January 30


Energetic switch and Archangels

By IsayaBelle

January 30, 2021

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Interesting week from an energetic point of view… I saw myself confronted this week with a succession of events, remarks and comments all more negative, suspicious, circumspect or skeptical one than the other.

Andevery time, I chose the toggle, the energy switch, the love bias.

So today I come here to discuss this question of the energy in which I have chosen to live every day. You may know, my Facebook group is called Living a Goddess Life and my deep belief is that each of us choose at all times the energetic color of our days, as well as the exchanges and interactions we have with the outside world.

Again, this position is the result of choice, not coincidence. My life, like yours, has its share of objectively positive events and others that can be called negative, even with the most optimistic gaze.

However, the choice to live a positive life is completely independent of external events, or even of my internal turmoils. As I told you last week, this choice to live in a positive creative space in my life is a resolution, a decision, reiterated at every moment of my day, of my week, of my month, of my year, of my life.

But I already told you about all this.

What motivates me to write today is to go and look a little more in depth, and talk to you about the exact moment of the choice.

At any moment, the universe offers me two energies, two possibilities, two possible choices. It is the law of duality that we have chosen to experience by incarnating ourselves on this planet.

These two energies are respectively Void with a capital V and Source with a capital S ... Of course you could also call them Fear and Love. And every energy between those two, every emotion, every state of consciousness, can be brought back to one of these two, Void or Source.

So the choice is just that, it's just like a switch that you have the infinite power to manipulate, On / Off anytime, every second of your life as simple as that, opt for the love and light or choose fear and shadow.

Regardless of the external circumstances or even of your personal feelings, with each proposition of the universe, you get to choose again, and again, and again, Love, Light.

Yes it's that simple, you have a choice, like me and each and everyone of us. You are the creatrix of your own life. You can select the energy in which you live, in which you experience life.

And it is easy. There are only two possibilities.

Moreover, one excludes the other, which makes the practice of choosing even easier. It is impossible to experience love and fear, shadow and light at the same time.

Therefore, the instant I choose to act, to react lovingly to a situation, I rule out any options that involve low energy levels, such as anger, doubt, or guilt.

Void and Source are the heads and tails of the same coin, and cancel each other out, as Martin Luther King so aptly wrote it.

So when I make the choice of courage, which is, as you can see on David Hawkins' scale of human consciousness, the tipping point between the two fundamental energies, when I courageously choose to refuse to carry low vibrations into my energy field, I instantly reverse the steam and propel myself into a positive world where the Universe comes to meet me and offers me more positive things to experience.

“Ok I see Isaya, I see what you mean… but, uh… concretely, how do we do it?”

How can I bring more positive, more light, more love into my life? How can I approach the tipping point that will lead me to a positive, authentic life, a life connected to the great Whole and to myself, a life of joy, peace and love, a true Goddess life ?

Well... there again concretely, practically, it is often much simpler than what you imagine.

And it is the object of all my work, the object of study and experimentation of all my life too.

Of course this is not something that will “work” on the first try ... consistency here will be advantageous as the I Ching would say ... But each pace, each step that you climb in this direction increases your vibration and the amount of happiness that you can experience every day.

I will therefore come regularly to offer you my tips, tricks, recipes and suggestions to accelerate your progress and make your life easier, lighter and more joyful starting today.

Bringing more light into your life, might include for example choosing to invite the Archangels.

Whatever your beliefs, your faith, you know what an angel is, what an Archangel is. As Wikipedia says, an angel is a supernatural creature in many traditions and human cultures for millennia, most notably in the three Abrahamic religions and in the Avesta. This term designates an envoy of the Divine, that is to say an intermediary between the Divine and humans. Sometimes they convey a divine message, sometimes theythemselves act according to DivineWill.

The angel is normally invisible, but when they let themselves be seen, in a dream or a vision, they have a human appearance, transfigured by a supernatural light. As for the Archangels, in the hierarchy of angels, they form the second level, just above the angels themselves.

Their number is indeterminate and variable according to the various faiths and cultures, but the archetype represented by the word Archangel is clear to each of us.

They are incorporeal, spiritual, perfect beings and their task is to communicate messages from the Divine to humans in different ways, to be a source of inspiration for human beings, catalysts of Divine Grace.

Of course I am using the word Divine here in a very broad sense; you can choose to replace it with the word God, Universe, Source or any other word or concept which you feel closer to.

In all cases, the Archangels therefore seem to be irreplaceable allies to connect us to the Sacred in the world. This is why I suggest you meet them and I intend to put you in touch with four of them to add light and love to your life.

If you’re interested to learn more about the four “major” Archangels, how to connect with them for guidance and protection,

If you want to connect with the Archangel that specializes in the area of your life that you wish to improve,

If you wish to bring their light, love, and healing into your everyday life,

If you want insights about how to call them in, how to interact with them and what they can do for you and your loved ones, 

Join the Masterclass on February 5th, 9 pm (Paris time), and enjoy the Archangels’ presence in your life !

The Masterclass will happen EXCLUSIVELY  in my Facebook Group, Living a Goddess Life, so join now here to watch the live! There will be a replay for a few days if you can’t make it live.

Click on this link to join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingagoddesslife

I'll be happy to hear from you on these few great ideas. Thank you in advance for your comment.

So much for today ...

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


PS: In case you are wondering .. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and it is Hestia, Goddess of the Sacred Fire! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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