September 23


Tested by the Universe… And breathing again!

By IsayaBelle

September 23, 2017

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So … New Moon time again … Newsletter time… If you’re interested, don’t forget to subscribe. I send it once a month and it’s full of freebies!

It’s also a time of reflection for me every time. When I started writing this month’s … it turned into a blog post and I wanted to share it with all of you … so here it comes, just slightly altered …

It’s been a month of me being tested pretty much about my every belief … Is it over ? Cause I’m tired, you see!
So now the weather is turning cold around here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Autumn Equinox now and Mabon …

“For the first time since the Spring Equinox, the powers of Darkness start to dominate as nights grow longer and Winter begins to cast its shadow”                                                                                                                        Jennifer Cole in Ceremonies of the seasons.

But the shadows of winter are not here yet and Autumn is to be celebrated first, Harvest to be finished and reflection on the accomplished is to be done.
So … last month … Well I’ve had more or less every possible “test” from the Universe about my choices, my beliefs and my path.
Some very good friends of mine decided they could talk to me in a rude, judging, disdainful way… I made the decision to retreat from their “friendship”.
I got two more or less “unaligned” job offers… safe but difficult and not paid well… And I decided, after long conversations with Hubby, to say “No, not now, not on these terms”.As frightening as it was… and still is a bit.
I facilitated my first ever IRL Red Tent… It was so easy and flowing and beautiful and aligned. And the women said they loved it!
I had the sinus surgery that will let me breathe fully, joyfully again ! And it got me soooo tired.  I’ve not fully recovered yet and I have to rest a lot, and take care of myself.

So … “Tests” … Lessons from these ? Well … the obvious but always repeated ones …
1. Be selfish and take care of me first (you know the oxygen mask in the airplane rule, me first THEN my kids, otherwise I’ll die before I can help them!)
2. I do NOT have to do or be everything. I can be helped, supported… And I am.
3. Live, spent time and energy with people who DO support me and accept me as I am … Let go of the others, however painful that might seem…
4. And … BREATHING feels soooo GOOD ! It feels like magic is flowing in my body when I inhale deeply through my healing nose, nostrils and sinuses …
5. Take time. For me. To rest.To heal. To sleep. To dream. To just be.
6. Trust…. Wait ??? wasn’t that my word for the year ? It was… it might be time to revisit though!
7. Feel the gratitude. For what is. For the surprises to come. For who I am. For where I am. Since I decided to live a guided and conscious life… so many good experiences have happened …
And so life goes and flows … tested and learning … creating and loving … working and resting … laughing and crying … and towards the quiet season we go … the Earth exhaling now towards the emptiness and darkness times …

Finally, to make the message even clearer … The Universe sent a whole sentence!!! I pulled a card for me and my peeps on the newsletter and … guess what? it’s all about breathing again !!!! Spot on of course!

Is there any of this you can relate to ?
Do you remember to be selfish everyday ?
Can you see ways to feel gratitude and trust ?
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Sending, as always, love, light and gratitude

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