February 12


Organization, Planning and Rituals

By IsayaBelle

February 12, 2021

Organized or Fun?

So … Organization, planning, habits, routine, order… All of these notions are very often associated with something rigid, sad, even retrograde.

Maybe you have already read this statement:

“I am disorganized, inefficient, unreliable, unmotivated and immature, but I am fun”…

The implication here is that the opposite is also true: if I am organized, efficient, reliable, motivated and mature, I am neither fun nor nice.

This annoys me.

First of all, the sense of organization therefore seems to be something that one has, or that one does not have, which is innate and not acquired, which can neither be taught nor learned.

And why the hell would you want to learn that, since it would make you… boring, surly, and monotonous?

In addition, of course, the sense of organization, even the taste for organization and planning are considered to be characteristic of conservative, conventional and narrow-minded people ... 

As for habits, they have bad press ... we often talk about “bad habits”… or about routine people, encrusted…

And the vocabulary is not mistaken, which opposes innovative and hackneyed, extraordinary and trite (my antonyms dictionary says so!).

So here you are, here I am, programmed to think that organization kills life, joy and fluidity ...

Another example, this sentence found at random during my wanderings on the net ...

“I am not moody, egotistical or disorganized. I am artistic. ”

Here, organization is totally opposed to art ... Are you organized? Then you have no artistic sense.

While searching a little I found other quotes and small funny images (not so funny) which confirm and validate this unconscious programming which associates organization with boredom ...

“A clean office is a sign of an empty mind”

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one always has surprising discoveries.”

“Being organized is for people who are too lazy to look for their stuff.”

“Hey look … my to-do list .. I've been looking for it for weeks!”


I call bullshit.

And I ask you ... what is the use of this type of belief in your life?

Well, it's simple, it serves to keep us disorganized, to convince us that organization is “bad” in itself, that it kills the joy in us!

And suddenly, we have the impression that we’re barely staying afloat.

We feel like the incessant demands of everyone and everything in our life have driven us up the pole, like we’ve been weathering storms one after the other, with no rest and no compas to help us choose a course ...

And really, simply... these are just lies.

Let’s change ?

I invite you to seriously question these beliefs, if you carry them within you.

I firmly believe that organization, planning, ordering your ideas (and your office, even your house!), choosing goals to be achieved and clarifying your desires, I firmly believe that all that frees you.

I'm certain clutter, lack of planning and no goal setting in life, robs you of your time, your attention and ultimately of your health.

Because if you don't set goals for yourself, it's a safe bet that you will "fit" into someone else's goals, as Jim Rohn puts it so well:

“If you don't come up with your own life plan, there's a good chance you will fall into someone else's plan. And guess what he / she has planned for you? Not much."

It's easy to be disorganized .. but it's easier if you are organized.

Likewise, I refute the opposition between flow and organization. From my point of view, these two concepts are not contradictory and you can choose to organize your life in accordance with the rhythms of nature, the moon, the sun, your own menstrual cycles, in order to always stay near your energy ebbs and flows. Thus, organization and the fluidity of life come together and blend perfectly.

I am convinced, along with the Goddess Athena, that organization and strategy create space in your life, in your mind, and allow you to live each day in fluidity and light, the easy way.

Hear me correctly .. YOU choose your system of organization! It's up to you to take into account what YOU need in order to feel in the flow!


The other thing that annoys me is the pejorative connotation associated with the words habit or routine ...

What if I offered you the word “ritual” instead?

Our ancestors, for millennia, marked the important stages of their lives, of their days too, by festive or mundane rituals.

This word is not pejorative.

But it's the same ...

If I CHOOSE a routine, a habit .. it becomes a ritual.

I choose to brush my teeth every day for 3 minutes ... it becomes a ritual.

I choose to write in my journal every morning .. it becomes a ritual.

I choose to go to bed before 11pm… it becomes a ritual.

The difference is not whether it is "routine" or not, but whether it is a choice or not.

So my question for you is this:

What do you choose?

With of course, the following subtitle ... Are you ready to stop running for a while to take the time and make these choices?

If your answer is yes, then I invite you to a Free Get Organized Workshop … Because sometimes, making these choices alone is complicated… Daring to change your habits is courageous and risky .. so a little company doesn't hurt!

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So much for today ...

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


PS: In case you are wondering ... Of course “there is a goddess for that” and that is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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