January 26


8 powerful routines tweaks to peace of mind

By IsayaBelle

January 26, 2022

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From headless chick[en] to happy bee

So… Because you’re a woman, if you’re anything like me, you know everything about the mental load and the exhaustion that comes with being disorganized.
Disorganization creates anxiety and stress, and can take a toll on the body. I’m really happy you’ve decided to step out of the hamster wheel.
Overwhelm is just not a sustainable lifestyle … I used to have those feelings everyday ... Until I changed my life radically, one routine at a time !
I now teach disorganized, overwhelmed and unmotivated women to organize their daily routines in a connected, joyful, conscious and flowing way. To get your life from "Little Shop of Horrors" to "Mary Poppins", here are 8 of my best ideas to tweak your routines and change your everyday life, because we ARE the sum of what we do everyday …
And it IS easy to feel happier, provided you follow my advice and tweak your daily routines asap!

1. Start with mindset

Begin considering that your main job everyday is tending to your mindset…
You need the joy, ease and flow NOW … There is no way you will get "there" if you try to go there hustling, suffering and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders … STOP.
Add some fun to your days now. You then feel more joyful and everything starts flowing !
What can you add to your day that will release those endorphins and make you feel the joy ?
Whether it is walking in nature, exercise, art, crafting, meditation, a glass of good wine, more sleep, chocolate, more sex …
Add it to your days today … And watch your morale and your energy levels rise incrementally !

2. Fun is compulsory

Sounds silly ? Let me explain. Fun, aka joy is an energy, a vibration. You might know about David Hawkins Energy Vibration Chart (or not! Look at the pic for an immediate understanding).
All our emotions reside on this chart… The higher your vibration, the more happiness you experience. Have you checked Joy ? And Peace ? You get it now. Everything is energy and energy is everything…
So if I desire to be happier, at peace… The ONE thing I have to do is take care of my energy level. Thus the fun ! Creating opportunities for fun in my everyday life will not only release endorphins that will make me feel happier but also, and more importantly, help my vibration rise and stay up high …
And get closer to the peace vibration ! Since it’s way easier to create fun and joy than to strive for peace when you don’t feel it … Choose joy ! Find ways to add fun everyday : watch funny movies, tell jokes, adopt a kitten (who can resist them running around their tails ?), play with toddlers, read funny books, practice laughter yoga, share funny memes, plan fun things to do, etc. I guarantee you’ll soon feel the subtle effects !
And most importantly … Add the fun in your life FIRST ! Don’t wait until you feel "more organized" or "better" .. Start with the fun, start with your vibration ! TODAY !

3. Radical self-care is not optional

If you feel like a headless chicken running from one task to another, my recommendation is to actually STOP.
Breathe, grab a piece of paper.
Write down everything you have to do everyday. Then add everything you want to do. Dump as much as you can of your brain on that paper. And then start planning.
Create routines for yourself! The ones that you need NOW. Take time to create a system that works. That means taking a break.
It might be an hour, or a day. But that is radical self-care in action. And it is the only thing that will get you to a peaceful state of mind.
You’ve got this !

4. Find your cycles

Are you conscious you are a cyclic being ?
As women, we are cyclic per nature, given our menstrual essence.It means that every four weeks roughly, we encounter in ourselves the same energetic feminine archetypes, connected to the Moon in the sky … We live on this monthly merry-go-round all our lives, visiting these energies, enjoying them and thriving… or ignoring them and wasting the enormous chance to work with them and go with the flow (literally !).
Choosing to disregard this reality will put you at a disadvantage … I suggest tracking your cycle for a couple of months and getting info about the significance of the four archetypes (Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone)… And then optimizing your life by adjusting your big events to Maiden or Mother for instance, or allowing some ebb time while in Crone, etc.
Moreover, there is a wider repetition of this cycle in nature, with the seasons taking it in turn to convey the same four energies. This is way too vast a subject for me to tackle here, but you will find more info about that on most of my programs, and in my podcast and blog.
I guarantee you that simple awareness will completely transform your life (and your business!) as it did mine!

5. "Waste" some time everyday

Most of the time, when one feels overwhelmed, one tries to leverage every minute and do, do, do.
I suggest "wasting" fifteen minutes every morning to plan your day in a calm space. Start your mornings (after your self-care and fun routines if you’re having them!) with grounding and breathing quietly.
Then grab a journal or a piece of paper and write down your 3 main goals for the day.
Then go and do them !
Add more ONLY if those are finished!

6. Create online boundaries

We have busy online lives .. and even busier online distractions !
It’s crucial we organize our online life because our phones and computers can eat up so much of our daily time!
Decide how much time you advocate to emails, messages, social media, idle browsing, etc… and choose time slots for that!
Then follow your own rules and watch your days becoming more productive!
I would also schedule exercise, meals and pauses (taking a break is so important!).
Create those boundaries … and then respect them!

7. Celebrate

Do you stop everyday to congratulate yourself for the things you’ve accomplished ?
Well … Start doing it today! Take a few seconds (or a whole hour !) to celebrate your wins, the done jobs, the ticks on your To Do list !
It changes your mood instantly and gives you more energy and enthusiasm to tackle the next thing ! You can give yourself rewards (sticky gold stars on the fridge are awesome!) or listen to a celebratory music !
Do it and see your spirit and productivity rise!

8. Consistency is THE key !

OK, you’ve applied the tweaks today. Great. Now you need to keep going until it's not something you "have to" do, but something you just do.
You’d never say "Oh I tried dieting for a day, I did not lose any weight, it doesn’t work, I’m done". Please give yourself a fighting chance! Be consistent for at least 21 days, until it becomes your "second nature".
Of course you can (and should) adjust your routines when your life changes or you notice they don’t "work" anymore in your life. But give it some time before you give up on a particular system.
Commit to your personal practices.And remember, your routines HAVE to be fun (which will help for consistency!), so pick them with that idea in mind!
So here you go ! Enjoy the process. Build consistency. Maintain momentum. And change your life !
Thank you very much for reading and I wish you a lot of success on your peace journey!

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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