February 6


Bathtubs and opportunities… How I program myself…

By IsayaBelle

February 6, 2021

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Postulate: I create my own reality. Always. At every moment.
Starting from there ... every thought, dream, action, and especially repeated thoughts and actions that become habits therefore require to be investigated rigorously and above all to be the object of a choice.
A choice aligned with my values, my truth, my strengths as well, because there is no point in “programming” habits that I do not have the real capacity to anchor in my life ...
"OK, Isaya, but there are several things in these few sentences that make me bristle ... First of all, it all sounds very selfish ..."
With my clients every day I repeat that well thought out selfishness is the start of the path...

Let me explain .. let's talk about bathtubs!

Imagine that you are a bathtub.

The tap of the Universe is flowing freely to fill you with all the good things, an endless abundance of goodness. You feel this abundance, this warmth, the droplets that scatter, the steam that heats the walls of your tub.
But… you chose to give. First. To be the one who nourishes, who reassures, who coaxes, cooks, comforts, is of service ... always and first ...
That is to say, to use my bathtub metaphor, that you left the drain open ...
And the abundance of the Universe pours into you and immediately vanishes through the plughole to feed, fill all those to whom you choose to "pass" it on ...
You just have the droplets, a little steam and maybe a water base that doesn't drain fast enough ...
And here you are ... programmed, condemned to live on crumbs ... while the tap is flowing.
What to do ? My suggestion is simple.
Close the drain.
And take time to fill yourself up, to let yourself be filled with all the good things the Universe has in store for you (and of course you will also have to remember to ask for those good things, we'll get to that).

Make the choice of you, the choice to re-source yourself (to reconnect to Source, to the abundance of resources that the Universe makes available to you by pouring this infinite flow of goodness into its “tap”).

And do it FIRST..

What happens then?

When I close the drain, the tub fills up. I fill myself with all the good, the warm and precious that I so desire and want!

And the abundance of the Universe is infinite, you just have to look at nature outside and reconnect with Gaia to see it, to know it in your womb… Every year in spring the Earth is filled with new life, infinite possibilities of harvests of good and beautiful ... It is the cycle of Gaia, the one of our roots and our abundance, every time we connect to it ...

So the faucet keeps pouring into your tub… Again… and again…
And when you are full, complete, satisfied, filled to “the brim”… what happens then?
It overflows.
And this "surplus" abundance then flows onto all those around you ... your loved ones, your friends, your community, your clients ...
And now, you give “without counting” .. because you are full, you give without emptying yourself energetically, without exhaustion, without hidden resentment, without secret hope of receiving in exchange .. you give from this sacred space of you which is fully open to generosity .. from this space which is so full and so rich that it overflows, it spreads, it surges like a wave of donation and abundance on your world ...
The trick, you get the idea, is to start with you.

Well thought out selfishness, then ... Is it clearer?

“OK Isaya, I see… let's admit it…”
Yes let's admit it.
But above all, LET'S PRACTICE it ! Because this is not only about energetics and woo woo magic.
These are daily actions that all go in the same direction, minute by minute choices that create your Goddess life, one choice after another AND one conscious and focused action after another.
And I come to my second point ...
Are you making your life easy?
When you make your choices, are you planning a failure or a success?
When you choose the actions that you are going to repeat each day, the habits that you want to create for yourself ..  From which space, from which energy do you do that ?
We have seen that first of all, it's about letting your tub fill up.
It's not enough.
Because it's the thoughts, actions, regular habits that we choose in our lives that create our reality, as I said above ... And some of us (yes, I was one of those) unconsciously choose a difficult, painful reality and set themselves up for failure.
And make choices that are not aligned with their values, their truth, their strengths too ...
Because failure, staying small, the status quo, it is comfortable, it is known.
And the alternative, success, change; transformation, it can be scary.
And that's OK.
It's OK to know you're scared. Fear is not in itself a danger. Nor a statement of failure. Simply a tag that tells you something.

What if it was easy?

And you can ALSO know that you don't have to walk this path alone.
You can be supported, accompanied to overcome these fears and dare to change.
When I accompany my clients through the changes they choose or that life offers them ... we walk side by side in these unknown territories.
I accompany them in their choices, tiny or grandiose, I encourage them to embrace them, to choose self-love, to move to a more positive version of themselves, to opt for joy, to venture into new, freer territories, to embrace peace and gratitude, to enter into more sunny and honest projects.
And this in a very practical way, one action at a time. As part of our joint work, I assess which tools will be useful, we experiment with them in a safe space, then they leave transformed and full of ideas, practical steps to take and morale high!
So if you feel like this is the time for you, choose optimism in your life and UPCYCLE your universe! (recycle upwards, for the better, the more, the flight!)
At the moment, a place for individual coaching has become available in my schedule ... I am super happy and super excited to be able to open the door for a woman motivated to transform her life!
I know that the work I offer is literally groundbreaking and original, and that it changes lives!
So if that's you, If you're ready to take off but prefer to be accompanied ... You can make an appointment here for a free 30-minute discovery call!
We'll see if our colors match, and if my friends the Goddesses and I can help you dare!
I'll be happy to hear from you on these few great ideas. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.
PS: In case you were wondering.. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and it is Hestia, Goddess of the Sacred Fire! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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