July 22


The 4 female Archetypes, a discovery

By IsayaBelle

July 22, 2022

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Did you know that what used to be called female "moods" are normal?
For some years now, the idea that women are cyclical, changing, that their energies are neither linear nor monotonous, that these energies are rooted in nature… That idea has spread, And women remember today, from what they knew before…
However, the explanations around this subject are scattered and to my taste too often obscure or embarrassed.
I am therefore offering you today a short sum-up on the four feminine energies to try to synthesize my knowledge, but also to allow you to reconnect with your feminine cycle, to find a connection with your body and your energies in a simple, light, joyful, but so deep way, in a way that your body knows, that is inherent in your feminine nature...
It's just about remembering…

During our lunar cycles – both our own personal cycles and the cosmic lunar cycles – four distinct and powerful Archetypes of feminine energy take their turn to emerge and rule our lives as women… These Archetypes are the facets of the Cyclic Goddess who accompanies us.
Archetypes are images and energies common to all women, no matter where they come from. They can be found in mythology and tales around the world as the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone, or wise old woman. In each menstrual phase, we embody the energies of one of these Archetypes.

The same thing happens throughout the solar year, each season embodying one of the four energies, but also in the life of each woman, the energetic Archetypes corresponding to the four ages of a woman's life from the moment she has starts bleeding.

Each of us holds and expresses these Archetypal energies, we are cyclic women experiencing a menstrual cycle, we naturally travel through each of the Archetypes and experience their energies during our month. How we think and feel, how we express ourselves - our needs and desires and our creativity, our sexuality and our spirituality - everything changes with each phase of our cycle.

So many women are disconnected from these energies due to their upbringing, pressures, social expectations and life experiences. Some women only connect to one or two of the female Archetypes and repress the others so they can survive in a male world. But in surviving, these women lose access to beauty and the fullness of their femininity. They lose the opportunities and the wide range of beautiful experiences and expressions that these Archetypal energies bring. And they lose the connection to the Sacred Feminine, the sanctity of their feminine energies and bodies, and the beauty and wonder that Woman represents.

It is urgent for every woman to act and express these Archetypes in her life if she wants to experience the true nature, joy and beauty of being a woman.

Let's take a look at these four phases...

Maiden phase: Symbolized by the pre-ovulation phase, the waxing Moon, the rising tide and spring.
"Then the uterine lining is slowly reconstituted: the woman feels the "virgin energies" (she does not run the risk of procreating), she feels fresh, new and sparkling. She is full of ambition, it is time to start projects."
Miranda Gray

Maiden is spontaneous, active and rather talkative, she is naturally open to the world, sometimes impatient and air-headed, not caring about the consequences of her actions, she undertakes quickly and is a bearer of ideas, she likes planning and goals. Intelligent, she is full of thoughts and desires for the world she would like to put in place right away. Confident, she is joyful and convinced. She has lots of friends and likes to share, she parties and loves to play.

Mother Phase: Associated with the ovulation phase, full Moon, high tide, and summer.
"The "energies of the Mother" peak at the full Moon around ovulation. The woman is anchored in the Earth and radiates. She is at the maximum of her power of creation and openness to the outside. She's full of sexual energy, very receptive to other people and new ideas."
Miranda Gray

Mother, on the other hand, is patient and attentive. Tolerant, full of compassion, she is very focused on the needs of others but can sometimes forget herself and abandon herself to feeding the planet. She gives a lot and knows how to communicate gently and diplomatically so that the other person feels good. She feels what is good for the other and acts for their good. Mother carries the world, carries projects, gives birth to them and helps them grow. She takes care, reassures, protects and is present. She is composed and likes to share, surrounded by her loved ones, whom she knows how to delight and whom she knows how to make herself loved.

Enchantress Phase: Expressed in the post-ovulation phase, the energies of the waning Moon, ebb tide, and fall.
"It is when the Moon withdraws and wanes that the "Enchantress energies" appear. The woman becomes aware of herself, experiences her strength and her personal power. An egg has been released but has not not been fertilized. The accumulated energies have to be released somehow."
Miranda Gray

The Enchantress listens to herself, she is the one who knows how to meet her needs first, she is powerful and knows how to make herself heard. Sometimes too clear-cut, she nevertheless shows great discernment. Creator, magician, mysterious sometimes solar, strong in her power of intention, sometimes obscure, closing herself in, not finding in the other an equal to talk to. She can be very professional because she knows what she wants and ignores rumors; it can be said that she has a masculine temperament because she makes her choices and succeeds brilliantly. Sensual, sexual, she surrenders easily to her pleasure.

Crone Phase: Represents menstruation, the energies drawn from the dark Moon, low tide, and winter.
"At the new Moon, the energies of the Crone correspond to the time of internalization. The woman is connected to her instincts, her intuition. She feels the need to isolate herself, to dream, to sleep, to slow down, to be with herself, to let go of the blood, to accept the past, to sort it out, to mourn."
Miranda Gray

The Crone is the one who feels, who knows, who senses: in contact with others she radiates with her presence and her wisdom. Sweet, calm, she is very conscious and listens to her inner feelings. She does and says what is needed, neither more nor less, just in balance. She knows how to advise and accompany but lets the other make his or her own experiences. Very intuitive and sensitive, she is exhausted by mental agitation and immaturity and needs to be in contact with nature to be in harmony. The Crone secures with her knowledge and tenderness. She has a great ability to let go.

