March 14


A journey of the self

By IsayaBelle

March 14, 2024

Fiction, guidedlife, hestia, lifestory, short story

A short fiction story of returning to connection.

In the bustling Merchants Road of Galway, standing still in front of a random phone repair shop, amidst the ebb and flow of hurried pedestrians, Heather stood out with an aura of quiet confidence.

At forty-something, her presence commanded attention without demanding it. With a cascade of chestnut hair swept back in a casual bun, she carried herself with an air of purpose, each step deliberate yet unhurried. There was something in the way her hazel eyes scanned the surroundings, as if she possessed a keen understanding of the world’s intricacies, an understanding earned through the passage of time and experience.

Or so she thought.

Actually, she looks erratic and disheveled.

And she can’t even feel it.

Once a dynamic, ambitious woman navigating the demanding currents of modern life, in the hustle and bustle, she lately has found herself feeling completely out of sync with her own rhythm.
Heather’s days are a whirlwind of responsibilities, leaving her yearning for a sense of connection that seems elusive. The demands of her professional and personal life have left her feeling discombobulated, as if the threads of her once-organized existence had unraveled.

Her daily routines, more and more challenging and exhausting have taken a toll on her well-being, leaving her craving alignment and a deeper sense of purpose. In the midst of the daily chaos, she longs to rediscover the harmony that comes from being in sync with her true self.

Heather doesn’t move and stares in the distance, suddenly coming to terms with it.
She needs to make a change. Fast.
Someone shoves her abruptly and the world begins to move again.

A few hours later, in her dimly lit living room, she appeared as a portrait of disarray, a woman seemingly caught in the midst of an internal tempest. Her typically neat and organized demeanor had given way to an erratic energy, leaving an impression of unbridled chaos in her wake.

Her disheveled appearance spoke volumes about the turbulence within. Tousled strands of hair framed her face in wild abandon, betraying a lack of the meticulous care that once defined her. The lines on her forehead hinted at the mental knots she struggled to untangle, each crease marking a moment of discord.

The aura around her seems out of sync with the world – a dance of disjointed movements and conflicting emotions. Unpredictability manifests in the way she moves, with gestures that mirrored the internal turmoil. There is now an asymmetry in her steps, a palpable irregularity that echoes the disquiet within.

Her eyes, once steady beacons of focus, now dart restlessly, searching for stability amidst the chaotic rhythm playing in her mind. The mismatched pieces of her attire mirror the fragmentation she feels, a wardrobe chosen without the coherence that typically defined her style.

She calls her sister on the phone and even in conversation, her words stumble and collide like misplaced puzzle pieces struggling to form a coherent picture. The erratic cadence of her speech reflects the disarray in her thoughts, as if the internal compass guiding her words has lost its true north.

Again she stops in her tracks and stares in the distance, through her window, into the darkness of the Irish countryside.
She knows, deep down inside, that she needs to change something.
She needs to stop running.
She needs to reconnect with her inner sacred self.
She needs to align again with the center of her Higher Self, her Solar Plexus Core, heart of the stillness she craves to reclaim.

Despite the turbulence, there is an undeniable authenticity in her disarray. Each disheveled aspect paints a portrait of vulnerability, a woman grappling with the complexities of her own inner landscape. Her out-of-sync existence speaks of a journey seeking harmony amidst the discord, a quest for balance in the midst of life's tumultuous symphony.

And now she knows how.
Its about reconnecting with Brighid, with Hestia, with the light of the Universe and align.
It’s about praying, quieting the mind and the body to let allow the Soul to take the lead and breathe in the peace, the joy, the calm and the serenity she craves.

She sits on the floor, engulfed in a yellow plushy blanket, closes her eyes and focuses on her breath.

Heather is home.
Home inside.
Where there is no chaos and no questioning.
Just tranquility and harmony.
Heather has found her sanctuary, guided by Hestia’s Archetype and her own intuition.
Heather is now connected to her essence, aligned with her purpose and living the peace of a sacred life, a Goddess Life.

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