you spot it? Because there IS one.. Otherwise you'd be feeling abundant and being abundant every day.
And of course, another question follows… What are you going to do about that?

And secondly .. Well I want to talk a bit about the program that started this epiphany… Because it might be exactly what YOU need to open up the abundance canal, to allow and receive in your life.
If you are a budding female online entrepreneur,
If you are a Tech resistant small business owner,
If you’re a creative, spiritual lightworker,
If you have big dreams .. and big blocs,
If you’re freaking out at the idea of being visible,
You might be exactly the aligned client we are calling into H.E.R. Enlightened Business Matrix!
Join now and let us accompany you while you create the foundations of your online business and launch it through a summit ... the intuitive feminine way!

In 6 months, we help you:
Build the basic foundations of your online business
Boost your mindset and step into your power as an entrepreneur
Grow your audience and create a community
Increase your skills at public speaking and your visibility confidence
Experience amazing support and solid accountability
Master all the Tech tools for your online biz
Own your story to build your service
Learn from alumna and participate in a summit

We start on March 21st.
Want to know more? https://isayabelle.com/hermatrix-sp

Not quite ready yet? Want to meet us first?
Join the Free Online Business Success Series 101
5 days. 5 masterclasses. 2 teachers. Rocking Mindset. Tackling Tech.

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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