January 20


Reeeally wild!

By IsayaBelle

January 20, 2022

Artemis, feminism, rant, wild woman

Yesterday I got an email from some woman I did not know I was subscribed to…
It turns out that I was “referred” to her by a different coach… Weird… Anyway…
She was promoting a workshop from another woman altogether… a coach/spirituality expert…
The theme was: rekindling with your wild Woman or something of the sort.
I was interested. Very interested.
The “return” of the Wild Woman in the world is an event I've been hoping for a lot.
I've been praying Artemis, Goddess of the Wilderness and Sisterhood, to help women around the world rekindle with their Wild part, dare to meet their inner Wild enchantress, dance to the beat of their own Wild rhythm and open up to a more “natural” way of life… as in more connected to nature… and dare to let go of some of our more “civilised” parts like alcohol, legal drugs, processed food or the addiction to shame and “what will people think”...
But hey… that's me… no biggie.
So you guessed it, I was really interested in reading this email.
And the content was really to the point…
I was very excited to sign up for that workshop.
Until the picture.

Nope, not the actual picture.. Something similar though ...

Towards the end of the email there was a picture of the Woman facilitating the workshop.
So let me describe this picture… Here is this young pretty white Woman sitting on a bench in a park, wearing a flowy floral dress. In subtle pastel colours, wearing a flower garland in her loosely attached hair.
Already, you can guess that none of this feels really Wild.
But wait, there's worse. So.Much.Worse.
She is wearing makeup.
Nothing subtle or discrete, no, no…
She is wearing a full-on made-up face: primer, foundation, blush, lippy, face powder, eyeliner eyeshadow, you name it..
I don't think you can actually see any bit of her bare skin.

Of course her hair is dyed.
Wild isn't it?
And I'm pretty sure she was Photoshopped on top.

Still not the actual one.. Still similar!

As you might know, I am not in the judging business.
So I’m not interested in her precisely.
But hey, are we seriously going to continue pretending that it’s ok to talk about Wilderness and “au naturel” when it’s such a lie?
It reminds me of these movies where the Heroine, after a first night together with her Beau, gets up sneakily in the morning to do her makeup, gets back into bed and then pretends to wake up with this amazingly dolled up face…
Or of these women who “jump in spontaneous” Social Media lives and whose hairdo and makeup must have taken at least half an hour of careful preparation and years of skill perfecting…
No Woman looks like this “au naturel”.
Enough of make believe, enough of teaching our daughters to disguise, hide and pretend to be anything else than themselves.
And don't get me wrong…I love makeup. It should be a choice, a fun thing we do when we feel like it!
No girl or Woman should be made to feel that she has to make up her face, to hide, to become somebody else.
No girl or Woman should be made to feel that makeup is compulsory, that without it she's not good enough.

Yep, picture of me "au naturel", freshly out of the Mediterranean...

I invite you today, Girl, Woman, Goddess to own all of you.
Day in, day out.
Warts and all.
I invite you today, Girl, Woman, Goddess to walk proudly bare skinned if you should so choose.
Day in, day out.
Warts and all.
I invite you today, Girl, Woman, Goddess to let your face and your body speak your truth.
Day in, day out.
Warts and all.
I invite you today, Girl, Woman, Goddess to remember your are enough. Always. In fact you might even be TooMuch for this world. (Hey welcome, you're in the right place!)
Day in, day out.
Warts and all.
I invite you today, Girl, Woman, Goddess to be YOU, fully, wholly, unapologetically.
Day in, day out.
Warts and all.

Masterpiece of "faux wild", dyed hair and nails done, nude foundation and Photoshopped skin defects...

What is a Wild Woman?
The first book mentioning the Wild Woman archetype is Clarissa Estés’ Women Who Run With the Wolves, which was originally published in the early ’90s.
Estés encourages women to return to their Wild natures. For the most part, those who do so are able to more easily tap into their joy.
She claims that in nine out of ten cases, women who are experiencing psychological or spiritual crises are more often than not soul-starved, which means that they do not tap into their essence, or Wild side.

“When we feel a certain stasis or stillness in our lives, that’s the time for the Wild Woman to emerge and stir things up. Being Wild heals us, and helps get us out of our ruts, and it also facilitates transformation and change. The Wild Woman carries the medicine needed to get over difficult times with complete and thorough joy.” Clarissa Estés

The Wild Woman is no longer bound by the lies that she has told herself nor is she bound by the programming sold by society.
The Wild Woman is fearless and agrees to take chances which helps her Wild side emerge, and there’s no doubt that it takes a certain amount of courage to listen to her inner voice and calling of her authentic self. If she listens long and hard enough to that voice, she just might find bliss . . . and there’s a good chance that miracles will follow.
A Wild Woman trusts her gut and intuition and dares… She dares to show her bare skin and her bare heart. And enjoy the ride!
That who She is .. in a nutshell…
I’m actually prepping a masterclass on the Wild Woman for you to get more information and connect with the Archetype .. and the Goddess Artemis. Please tell me if that would be of some interest to you.

If you feel like giving yourself permission to thrive…
If you feel like unleashing yourself …
If you feel like exploding all the codes and carving your own path…
Do it!
And if you feel you could use some help along the way… Just reach out!

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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