July 22


Hestia, Poetic Presentations

By IsayaBelle

July 22, 2021

goddess, hestia, poetic presentations

Sometimes ... I write in a different way ... I wished to create a different way for you to connect with the Goddesses ... I chose a poetic presentation ... I hope you like it ! 

Today ... Meet Hestia ...

I am,
I am the first light and the last ray of sun,
I am the flame that never dies,
I am the tender tiny spark that burns into the night,
I am the light that guides you home,
I am a shy loving presence and a master in forgiveness and gratitude,
I am soft and mild but never weak,
I am Zeus’ older sister and he abides by me,
I am the one who refused two gods in marriage, the one who decided to remain pure,
I am the sun on a winter day, I am the incandescent faith that never extinguishes,
I am the keeper of the sparkle, both for the gods and the mortals,
I am devoted to the hearth, which is my home and yours,
I am the one who stays at home, the one who takes care,
I am loyalty and fidelity to my family and my tasks,
I am the humble priestess that lights the candles in the temple,
I am the sculptor and the potter, in my fire your dishes are born,
I am in charge of domestic affairs, which I organize smoothly and quietly,
I am the donkey and the cauldron, familiar and unremarkable,
I am the protector of cleanness, I am your veiled modest neighbor here on Earth,
I am whole and will teach you the way to wholeness through self-care,
I am the one you might not notice but who is always there,
I am the one who dwells by hearth, attends the fires and the lamps,
I am dependability and calmness, I am gentleness and support,
I am the amber and the topaz, the citrine and the pyrite,
I am sometimes too cool and may seem not involved, too introvert too take my true place,
I am the torch of inspiration, the golden source of consciousness, the light you can contemplate during your meditation,
I am the heat that keeps you alive, the vital flame of life,
I am modest, like the glow still smoldering in the morning after a long cold night,
I am a flare, a sudden burst of intuition creating energy from within,
I am without my own children but have always adopted orphans to protect,
I am the keeper of the house, of its purity and welcoming heat, I transform it into a home,
I am trust and sometimes abused trust and gullible,
I am the fourth chakra, Manipura, I ignite from the center,
I am the guardian of the tamed fire, I create sacredness in the ordinary,
I am the nucleus everything revolves around, I do not need to leave home to find myself,
I am the eldest and the youngest, both a maiden and a wise-woman,

I am Hestia

Please tell me if you like it !
And I’ll see you lovely people.
In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.
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