August 26


The TooMuch woman discusses the Divine Masculine and polarity

By IsayaBelle

August 26, 2021

cyclic women, Divine Masculine, patriarchy

So... I've been talking about the Divine Feminine and you may be getting the gist of it…
But I’m pretty certain that the Masculine is more of an enigma for you…
Why ? Because we all are in a society which is built upon and organised around masculine values and archetypes.
And we are IN it…Thus for all of us (women and men alike), it is very difficult to detangle what it is made of, what is woven in its fabric.
One of the clues lies in this: the Masculine is linear where the feminine is cyclic.
The Masculine goes from A to B in a straight line (more or les), from flaccid to erect, then to orgasm, from start to finish like in a race, from rock bottom to success, from rags to riches… Can you see how many of your collective stories and traditions and ideas are linked to this way of perceiving the world, how our own lives and “success” are linked to this basic sexual difference
Men are linear.
Women, as I’ve discussed repeatedly, are not.
We are cyclic and sexually multi-orgasmic beings visiting each phase of our cycles in a never ending spiral that might well be ever ascending if we choose it so.
Of course one can argue that men are experiencing cycles too, at least those who live in a part of the world where the year is separated into seasons… thus inspiring a cyclic way of living. But can you see how much our western modern society has been trying to “erase” the seasons, for “productivity” reasons…
How the invention of air conditioning and public transportation and efficient heating (as opposed to open fires in primitive caves) has created a society, in our big cities, where our bodies go from an indoor 19° at home, to an indoor 19° heated bus, to an indoor 19° heated office... and back …
So at the moment it is very difficult to find “hot” clothes outside of the “sports and outdoors” departments…
On a daily basis, we live disconnected from the seasons… men and women alike.
So the “little” cyclic experience that men had, they are trying to suppress it …
And then we all crave nature and reconnecting with Mother Earth…
But I’m digressing.

Back to my point.
So the Masculine is linear.
Thus it incarnates progress and the craving for novelty, for something new all the time and for fast results!
The Feminine is comfortable cycling repeatedly and quietly ascending in a spiral.
For the Feminine every turn of the wheel, nothing is new .. But everything can be different !
Every cycle is similar but our experience of it can be radically singular and bring completely different wisdom, and we are ok with that. Deep down we are not afraid of repetition, of starting over, of failure…
Because when we can consider life like a never ending series of cyclic rotations around our core, there is no failure possible.
Failure only happens when I stop trying. So the concept itself rests on the idea that there is a beginning and an end, a linear progression that takes us from 0 to success/failure… A cyclic vision/wisdom of the world and of our life experience leaves no place for failure or success for that sake.
Just a never ending cyclic ascension…
Whatever the speed of the ascension, we cannot speed the rotation in itself … Each woman can choose the angle of the ascension everyday.. And only that.
The cycle is eternal, and its pace is regular and perpetual, ingrained in our sexual and reproductive organs, for all eternity through all women's lineage.
And that is so reassuring to remember, isn’t it ?
We don’t have to hurry, we don’t have to succeed on very attempt, we don't have to be ascending each day, and at every revolution, we don’t have to run, hustle and grind ALL the time...
There is room for rest.
There is time for pauses.
There is space for immobility.
There is leeway for not knowing.
There is latitude for thinking it over, for doing it over, for starting again…
But careful… We never really begin again from scratch, because the cyclic spiral is, ever so slightly, ascending …
And again all of this is just me trying to extract myself from the patriarchy long enough to “see it from the outside”, which to an extreme, is impossible, for me and for anyone.
We have all been engulfed in this system for so many generations that we don’t know really what it is made of, let alone how to change it …
Now the cycles also teach us something related to flow… Think about seasons, but aso tides… ebb and flow, spring and autumn can be our teachers for letting go, for choosing not to cling to the past, to old habits, old patterns… including patriarchy.
I was writing this in France on August 8th 2021, and the wheel of the year has turned again towards autumn, we are getting ready to harvest and store and descend into the Darkness again… It was a new Moon that week and all the new beginnings and abundance offered to us by the Lion’s Gate were here for us to harvest.
And the letting go. Like the trees we are soon going to be asked to release our “dead leaves”, our outdated projects, our dried ideas, our dead passions and our negative beliefs and habits.

As women we can do that.
So easily.
Each rotation of our cycle extends this invitation for release and letting go.
And the seasons and tides and Moon cycles repeat the invitation ever so lovingly.
Often though… there is fear …Fear of letting go… fear of the emptiness that comes after the release…
And again this is a masculine concept and a fear that has been “pushed” into our psyches by generations of patriarchy.
In French, orgasm is called “la petite mort”, the small death.
For men, after orgasm, there's an emptiness, an exhaustion, a flaccidity that is deathly.
Not for women.
The sexual nature of women is multi-orgasmic and after orgasm, once a woman has given herself permission to allow and receive that super power, she can “go again” ... and again…*Because women are not “empty”. They are full, full of the semen of life… of the energy of life, literally full of chi/prana/mana ...*
So fear of the vacuum might well be a masculine vision too… We Just need to step out of it… And remember to let go, every month with our blood, every autumn with the trees, all the stuff we seem to cling on to out of fear… and fear of lack.
Fear of losing control is another of the Masculine fears that has been instilled in women.
For men, in bed, losing control might mean coming too soon or losing your erection. Both frightful expressions of man’s “impotence”, lack of power.
For women, in bed, losing control means allowing herself to come repeatedly, loudly.. To the extent of frightening the man with her power and potency… Often provoking the shrinking and flaccidity that might put an end to the intercourse…
So women have learnt to keep control too. Not to frighten men away. To create a supporting environment for men… who will in turn help them achieve orgasm.
Is that what we really want and need in the world ? A society of guarded people who never trust others enough to lose control in their presence and allow deep sexual, energetic and emotional connection ?
I strongly believe we need the Feminine relinquishing of control and intimate connection seeking more than ever.
And we can start in the bedroom… And with a conversation.

Moreover, we know, deep down, that letting go of the old and outdated will only open up more space for receiving, for grace, for renewal.
Being a woman I would not lecture men…. I’m just trying to uncover and understand how much of my daily life and beliefs are lived following the rules, beliefs and fears of beings (men) who are so radically different from me.
And to help women and society as a whole, to transcend the actual system and create one which rests with more ease on Feminine AND Masculine values, presumptions and visions alike.
Wouldn’t that be a more powerful, equal and peaceful system ?

As women, we need to uncover, understand and release our coping mechanisms (and some of them are ancestral and oh! so powerful) to leave space for the Grace, for the Divine.

We need to relinquish control.
And all that is heavy, dark and somber.
To the Divine.
To the Goddess.
To Gaia, our Grandmother Earth, for recycling.
We need to shift from relying only on our strength to handing over to the Grace of life.
And breathe.

We need to surrender.
To our nature.
Step by step.
Cycle by cycle.
And spin a new reality with each lap.
For ourselves.
For the world.

So much for today …
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.



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