June 2


Women Lighting the Way Summit Transforming Lives and Shifting Society

By IsayaBelle

June 2, 2023

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Today, I'm presenting the Women Lighting the Way 2023 Summit, an extraordinary online event taking place on June 23-24-25, 2023. Join us for three captivating days featuring an exceptional lineup of 14 influential speakers. Best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

Our summit is a beacon of inspiration, where women empower one another by sharing their healing journeys, their paths to empowerment, and their profound experiences that have ignited a ripple of love, transforming our world into the essence of feminine energy.

No matter what you seek—inspiration, entertainment, or sheer astonishment—our summit has it all. Prepare to be uplifted, transformed, and enlightened as our remarkable speakers share their incredible stories, both extraordinary and mundane, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

This event is a celebration of women uplifting women, utilizing our collective light to guide others towards finding their own and illuminating the path. Together, we will bring love and light to every corner of the world. Don't miss out on discovering YOUR unique story!

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I have had this belief that women need to come together for a very long time. I've been running women circles, red tents and things like that for ages. And I had this belief that it was really important, and still is, that women come together, temporarily removing themselves from the patriarchy and actually holding space for each other, and see and feel and experience what is a female only energy. And don't get me wrong, I love men, but it's interesting. It has always been interesting for me to create spaces for women only energy, to be able to unfold and to expand and take all the space for a moment. So I had been following several mentors who were running summits, and I was been obsessed with the idea of running one.

So when Kris Wallace turned up with a name: Women Lighting the Way, I was like, of course, this is it. This is the exact name of THE summit. When she said, I've got this group that's called Women Lighting the Way, I said, this is not the name of a group. This is the name of a summit. We have to do this now.
And it got me so excited because in this name, not only is there a women only energy, but also there's the idea, and that for me is the most crucial part, that each woman telling her story can light the way. Each woman doing her thing can light the way for others.

And there's this idea of the tilting point. I don't know if you've heard that before. It's a scientific theory. It has also been explained by the amazing Jean Shinoda Bolen in her book The Millionth Circle.
So there's this theory that if you have a population of monkeys, not that women are monkeys (lol!), but there's this population of let's say 100 monkeys, and they all eat in the same way, for instance. And if you teach one monkey to eat differently, as in use their left hand, for instance, it doesn't change the population. Two monkeys, three monkeys, five monkeys. But there's a tilting point. We don't really know how many. It's not 50 %. It can be 20 % or 22 %. And when the 23rd monkey starts eating with their left hand, then overnight the whole population tilts and starts eating with their left hands.
Now, applied to energy and vibration and the planet, for me, this theory means that if we gather women enough, there's a tilting point where the energy of the planet will tilt from 100 % male, which has been the case for society for over millennia, to a situation where it can tilt towards more feminine energy.

We created this Summit, not only because we wanted to express ourselves and tell our stories, not only to light the way for more women and create a library of women stories that every girl, boy, man and woman on the planet can have access to (soon!!), but we are definitely working towards the tilting point of changing the vibration of the whole planet.
So, yeah, it felt like a big thing. It was not just a little summit idea. And the title that Kris came in with was just like, yes, obvious. Tat was the ignition point, let's say. For me, that was it. Now, obviously, the ignition point is good, but then we have to go further.

Now, there's also the authenticity part, which for me is really important. I read recently, thanks to Kris, who shared an article with me that related a study called the self promotion gap. It's a study from 2019, so it's recent. It shows that when it comes to talking about our accomplishments in front of a room full of strangers, 47 % of women would much rather run errands in the rain, 43% would rather quit social media for a week, and 42% would rather clean the bloody bathroom. Yes, you've read that right. I'm going to repeat it.
There's 42 % of women in this study who would rather clean the bathroom rather than talk about their accomplishments in front of a room of complete strangers.
So there is an issue there. Why are we not okay to talk about ourselves, about our stories, our accomplishments, the things that we did? Why are we hiding?
It touches another part that is really important for me and about which we've been insisting for three years now with our speakers. It's the authenticity thing.
Because we've got the hiding percentage and we also have another percentage of women who are just lying, straight on lying, talking about somebody else's life, somebody who's prettier, richer, more intelligent, more successful than they are. And this is not serving.

What we want, what we need for the planet, for women, for our communities is authenticity, to hear and to share the real stories of women.
And whether they are fun, sad, important, mundane, very extraordinary, or completely ordinary, it doesn't matter. We just need more of these stories, more of these authentic stories. As you can hear, I'm really passionate about that.
That was crucial for me. Could we create a space where women can dig deep and hold space for each other, then the stories can be voiced and the world is changing… And I'm so proud and happy to realize that we have.

