January 23


Lessons from the fire

By IsayaBelle

January 23, 2021

Early in January I had an all-day real life workshop with my French peeps (3 of them here and the rest online actually...) about creating powerful intentions for 2021...
Lovely day... I loved creating our vision boards together...
Anyway... To the point ...
The 3 ladies are more urban than me... (not hard, I live in a beautiful middle of nowhere)
During a break, they all rushed towards the fireplace and gathered aroud the fire...
And I got reminded of how the fire, the hearth used to be the natural center of a house... And of the importance of Hestia's archetype, the Greek Goddess of the Sacred fire... Of the crucial (literally life-and-death) importance of tending to the fire for our ancestors....
And of how much we naturally come together to the fire...
And sadly of how few of us actually have a fire in our houses anymore...
Of how much we are disconnected from nature, the seasons, the moon's cycles, basic joys and basic "duties" like tending to the fire (as for me it is THE first thing I do every morning in winter, it does take time and dedication).We are disconnected by modern life, air conditioning and central heating...
No wonder so many of us forget to tend to our own sacred fires and get swamped and overwhelmed by artificial problems and lost... Away from our interior flame of life and energy.
I felt sad... Briefly... Then I felt my mission to bring back the Goddesses Archetypes grow even stronger...

When did you last spend time and energy tending to your fire (real or metaphorical )?

Fire was my inspiration again a few days later … As you know, every morning I have to light a fire to keep my house warm. I do not have central heating so lighting a fire and having a fire burning all day is the only way I will not freeze. Moreover, these days I am alone in my house as both my kids and my husband have left for a week. So the responsibility of the fire is strictly on my shoulders.
Yesterday I was having a conversation with a bunch of besties and one of them mentioned but she did not feel inspired. I was really triggered.
There are days when I do a really good job in the morning and the fire lights up easy and fast. And then there are days when,for some reason, whether I’m not concentrating, or the wood is too wet, or whatever … Anyway the fire won't catch. So I have to work harder at it. Until it catches. And then it gets going on its own.
Most days I do not feel inspired to light the fire. I'd love it if somebody else could do it. But, hey, it's my job. And I chose to do it. And you may remember from my previous post that I actually love my fire.
The point I'm trying to make is that in my life, I chose some things, like this fire. It doesn't make sense for me now to wait until I am actually inspired to tackle those things.
I'm all for going with the flow. But Mozart, Picasso or Shakespeare did not “wait” until they got inspired. They just sat their asses at their desks/easels and created. Some days it was a masterpiece, some days it wasn't, just like my fire. The idea here is that even during the ebbs of life you can create your own life and not wait for inspiration…
Because creating your own life is a daily habit, And it doesn't really matter if everyday is a masterpiece. The important thing is that you flex your creative muscles everyday. Some days the fire is taking longer to catch but once it catches, once the fire is lit in your heart, it gets going on its own and every day becomes a creation.

What are you creating today ?

And again today, fire teaches me its share of lessons ... So you have understood by now that heating my house with a fireplace is a choice. A choice that I fully assume, even on the days when I do not feel "inspired", as I have discussed it ... But even more, I want to tell you that I assume it ESPECIALLY on the days when I do not feel inspired or motivated… What I mean by that is that in my life, in your life, the question of the vibration that we choose is crucial.
I therefore choose to consider that, even on days when I am rather "low", I am not the victim of a malicious universe, of governments which conspire for my destruction, of my deficient family environment, of my dishonest boss, or my rotten DNA ...
I am the creatrix of my life. And that vibration, that energy… it changes everything.
If I want to be calmer, happier, at peace… The only thing I have to do is take care of my energy level.
So, I "make do with" on the days when I am less motivated, I find the good, the beautiful, the warm in everything, as much as possible. And I cultivate my vibration as high as possible, as happy and positive as possible. And I create my positive life.
I do "with" the energy of the moment, not "against" ... So I let go on the "lower" days, and go with the flow. Every energy that the Universe presents me has something to offer ... It's up to me to take advantage of it! It's up to me to find the positive in it and stretch it out until it covers the rest of my day, like a pink cover!
Every day I practice this and every night I write a list of the 10 things that I am most grateful for ... And often having spent a few minutes looking at the fire is one of those things, a "small" thing that brings me joy, beauty and comfort in times when there are sometimes less "big" things for which I feel gratitude ...

And you, what are you grateful for today?

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I'll be happy to hear from you on these few ideas. Thank you in advance for your comment.

So much for today ...

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


PS: In case you have any questions .. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and it is Hestia, Goddess of the Sacred Fire! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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