June 17


Poetic Presentations, Hera

By IsayaBelle

June 17, 2021

Sometimes ... I write in a different way ... I wished to create a different way for you to connect with the Goddesses ... I chose a poetic presentation ... I hope you like it ! 

Today ... Meet Hera ...

I am the purple flame of vision, the violet flame of healing,
I am the Wife, the faithful, the loyal,
I am the water lily, glorious and sweet,
I am the Queen, powerful yet fragile,
I am the Sixth Chakra, the mystic third eye one,
I am the jealous rage and the self-righteous anger,
I am the planet Jupiter, the one my husband rules,
I am Thursday and the unlimited number 8,
I am the peacock, proud, lush and beautiful,
I am lapis-lazuli, the crystal of self-expression and inner truth,
I am forgiveness after conflicts and clemency for my loved ones,
I am the lily of royalty, of devotion and motherhood,
I hold the lotus scepter of power, and rule among the Gods,
I am the partner, the equal, the spouse,
I am the co-dependent, the addicted to love,
I am devoted to my relationships to the point of addiction,
I am the lioness, powerful, placid yet strong,
I am committed to myself and never let me down,
I am the Queen of Heaven, I rule over Olympus,
I am half of a couple, of a duo, of a pair,
I am the responsible one, the grown-up the dedicated,
I am dedicated to express my emotions but need to learn to do it better,
I am fighting daily to create myself a better happier life,
I will stand up for myself and defend my interests,
I am fidelity, to my values and my loved ones,
I am sometimes overtaken by my negative emotions,
I am the Goddess of Family, the perfect wife and mother,
I am the cow, faithful and nourishing,
I am jealousy and loyalty, emotions and duty,
I am commitment.

I am Hera

Please tell me if you like it !

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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