April 7


Forgive, forgive and when you’re done … forgive again…

By IsayaBelle

April 7, 2017

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So … as you may have read earlier on this blog, dear reader, I’ve spent the best part of 2017 forgiving.

Forgiving what ?

Well pretty much everything I could think of … Any wrongs that I felt had been done to me to you, dearest reader, to the whole wide world for that sake…

Forgiving who ?

Well again, pretty much anyone I could think of, from my parents (classic shrink stuff!) to yours, lovely reader, to the dishonest politicians (we have quite a nice bunch of them in France at this minute!) to the greedy bankers …

Indeed I lately discovered (no, I know, I’m not the first one, I don’t consider myself such a clever person … I’m late… but for me it’s a discovery …. It might be one for you too, dear anonymous reader!), I lately discovered, was I saying before you rudely interrupted me, dear judgmental reader, I discovered that forgiveness is a very powerful tool.

It might well be the most powerful tool on my evolution process.

Because I ‘m not sure about you, lovely ever-changing reader, but I do intend to evolve.

I intend to get more beautiful, more creative, richer, healthier, more intelligent and on the hole HAPPIER (albeit older, but don’t we all?) !

So, since I don’t consider myself fully “finished” … Evolution is planned (you do realize that evolution is a posh word for “change” do you, dear courageous reader ?) and I’d rather make it a decision to evolve than a fear of change … Isn’t that a clever way of seeing things, dear amused reader ?

Hence the forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a tool, was I saying, a powerful tool.

It has NOTHING to do with the person who did you wrong, it doesn’t condone the wrong doing …

It is just liberating for ME (ie for you if you try it, dear intrigued reader).

I release the grudge, I let go, I enlighten myself (oh! Now that is a cunning punt, playing on the double meaning of the word “light”, congratulations if you got it, dear impressed reader !)

I feel lighter and freer … Grudge is an energetic prison … It will keep you locked in place and prevent any walking away, any real freedom.

But these past few months … there have been quite a few triggers … The recent events in the world might have troubled you, dear anxious reader, like they did me. Anger, anxiety, sorrow and fear have risen to higher levels …

Hence the forgiveness is rendered difficult AND compulsory at the same time !

I need to come back to the calm, happy state that is the only place I can actually take positive action to change my life and our world ?

I’ve discussed Hoʻoponopono before ( if you don’t remember, try this page) so I’ll be short.

Let me refresh your memory, dear amnesic reader.

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It includes 4 sentences : I love you, Please forgive me, I’m sorry, Thank you. The idea is to reconnect with the persons/events that have triggered the negative emotions, and then to slowly and consciously repeat the sentences a few times.

Do you remember now, dear reader ?

Well, I had an idea and created my personal way of doing this forgiveness meditation. I create some hearts filled with the words and meditate while I color them.

Today I share it with you, dear interested reader… and offer you a one of a kind freebie while I’m at it ! I designed one specially for you, lovely reader.

Just download the file here

Then, I suggest you sit comfortably in a chair or the floor, light a small candle maybe, and consider coloring this heart as a meditation. Really try to feel the words, applying them to your own personal issues or directing them at the planet and the whole of humanity. Whichever you choose will be beneficial.

You can color with crayons, pencils, markers or even paint … whichever is you tool of choice … or whichever is lying around in your house … Don’t let yourself be stopped by tools!

You can listen to some relaxing music, maybe this one (I do not own any rights to this music, nor am I an affiliate of any sort, I just liked it !) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDJYZXlsASg

You can also use this music before going to sleep)

On this page, you can see several examples of heart canvasses already decorated and colored… for inspiration (some of them in French!). You can even buy one for your home!

And here is another blog post with a short video where I explain my creative process… http://isayabelle.com/and-then-she-even-started-vloggin

I hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget, dear reader, that you can print it as many times as you want, share it with your friends, your children, your co-workers … the more we all forgive and free ourselves from the resentment prison, the sooner the whole world will change!

And by all means, tell me if you liked it, shoot me an email, write a comment at www.isayabelle.com or on https://www.facebook.com/IsayaBelle/?ref=settings

Sending love, light and gratitude.


In case you want to use another method, here is a guided meditation (again, not mine!) that I found very nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmX7RYOe_2s





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