For me, it's really a big thing. It's not just one of those, hey, let's have a nice gathering of friends and talk about our stories. It's deep and just saying that brings chills.

Speaking up and sharing any part of our story, you know what that is? That's pushing back against the patriarchal conditioning that women should be quiet and women's stories don't matter. So it doesn't matter what the hell we're talking about as long as it's something personal to us, authentic and us, truly us.

Also and this is even more impressive… Each time you tell your story and someone listens, someone bears witness. You turn off your body's stress responses. You turn off the stress hormones, cortisol, epinephrine, and you actually turn on your relaxation responses. You actually release oxytocin, the love potion, dopamine, endorphins, you relax your nervous system. You ease depression, anxiety, fear, and disconnection. (that was revealed in a neurological study in 2018)
Just owning it, just speaking the words. When you have a speaker and a listener, they realize they're not alone. That can be any topic, any topic that concerns you, that affects you, anything. We're not shushing. We're not allowing the conditioning to tell us to be quiet, to tell us that our stories don't matter, to tell us that our struggles and successes don't matter.

That conditioning is what makes us feel more comfortable running errands in the rain or cleaning the bathroom. We're trying to stay safe. Our body wants us to be safe. And it's that conditioning telling us it's not safe to speak up. It's not true. It's just not true. So in order to benefit, you can't hold back. You have to remove the mask. You have to remove that polite mask. What is allowed? What is allowed for women to speak about? You have to be wholly you and you have to let go of the concern about what others may think. Really, I think the leash that we're held on is: what will others think?
That's been so drilled into us. But when you share and you shine a light on anything, any part of your story, you're dissolving the shame that comes with that. And it may not even be your shame. It's that conditioning again telling us we should feel shameful for something we did, something we thought. But when you let it out, when you share authentically, truly who you are, you own it, you control it. And you know that feeling, right? You know that feeling when there's just that little bit of a, Oh, gosh, do I dare say something? Do I dare speak my truth? You know that feeling when you do? You know how solid you feel and how grounded you feel and how powerful you feel. So that's what we're doing here. We are allowing women to own their stories, share their stories as they see it, as they shape it, form it, own it, control it. And it brings that power up. And like we know, energy is going to attract like energy. We're going to bring more women together. We're going to connect with more women. Hopefully.

I can only hope that in a century or two centuries that our world is unrecognizable and we are going to help that happen right now. And I'm thinking about even closer, abut tomorrow. Women, younger women, maybe, might not realize that when I was born, we couldn't sign a check, we couldn't have a credit card, we couldn't buy a house, we couldn't demand equal pay. Holy... Are you serious? Equal pay? What are you even talking about? You'd be laughed out of a room for those ideas or demands. How dare you? But future generations deserve to know these stories, and they deserve to know our story. We are laying foundations for true equality and empowerment. So as good as it feels to us now, I can only imagine. I can only imagine the world that our children will live in and leave to their children.

And I’m stressing all that regarding women who are talking, but women listening are the same. It's the same release of endorphins. I mean, I've been lucky enough to have listened to all this year's talks already because I'm doing the editing. I can tell you that my stress hormones have gone down so much. I've been really impressed with these women and I think you're in for a treat, dear attendees.

Telling our stories and listening to our stories is so much more than a self discovery tool or a self development model. It's sharing our stories publicly that is lighting the way the way for a new world. Yeah, it's a world changing movement. When there's two of us sharing stories, it's a superpower. When there's 14 of us, it's a ripple.

This is year 3 of Women Lighting the Way. I want to thank our speakers for daring to light the way because when we walk to light the way for you, we are in the dark and we are daring to light the way behind us. But upfront, it's still dark.
And that's where the magic happens. That's when the world changes.
When we get to the tilting point, we have then a story, a general story of womanhood that is different, that is when the world really starts changing, not just surface changing, not polishing touches, but really going deep into the what is feminine energy and what can it offer the world. And I think it can offer just as much as masculine energy. So I can't wait for the moment when we have this mixture of energies going upwards and downward and circling the planet.

Kris and myself believe that sharing our stories with other women is not only healing and empowering each woman individually, not only lighting the way for the listeners to share their story as well and create an ever growing library of stories for women to be inspired and enlightened by... The Summit also constitute an energetic healing.
When women share their stories and make them known, when women become visible, the vibration of the whole society, of the planet, takes a tilt towards more equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine energies, a state we call for and believe to be just a few stories away!

Here is the link again to register as a Free Attendee and listen to the stories in 2023: https://wltw-2023.heysummit.com/
If you’re interested in participating in next year's edition, own your story and your Speaker's abilities, contact us here: contact.wltws@isayabelle.com

I believe that is all for today.
I would be so happy to hear from you.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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