We carry these 4 main female energies within us; however, each of us is connected specifically to a particular Archetype which is expressed in our attitudes, in our responses to life, in our way of being. This Archetype that suits us the most is both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Indeed, if for example our most present Archetype is that of the Mother, we will always find solutions to manage, accompany, help, heal, save others! ... sometimes at our expense, forgetting to also take time for us....

Now this Archetype also gives us a direction on our way of functioning: by knowing it, we can bring these qualities to the other Archetypes in us: for example if we carry the Archetype of the Maiden we are in action mode and our thoughts are quick and numerous: this energy can help us take action when we are in the dark and withdrawn phase of the feminine energy, that of the Crone. The Maiden brings us back to life, to the world and to joy.

Being a woman is a dance of life. It's like a breath - dancing with the inward airflow, feeling the pause of wholeness in the full breath, dancing the exhale, then resting, empty, full of potential to fill with life one more time.

We are weavers as we dance, bringing together the rhythms of the body, the Moon and the Earth. The strongest rhythm is the rhythm of our body - it is the rhythm that keeps us in the world. But below this rhythm is the melody of the cycle of the Moon and the seasons.

As we go through our phases of the menstrual cycle, the phases of the Moon and the seasons can enhance or soften certain aspects of the Archetypal energies in our body. For example, a Full Moon during our pre-ovulation phase can soften the dynamic energies of the Maiden Archetype, helping us feel a bit more selfless and less goal-oriented. A waning Moon during our pre-ovulation phase can bring more spirituality and intuition to the intellectual abilities of the Maiden.

Many women decide that they would like a cycle in tune with the lunar cycle, but it is the subtle dance of energies between our body, our mind and the phases of the Moon that brings us the deep, rich and abundant variety of feminine energies. To dance only with the rhythm of our body is missing out on all the other beautiful melodies that blend with it.

As the seasons change, the Earth also subtly affects our experiences. For example, in spring, the new vibrant energy of the Earth affects all the phases of our menstrual cycle - enhancing the Maiden Archetype, bringing greater activity into the Mother phase, creating more playfulness in the Enchantress phase and offering a shallower setback in the Crone.

Our dance is a dance of three energies - body, Moon and Earth. We can be "Double Maiden", experiencing a pre-ovulation phase in the spring - or perhaps "Triple Mother" during an ovulation in the summer at the time of the Full Moon
To become aware of our dance, we can observe our cycles, map them with a Moon dial or a recording dial, which you will find for example in Miranda Gray's books “Red Moon” or “The Optimal Woman”, or with a mobile application (Flow for example).

Each phase also has a different sexual expression, different needs and desires.
No wonder women are confused about their sexual energies! They have been taught that they are women, endowed with only one form of sexual energy and desire, when in fact they see at least four different women expressing themselves!

Nor is it surprising that men find themselves confused about women's sexual desires and needs. A certain approach that would lead to great sex one week just doesn't work the next. However, if men realized that they had in front of them not just one woman but four, they could feel more confident in adapting their approach to the woman in front of them at that given moment.

With regard to the sexual energies of the Maiden, we therefore enter a new cycle with an increasing sexual desire (because during menstruation our sexual energies are renewed) and a growing confidence in our body. In this phase, our sexual energies are devoted solely to pleasure, as the egg has not yet been released. The women are then fresh, dynamic, playful and adventurous.

In our Mother phase, our sexual desire can be strong because we are in our most fertile period. However, our current sexual energies can cause us to desire an emotional connection. So we often need the sexual relationship to be filled with love and affection from our partner for us to feel satisfied.

The sexual energies of the Enchantress are often the most difficult to grasp. They can be dynamic, uninhibited and erotic. But they can also lead us to prefer a tender and comforting relationship. Understanding that in this phase we can have two very different sexual needs allows us to share these energies with our partner without misunderstanding.

During menstruation, our physical energies are low, and many women feel no sexual desire during the Crone phase. However, our sexual energies are always present. They have simply changed and taken on a more sensual and spiritual orientation. The sexual relationship can be experienced as a fusion with the soul of your partner, as a prayer or an experience of union with the universe.

How can this help you in your daily life? The simple re-connection with your natural rhythm, with your "flow" will allow you to live a more harmonious life, to plan your time and your activities as much as possible according to the energy that you know is available in your body, and to respect your cyclical nature by acting when the energy is there, taking care to rest when the energy is weaker for example.

Well, that's all for today. I want to insist that much of my information comes from Miranda Gray's books "Red Moon" and "The Optimal Woman", that I quote many extracts from these texts, and that I strongly recommend that you read these works which you will find in link lower.
Miranda Gray organizes five times a year a Womb Blessing®, a free distance Harmonization of Womb Blessing. For more info on this subject and to participate in the next Womb Blessing®, you can go to https://wombblessing.com/

This attunement to the Womb Blessing is a simple gift – a gift for every woman who will want to receive it, regardless of age and experience – a gift of energy that brings healing to our femininity, our uterus and its cycles, to our creativity and fertility, to our sexuality and spirituality.

This attunement restores our natural purity and beauty, abundance and love, creativity and magic, and our wisdom and strength. It delivers us from the past, from our narrow perspectives, from our guilt and hurt, and it releases the joy that comes from the soul and the expression of the power and beauty of women. It is a magnificent blessing and restoration of light for the souls of women, in an often difficult masculine world.

As for myself, I am delighted to share that I am now a certified Moon Mother Level 2 Remote Practitioner and also a Cycle Companion, certified to teach around the 4 feminine Archetypes and Positive Cyclic life. If you’re interested in learning more about these new qualifications and the offers that will follow… stay tuned … or reach out to me!

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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