June 30


“I don’t know how to meditate” … or do you ?

By IsayaBelle

June 30, 2017

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So … let’s talk meditation …

I don’t know how to meditate … it’s very difficult for me…

That is what I’m told every other day by someone (clients, friends, family…)

Well …

Me neither.


Now you know.

Me ? Sit down cross-legged for hours on end watching a wall …

No way.

I’ll either fall asleep or start aching ALL OVER !!

But I DO meditate every day.

So … How do I do it ??

Let me clarify what meditation is first.

Meditation can be defined by … emptying your mind, staying still, spending time in quiet thought for spiritual purposes, philosophical practice or relaxation, being in contemplation, stopping the thought process, etc …

There are, of course, very many ancestral meditation traditions and “official” ways … zazen, shamanic meditation, vipasssana, transcendental meditation, mindfulness, daoist, etc (I found this good article online about 23 different types HERE so if you want to have more info, check it out!)

Most of them involve stillness and silence …

Now there are a few different ones … like binaural beats meditation, which involves specific sounds that affect the brainwaves.

Of course another well known method is guided meditation which uses music but mostly voice to guide you into meditative state. I personally love Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s online series ! There is a new free one beginning soon … Have a look HERE . (the app is great too !)

There is also a radically different method, invented by a man called Osho… and called active meditation. It comprises dynamic music and specific body moving instructions… One of the ideas here is that if your mind is “occupied” it can’t think thoughts … I really love this and try to do it as often as possible. You can find out more about it HERE.

I also love dancing (movement can be a meditation too !) and talking walks in nature (another beautiful way to meditate!).

But I don’t do any of these methods EVERY DAY.

What I do do (lol !) is … paint, color, draw, … create.

When I’m lost in the creative process, time flies. I do not think. I use the creative process as a meditation… The act of  focusing VERY intensely on something … empties my brain completely !

Where am I getting at here ?

Well … if you believe meditation would be good for you but you cannot do it “the traditional way” find your own… invent your personal meditation process… Find one that is so enjoyable for you that it takes no effort to do it everyday… Then it becomes a habit… a drug ! And before you know it… Bam you’re meditating everyday!

Now for me it’s art … But when I say that, most people reply …

I’m no artist, I can’t draw, I don’t have supplies, …

Let me stop you right there sisters!

To meditate through art, to create meditatively… you don’t need any of the above.

Try these methods:

1. Google search “adult coloring page”, find one you like, download and print it then color it with anything lying around (kid’s crayons, old colored pencils, even biros!) Mandalas are great for that (I found this one for instance). If the page has an awesome message… even better (like this one) Of course… you still need to have colored utensils …

2. On the Google play store, find apps for coloring… And again I love the mandala ones because mandalas are a meditation too … I found this one that seems nice, or this one, or this one, or this one … and that is among thousands!! Just dowload, isntall, start playing! and meditating !

3. On Google play store (again !) find this app called ZEN, decide for a schedule to meditate, put a timer on your phone, and start playing … I can get lost on that one for hours… that is why I say “put a timer”!

Or, finally… just click on this LINK, you will be sent to a different page of my website where you can find (and download for free) the Hoponopo Forgiveness Heart coloring page that I created for you. I’ve discussed the Hoponopo method before HERE, so I won’t go through it again … But it is one of my top methods for both meditating AND evolving, moving forward through forgiveness… So be my gest, give it a try and tell me all about it !

Oh and please, pretty please share that with your everyone so that we can all start to meditate! I’m sure it’s good for the planet too!

Sending as always, love, light and gratitude








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