September 16


Breathing … and resting. NOW.

By IsayaBelle

September 16, 2017

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So I had surgery this week.

On my sinuses. The surgeon removed a huge polyp that had been blocking BOTH my sinuses for … more than a year …

It was done fast and went very well. I had a general anesthetic and woke up fine.

All the fear I experienced before had gone, I felt safe and in good hands, I fell “asleep” while daydreaming about my safe place (yes it IS a beach in Greece!!)… and everything went smoothly.

The operation lasted 2 hours, I remained unconscious for 4 … And I woke up … only to fall back asleep… Which I did for a good 48 hours after that … In fact I still did sleep 14 hours last “night” …

I am exhausted. And I hadn’t imagined that I would be… I thought the difficult part was the surgery …

Wrong. The difficult part for me is now.

Now the ONLY thing I should be doing and the ONLY thing I can do … is rest. For as long as I feel like I’m tired.

And heal. Seriously. I really feel like this process cannot be rushed… the way I usually rush everything.

There is no “quick and efficient” way to heal … It takes time and dedication.

And I intend to do so. I intend to heal at my rhythm and give myself the gift of time.

And breathe.

Because that is what this surgery was for in the first place … restore a decent breathing process for me.

And let me enjoy the air passing through my nose and sinuses again, carrying smells and oxygen to my expecting body.

So I’ll just do that.





Take care of my body and myself.


Where and how are YOU not giving yourself the gift of time and self-care ? Tell me all about it, we can breath through it together.

Sending, as usual, love, life and gratitude,


PS: Special thanks to my friend Nath for sending me such nice quotes about breathing !


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