June 18


Poetic Presentations, Athena

By IsayaBelle

June 18, 2021

Sometimes ... I write in a different way ... I wished to create a different way for you to connect with the Goddesses ... I chose a poetic presentation ... I hope you like it ! 

Today ... Meet Athena...

I am the Eternal Virgin, the fountain of feminine wisdom,
I am the strategic planner, the clever organized one,
I am courage and strength, fairness and justice,
I am your inspiration, I set your actions in motion,
I am the crow, the eagle and the serpent,
I am strategy and careful organizing,
I am the law and order out of the chaos,
I am mathematics and science and explorer of the unknown,
I am strategic warfare and discipline,
I am culture, learning and continuous education,
I am the most resourceful of the Greek Gods and Goddesses
I am the patron of the arts, the inventor of crafts,
I am the provider of skills, the distributor of talents,
I am the companion of heroes and patron of heroic endeavor,
I am my father’s daughter and no mother ever bore me,
I am the Blue opal, stone of protection and peace,
I am all in my head, always shielded in my armor,
I am the protector of civilization and of the citizens,
I am the Guardian of Athens, the patron of the city,
I am the spinner and the weaver, the seamstress and the cook,
I am the inspiration in all your household crafts,
I am the blue in all its hues, from teal to ultramarine, from turquoise to cerulean, from cobalt to azure,
I am the 5th Chakra, where your voice is born and heard,
I am the truth in speaking, the walker of authenticity,
I am the planet Mercury, the stable number four,
I am the owl, night bird of wisdom and keen sight,
I am Wednesday, the halfway point of diplomacy and negotiation,
I am the Olive Tree of Peace and the dove that carries it
I am the pragmatic and rational thinking, keeping my head in any emotional situation,
I am brutal honesty and vocal about it,
I am leadership in moderation, intellect and logic,
I am an introvert celibate, a goal-oriented inventor,
I seek the company of men as equals, as partners more than lovers,
I am protective and protected, wearing helmet, spear and shield,
I am sometimes lonely and cut from my emotions,
I am wisdom,

I am Athena

Please tell me if you like it !

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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