March 19


Spring, Ostara and rabbits everywhere

By IsayaBelle

March 19, 2021

energetics, goddess, ostara, Persephone, spring energy

Today is March 20th. It's the spring equinox, if it's not today, it's tomorrow. And what is the spring equinox? Well, that's a time of balance. This is the time when day equals night, and night equals day and therefore we are in perfect balance. The earth is as if stopped in its course, the sun as if it has stopped in the sky. Obviously, the balance does not last. And from tomorrow, this evening maybe, we are moving into spring, into the new season which is coming.

And we're going to switch towards the light, to rise towards the light, towards the sun, to obviously arrive to the summer solstice, on June 21st, which will be the height of light for this year. So, the equinox invites us to reflect on balance. Obviously, that poses the question to us: and in your life, and in mine: how is the balance established? Is it there? Or do I need to work a little bit to help bring my life back into balance after the late winter transition period we've just been through?

How can I work and organize and enjoy the return of a certain balance in my life. This is the message of the equinox, each spring, to call us to seek the return of a balance.

Of course, as this episode is recorded in March 2021, we are all in this very special period that the planet is experiencing with the coronavirus and the collateral damages, quarantine, lockdowns, curfew and so on. In any case, we are all locked up at home, or almost. So, all the calls that spring is going to have in our lives are going to be maybe a little hard to put into place, but the call is still there. And life demands, life demands.

Spring does not wait. Spring has returned. Of course, it will not necessarily be easy, under these conditions, to respond to the call of spring. However, my invitation and that of spring is to not let this period conducive to new beginnings be lost.

So, let's talk a little bit about spring and therefore talk about the fact that spring is obviously first and foremost a natural event. So the natural world wakes up, the earth comes back to life. Bulbs grow,flowers blossom, new shoots appear, fruit trees bloom too. Everything is fertile. Everything is happening everywhere. And of course, I can't talk about spring, without mentioning rabbits. But what is this rabbit thing, Isaya?

Let me explain. As you may know, the rabbit is a symbol of spring. It is obviously found around Easter, with the Easter Bunny. But overall, the idea of the rabbit is very present at springtime.Here’s why. To understand the symbolism of the rabbit in spring, you have to try and go back a few thousand years and imagine a society where there are no supermarkets, refrigerators, freezers. And imagine that after six, seven months of sleep, nature finally awakens and that finally, you will be able to eat fresh products again and not products that you have kept, which have dried throughout the year, or which have been put in brine. And so, in particular for the meat, the rabbit is the first animal which reproduces, chronologically. They are the first animals to wake up from hibernation. The rabbit, as soon as it wakes up, hop, it copulates. They also have one particularity. Or rather she-rabbits have a particularity, they can carry two litters at the same time and therefore give birth two weeks apart to two litters of 6 rabbits. Now … this is fertility !

This explains why, in our meadows and in our fields, if we look closely, very soon we should find hundreds of thousands of little rabbits jumping everywhere, reminding us that spring has arrived, that fertility is available and that abundance is all around us. And so, rabbit has become one of the symbols of spring. By its fertility, of course, but also by its precocity, one will say, or in any case, the fact that the rabbit or the presence of rabbit indicates the return of spring, just as much as the flowers.

Of course, eggs do too, which I will definitely talk about in a future blog post, because the symbolism of the egg is closely linked to that of spring. But it seems to me that it almost requires a special podcast.

Basically, in the spring we go from the terrestrial energy of winter to the airy lightness of spring energy. The outside world is happy, fresh. The earth sheds the sleep of winter. Plants, trees unfold their leaves, unfold their flower buds. New life, new beginnings. This is the time the seeds are planted, this is the time to pray for fertility. And, of course, we pray for the abundance of these seeds. Historically, of course.

I am talking about a society a few thousand years ago, where agriculture is the only means of sustenance for humanity. And so, now it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course, if you are listening to this podcast from the SouthernHemisphere, I invite you to stop listening and listen to it again in 6 months. But in the meantime, for us, in theNorthernHemisphere, it is now, historically, that the seeds were sown and that therefore we did all the prayers for abundance, for fertility, for it to germinate well since from the harvest depended the survival of the tribe for next year.

