March 26


the too much woman goes to peace

By IsayaBelle

March 26, 2021

goddess, poem, Too Much WOman

the too much woman goes to peace

because she's done being at war

because she's done resisting peace

because she's done being in defense mode

because she's done fighting the world for existence

because she's done explaining herself

because she's done living in fear

because she's done justifying her emotions

because she's done making excuses

because she's done apologizing for her existence

the too much woman goes to peace

winged sandals on her feet and glitter on her neckline

adorned with jewelry and wearing a tiara (or is it a halo ?)

a silk white robe floating around her body

Resting leisurely on the beach

she goes

to peace

at last

a black pointed hat on her wild hair

a beautiful rainbow cape on her back

crystals, herbs and Oracle cards in her pockets

waiving a cauldron and a wand

she goes

to peace

at last

curved blue jeans and a tie-dye t-shirt

her phone in her back pocket

earplugs playing her fave playlist

magic tattoos on her forearms

riding her bike in the city

she goes

to peace

at last

a dark blue suit and reasonable heels

discreet pearl earrings and a ring on her finger

her hair tucked in a polite bun

holding a briefcase and an umbrella just in case

she goes

to peace

at last

purple yoga pants and a grey hoodie

neon sneakers and short pixie hair

water bottle in hand and tracking her steps

running around the block in the morning

she goes

to peace

at last

knitting a scarf for her granddaughter

drinking tea from a delicate China cup

fondly remembering her wilder days

softly sitting in a cosy armchair

she goes

to peace

at last

braces on her teenage teeth

tears of joy or sadness in her Drama Queen eyes 

a leather mini skirt barely covering her ass

a tight black tank top with white graffiti markings

she goes

to peace

at last

long wavy curly blonde hair

a swirling flowery skirt and a white lace blouse

her hands full of flour from the morning baking

driving her kids to practice in the minivan

she goes

to peace

at last

gorgeous makeup and glorious dyed hair

a long golden lamé dress hugging the curves of her body

holding a tiny clutch and wearing expensive perfume

standing tall on those crazy heels

she goes

to peace

at last

she breathes

and finally

she goes to peace

like it’s a pilgrimage

like it’s a challenge

like it’s a journey

like it’s a gamble on herself

like it’s a goal

like it’s a gift to herself

like it’s an accomplishment

like it’s no big deal

like it’s an emergency

like it’s a no brainer

like her life depends on it

like it’s already done

the too much woman goes to peace

at last.

©IsayaBelle, 2021

I'm Isaya, a mixed media spiritual artist and crafter, as well as a magico-pragmatic mindset and business coach, goddess teacher and traveling priestess.

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