July 7


Goddess Summer … at last !!

By IsayaBelle

July 7, 2017

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So … this summer I’m finally working on creating my online course/experience about Greek Goddesses and how getting to know them will be not only fun but oh so helpful on your personal path …

I have been postponing this for … let’s say a couple of years … finding every possible excuse (including a full time job!) not to tackle that idea.

No actually it all began 50 years ago …

Let me try and make a long story short…

I was in born in Athens, Greece 50 years ago. My mum and my maternal lineage are fully Greek.

My father is of a completely different origin but that is another story… for another day!

I’ve lived in France and spoken French for most of my childhood, though …

BUT … I had a Greek nanny as a baby and I’m fully bilingual in Greek and French … (As you can read, I speak English too but that is again another story …)

AND most of my summer vacations, I spent in Greece with my grand-parents and godmother …

So I do consider myself Greek … and, like most Greeks, I have with the Greek mythology a very PERSONAL relationship … The Olympus Gods and Goddesses are like close family members, both my mum and my granny used to tell me and read me their stories, their adventures, their lives…

All of that has always been part of my life … As a kid, I never fully accepted that all that wasn’t “history”… but just “stories”. It has induced me to never really separate the two concepts and to always question the “historic truth” …but that is another discussion altogether (although …)

So for me Zeus and Hera, Athena and Hermes  and the rest of them are like friends (rather crazy, turbulent and powerful ones but … friends!) and I know more or less everything there is to know about them… I love that they are very human in fact and have very human reactions and emotions, and flaws ! … but they also carry power and “magic” qualities.

As an adult, I continued to be interested and read and educate myself about them, in a more intellectual and academic way! I’m fascinated by the psychoanalytical interpretation of mythology (check Carl Jung’s work for starters …).

Along my personal path, I have become very interested and centered about women and women studies (yet another story!). Thus I found and was very much influenced and impressed by the very personal and in depth work of Jean Shinoda Bolen. I believe her books have changed my life and my understanding of my own self.

I mostly believe I can pass this knowledge and emotional connection to the Goddesses archetypes to you and that this can be tremendously fun, enlightening and helpful on your own journey !

A few years ago, with a close friend of mine who s a therapist, we created a series of IRL workshops for women about the Greek Goddesses archetypes … We had loads fo fun and women loved the insights …

But I felt that the range we could share this with other women was too small…

That is why I decided I would create, based on all this knowledge and experience and emotional connection, an online course/experience for you beautiful ladies to discover the power, wisdom and understanding the Greek Goddesses and the archetypes they stand for, can add to your life …

There will be videos, audio meditations, worksheets, webinars and e-books, exercises for you to do, and much more ! There should be 9 modules, like the 9 months it takes for a gestation … Hopefully et the end of them, you will have birthed a new woman in you ! It is giving me so much joy to create this and to soon be able to share it with you !

The course will be available in September … In the meantime, I will share some insights and images on social media … Starting with Iris, Goddess of the rainbow and my personal favorite (you wouldn’t have guessed, would you !!!) The painting of Iris here is a watercolor by Marianne Gabriel, aka … my mum !

So … hoping I got you interested, I leave you know and will be back with some more!

Sending, as always, love, life and gratitude,





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