Spring is also the start of the astrological year. I am not very, veryeducated on astrology or at least not very proficient in astrology. But I realized that yes, of course, it is with the Aries that the astrological year begins and Aries (which by the way derives from the Greek God of war Ares),so Aries is a sign, like the animal and the machine of war, a sign that pushes forward, like spring. For me, that's really it. It is an energy that pushes from the bottom up, that pushes us forward, that rises.

The sap rises in trees and in plants everywhere. And this energy is going to push us upwards too. At this time of year, therefore, our dreams, our ideas of winter begin to become or want to become projects for the future. We go from the dream state, from something a little fuzzy and confused, to something which asks to come to life, which demandsto be realized, manifested.

So we normally start organizing new projects, making plans. Obviously, we are in a state of possible rebirth. We can, I can, you can be reborn to your personal power and achieve whatever you want, whatever you desire in this world. Like a plant that grows, the energy is available for that, to raise and carry out projects. It is the end of hibernation, it is the beginning of rebirth for each of us.

For each of us, this rebirth is available, even in a time when we are confined to home. Because rebirth is first of all an interior work. This idea of rebirth is not impeached by the coronavirus or confinement, on the contrary, since it is mainly an interior energetic rebirth, letting something inside yourself open and allowing your ideas, your dreams to turn into projects, into plans so that you can now start planting in your garden, your virtual garden, your energy garden, your spiritual garden and of course, your real garden,if you're lucky enough to have one.

Spring is a time to gain clarity. It is the moment of the return of the light. We will therefore have a new light on many things, more light. We will be able to try new ideas. We can connect with the playful spirit, with the curious spirit of this early spring. It's like a little rabbit that jumps everywhere. We can plant. Of course, this is a time to plant. It is a time to act and no longer to dream or to hibernate.

It's also a time for some major spring cleaning. And so here I'm going to take a little break and explain what I mean by spring cleaning. Of course, and especially in this year 2021 when we are confined to our homes, the invitation to do a spring cleaning of your house is very, very present. Our houses need to be dusted, to be ventilated, to let the sunshine in (yes I hear the song … Do you ?), to let the light and the spring air in your house, it is in great need. I am sure of it.

At the same time, I will invite you to get rid of everything in your house that is in the way, everything that is no longer useful. All those remains of winter, this winter or other winters. Now is a perfect time, since we are also invited to stay inside, to create a spring space. But when I say our interiors, of course I'm talking about our house, our apartments, our rooms.

But I'm also talking about our inner being, our body ... What do I have in my body that needs to be cleansed? What needs to be cleaned in my body? Does it need to be energetically cleaned? In my mind, my soul, are there things lying around that I would absolutely like to clean up and declutter. What do I need to get rid of ?

And in this process I become lighter. I can clean on all floors, at all stages, at all places of my person. Starting with my my body … What do I eat? What do I drink ?etc.

But also my soul, my spirit. What am I looking at? The news ? What am I letting in? Do I have things to clean so as not to be polluted by emotions that do not make mefeel good and that are useless for me now … And then, in my soul energetically, what energies do I allow in, what energies do I send out, what do I feed on. Here too, a little cleaning may be required.

And finally, my house around me. What are the things there too, or the energies that I need to cleanse?

Then there is another main invitation of spring … Dare to be light, to embody the light, dare to have fun, even in these troubled times.

Wake up early and go for a walk at 5 am, why not… watch the sun rise…

Start new things. Start new endeavors. It can be new things that can be done online or at home. I will share in the next few days as much as possible of these new ideas that go through my mind on social networks or by email.

Really, the invitation here is: what new thing or habit can youstart? Can you dream new dreams? Not the dreams of last year, nor the dreams of this winter. Here, now, is there something new that asks to come into the world through you, that asks to be born, to be manifested?Embrace this fresh energy, this energy to act.

And be reborn, just be reborn.

