May 26


Mornings cards and embracing what calls…

By IsayaBelle

May 26, 2023

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So I pulled the 2 of wands.
First time ever in a morning pull (would you believe it?)
And I got Archangel Raphael again.
And a card that says Embrace the Dark.

Every morning I pull cards for myself, to know what I need to hear from the Universe.
It’s not about "whats going to happen today?", but more about making me aware of the energy around me at at a particular time and how I can harness it or … stop avoiding it, as is the case for today.

Let me then dig a little deeper and develop what I think it means and how it’s affecting my choices and decisions for today… and more. Maybe that will serve as an inspiration for you too...

2 of Wands from Light Seer's Tarot, Embrace the Dark from  Messenger Oracle, AA Raphael from Angels Among Us

So the 2 of wands in the Tarot is a card that always seems to me to be asking a question: are you living your life or are you dreaming it?
It’s also calling for a choice, a decision, an action, a step forwards… Maybe something around transforming that dream into action by creating a plan …
"A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true" as Greg Reid said… or was it Athena, Greek Goddess of strategy and overthinking (lol!)
So when this card appears, I look for places in my life where I’s stuck in the day dreaming of it… Where I have made an unconscious choice to stay in my comfort zone instead of embarking on an adventure.
And usually it’s about planning my next travel dream.
Not this time.

You may remember my article of May 5th … about hearing a summon to the desert… (find it here:
When that call came, I spent some time searching and searching deserts to go to: from actually arid places, to places with few or now people, I researched the globe for a while.
And I found many.
None that was really calling me. All seemed "arrangements", "make do" and compromises.
So I let the ball drop for a while…
And continued my trip to the UK …

I came home to my place in France on May 15th.
And plunged back into some work that had been neglected during my time away (have you seen that the Women Lighting the Way Summit is back on? We go live on June 23rd … You can register for free to listen to the stories of the 14 amazing speakers here:

And today I pulled the 2 of wands.
Asking me again if I am dreaming my life of actually making it happen…
It got me thinking about "going to the desert" again.
So I live in a very, very rural and agricultural and remote part of the South West of France. Our house belongs to a village that has 49 inhabitants. And is situated 3 kilometers away from that village.
From my house, one cannot see another house.
Only trees and fields.
Kind of a desert, isn’t it?

I believe I got it.
I don’t need to "go" to the desert. I am in a desert of sorts.
And here is where I’m meant to be for a while.
And stay.
Because embarking on an adventure doesn’t have to mean leaving…
Oftentimes it’s about staying.
And facing one’s self.
In my desert.
Just to be clear, I do not live alone… My husband and grown-up son live here for now… But our house, which used to be a BnB, is so huge that we literally can spend our days apart if we so wish... which we do most of the me!

Also the card about Embracing the Dark.
What does the Embracing the Dark mean to me?
Embracing rest, downtime, the night, the uncertainty of times where everything is not fully clear or enlightened.
Embracing my shadow self. Making friends with the parts of me that I don’t love (for now), forgiving myself for my mistakes and my wrongdoings.
Embracing doubt, patience, more dreaming and making friends with the Crone in me (more about the Crone Archetype here:
So… going to the desert. Being with myself. And in nature.

All things that are NOT easy for the mostly sociable, joyful, optimistic, outgoing, positive and cheerful person that I am (hey I’m a Taurus!)
And again I had forgotten…
Forgotten that I’m not an extrovert, but an ambivert, that I do need some time alone to process, to digest, to fully Embrace the Dark and become able to interact with others again.
Maybe I did forget that way too often during my life and now I’m being reminded that I need a bigger dose of desert.

I’m wearing 2 bracelets these days.
One black one that I tied around my wrist during a Crone workshop with Miranda Gray, that is supposed to dissolve itself when I’ve spent enough time with the Crone…
One red one I tied around the same wrist last Beltane, when I participated in a ritual to marry myself and agree to make me a priority in my life.

Can you see how these cards came as reminders that I was forgetting and overlooking these bracelets, even if they are on my wrist still…

And my 3rd card today was Archangel Raphael.
So Raphi and me are friends… rather frenemies should I say…
I get messages from him all the freaking time.
All about health, taking care of myself, allowing healing and rest, and prioritizing self- forgiveness and my healing journey.
Do I do it?
So Raphi comes back and repeats (so grateful that he never tires of my not listening!!)
Today it hit me harder.
Added to the 2 other cards, here is what I make of it.

It is time.
I give myself permission to rest.
I give myself permission to heal.
I give myself permission to take care of myself, of my sacred energy, of my amazing body, of my tender and oh so so broken heart, of my glorious mind, of my beautiful Soul.

And wouldn’t you know it?
I actually have created JUST the tool I need…
And I hadn't realized until right now as I’m writing this (sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?)
It’s called the Goddess Self-Care Oracle Deck … and it’s on pre-sale right now!! Find it here:
So I sat down with myself.
And devised a plan for the next few months, using my deck.

I pulled a few cards, remembered what I love doing everyday, added a few things that are out of comfort zone that I know will facilitate my healing…
And with the help of Goddess Athena and her organizing and planning skills…
I came up with a plan for the Summer (I really love prepping my seasons, it makes me feel so aligned with the planet’s energy, aka with Gaia!)

Here is a sneak peak at it to maybe inspire you...
I’m staying home in my desert.
Focusing on the things I love doing.
On the things that make me happy.
Focusing on less input… more output, more creation.
Less about nourishing myself with things, people, experiences and adventures from the outside…
More about staying with myself, in my desert and expressing myself from the inside.
Becoming really OK with not "making" any money for now if that is the case (let me be clear, I’m OK for money to come to me in large and small quantities at all times from all sources, just not focusing on the "making part right now!)
And really enjoying the time, the abundance offered and the life given to me by the Universe…
Maybe that is the plan for the next semester… or maybe not, I will reassess later.

Every week I will focus mostly on:
Writing (so many book ideas...)
Cooking (I really want/need to do my own cooking again, and prep meals that I love and that I know are good for my body)
Dancing (at least 30 min a day!)
Arting (painting/ textile/multimedia)
Sewing myself a new wardrobe with layers and colors (and using all the material that I have)
Singing daily!
Reading all the books...
Walking daily!
Resting in my new hammock… (and everywhere!)
Going swimming multiple times a week!
Spending some quality time with friends and family, maybe also around some board games!
Being. Just being.

And just so you know … I’ve actually gone one step further and added those to my calendar… so I get reminders to get away from my computer and phone! And this new "routine" becomes my reality. One that supports my dreams, goals, ambitions and my self love.

And daily that looks like:
Get up early.
Walk first thing every morning.
Then cards, journaling and tea!
Then write 4 days a week minimum (2 dance breaks every day)
Art or sew every weekend.
1 day office work only.
Nap/reading daily.
Stop work at 6:30 and cook or swim
Sleep by midnight at the latest.

I’ll keep you posted.
On what happens.
What are you doing for yourself this Summer?

I believe that is all for today.
I would be so happy to hear from you.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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