Spring time is above all a time to act, to use the available energies and fuel your personal growth. Open a window. And live, alive. This is a time to truly live, to be alive, and to be light, to be the light, because it is the season of enlightenment. Spring brings clarity, so now is the time to be clear about what you want. What do you want to see grow in your life? What do you want to harvest ? I suggest you try whatever calls you.

Online or at home, there are so many things that can call you.

And if you already know where you want to see new growth, you have the power to transform your life one day at a time, one spring day at a time. Take a close look at which seeds you want to plant, decide what you want to harvest in the coming months, and plant. And then of course, take care of your seeds.

So, I have three ideas for you. I will try to come up with ideas for things to do or experience in this podcast.

The first is to write a journal. We're more or less confined, so we potentially have time, I hope. In any case, I wish you so. And for this journal, in this episode, I am suggesting two questions:

1. What do you have to clean in all the plans, in all dimensions? What do you have to declutter and cleanse? What does no longer need to be there? What can you let go?

2. Second question what do you want to plant? What do you want to sow? What are your new ideas, projects, etc. Literally as well as figuratively. Do you plan to plant seeds? Or do you intend to plants projects?

Try to take a moment to answer these two questions.

My second idea to stay in the spring energy is a bath, a purifying bath, a cleansing bath. So you can do it anyway that feels good for you. You can take a shower. The idea is that each time I wash myself, I can make it a conscious act of and decide that each washing also allows to let go of things energetically that do not suit me, things that I want to let go of. You can dive into a bath perfumed with essential oils, for example, or with mineral salts, all of which are purifying and energetically good for cleansing. You can also just get in the shower and feel the water taking away whatever you no longer need.

Make the choice to let go of all the things you no longer need. In the bath, in the shower. And transform your shower into an energetic ritual, a witch's secret ...

And then the third thing I invite you to do for spring, if you hear the call, is to start something new. Now, it could be very small, deciding that you're going to write in a journal every day or that you are going to learn to play the guitar by taking online lessons, or that you are going to try to draw, that you are going to meditate.

You can also have much bigger plans than that, sure, but start something you've never done. Here is an opportunity this spring and these crazy times which are given to us in the coming weeks. Staying confined to our homes gives us this opportunity to start something new. And spring and its energy are there to support us.

I would also like to talk to you a little bit about OSTARA. It is the name of the festival that is celebrated by pagans or by practitioners of Wicca during the spring equinox. Basically, for them, there is a wheel of the year. There are eight festivals, 8 very important dates which are the four solar festivals, two solstices, two equinoxes and four festivals which are interspersed between the solstices and the equinoxes. Each of these festivals, each of these holy days has a specific name and carries an energy that you can also call into your life at this time of the year.

I will tell you in this podcast about those festivals and about the energies available and the symbolism around each of these festivals. So, Ostara. The name comes from the word EAST in English which refers to the place where the sun rises and therefore to the rebirth of light and sun, since this is really where we are going to rise towards the bright part of the year. But the name of Ostara can also come, and the specialists do not agree, from the goddess EOSTRE, who is an Anglo Saxon but also Latin Goddess of dawn. So, there again, we have the sun in the morning and the rebirth. The new beginning. We obviously have a parallel between Ostara and Easter since, in English, Easter, comes very clearly from the same word as Ostara and Eostre. So very clearly the holiday of Easter is coupled with Ostara.

This is the case with many Christian holidays that were created after pagan festivals. But at about the same time of the year, for example, Christmas was placed roughly when the pagans celebrate the winter solstice. Ostara is the rebirth of life. Of course, that's the energy available. The rebirth of nature. And so from a Christian point of view, we have the resurrection of Christ during Easter. So, we can clearly see the link between the two.

Overall Ostara is a feast of joy, we rejoice in the return of life, the return of fertility in animals and in nature, which basically guarantees that we will be able to eat next year. If we always assume that we are a primitive tribe.

That’s it about Ostara, a Festival to celebrate between March 19th and 21st each year. 

I'll be happy to hear from you on these few great ideas. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.
PS: In case you were wondering.. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and it is Persephone, Maiden Goddess of Spring! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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