September 10


Prep, plan, organize … your dream life !

By IsayaBelle

September 10, 2021

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The TooMuch Woman’s laziness plan opens up possibilities

So for those of you who have been following, I am spending a month by the sea  with my mom in a beautiful house that has been lent to me.

I am feeling all the gratitude and the luck … Just look at the pictures and you can imagine how lucky and grateful I am …

And the first thing that might come to mind for you is “oh what a lucky b**** Isaya is!”.

Along with some jealousy, some envy, a feeling of injustice and maybe something along the lines of “Oh, it is okay for Isaya but that would never happen to me. Some people have all the luck”. 

The first thing I would like to mention regarding this, is that I strongly believe that when the universe shows us something that triggers jealousy, it is in fact a proposition… “Would that be of your choosing ? Would you be interested in calling this kind of experience into your life?” That is what I hear when I experience this kind of feeling …

And it opens up a door for me to imagine what would be of my liking and to manifest it into my life… I really invite you to try this manifesting trick ... and to celebrate and congratulate and feel genuinely happy around whatever things, experiences or people you might be triggered by at first …

I can guarantee that this is the first step towards manifesting these exact same things or experiences into your life ASAP.

Now the second thing about my “month by the sea” experience I would like to explain a little bit more is how it came to happen... so you can understand and create something similar in your life…

It has been my dream to live this kind of life for a few years now. My goals and my plans go like this: I mainly live in France, with my husband in the house “that we built”. This is a huge 17th century stone house - 1000 square meters-  that we renovated during seven years, most of the work being done by my husband and myself. It's the house we raised our children in. It is situated in a remote part of the beautiful Southwest of France and I love it. It is my haven and my refuge but it is also my comfort zone.

And as you maybe remember me saying, nothing ever happens in our comfort zones...

So in my dream life,  a few times a year I leave my nest and I go live in various gorgeous places in the world for one to three months at a time. I do not want to own more than a house. I want the freedom to rent properties in the most amazing places, staying long enough in one place to meet new people, to visit the supermarkets and not only the museums.

I don't want to be a tourist, I want to be a resident.

I'm dreaming about tasting other places, meeting other people, and extending my knowledge of various cultures. I’m envisioning doing rituals in various sacred places and running retreats, widening my experience and my community.

I’m aiming for the UK (ahh Scotland ! and Devon … and so much more …), Ireland, USA (North Carolina, Cape Cod, Northern California, New Mexico … and more !) and Australia … And Greece, and India… and … Well you see that my dreams are big and broad !

I’m strongly attracted to the sea, the ocean… I intend to spend at least 6 months of a year living by the sea. I know the magic of it (I’ll write a couple of articles later called lessons from the water to tell you more about that !)

View from my bed this morning ...

It’s not that I want more vacations. I desire a different lifestyle...

I think you get it now.

I am lucky enough not to be chained to a 9 to 5 work anymore. I am lucky enough to not be chained to a school schedule anymore, now that my kids have grown up. I am lucky enough to be able to work from my computer and on the land where I stand. This lifestyle I am in the process of creating is in fact going to be me offering a wider service and a broader experience for the women who choose to walk with me.

And I can go back to my haven to rest, rejuvenate, breathe and create my next adventure !

In fact I am already living this lifestyle at the minute...I am lucky enough to be living in a gorgeous house for a month by the sea in Greece as I was saying earlier …

But this dream month did not just happen... just like my dream life will not just happen …

All this needed me dreaming first, me planning, me preparing and  organizing my life so that it became possible ... It also needed some manifestation and the little bit of magic!

To work less hours, to work more efficiently, to be “lazy” … I needed some planning … which opened up immense possibilities !

But planning is everything.  Because if I want my life to run smoothly, if I desire to be able to enjoy and benefit from stays in various locations, it means I need to create a plan for my days which includes work time and non-work time, to allow for me swimming twice a day for instance …

And I still desire to get the work done !

And I still desire to rest; discover the area, swim, enjoy, meet my family and my friends.

Without burning out obviously.

So I had to create a schedule for myself that would include rest and work, fun and creating, play and commitment, leisure and tasks … I literally had to carve the space and time for my dream life to be possible !

Organizing that schedule and creating the plan to allow for less working hours while still doing what I love and need to do, this has been sooo enjoyable (planning addict here !).

It is always the object of a choice to make the space for our dreams to happen … And if I did that … so can you !

My portable altar/office ...

All this has led me to create an online program about planning, about organising yourself, life and business, about changing your routines and habits for the ones that bring you joy, that make you feel good. (see the PS!)

I have developed systems that allow me to no longer be overwhelmed by urgent things, techniques that allow me times of rest and leisure and I can say today that I am the mistress of my time and not the other way around.

If you are interested in these techniques, these methods, these tips, I invite you to a Free Planning and Organization Challenge.

It’s all about the programming … and the priorities !

So … what do you choose?

With of course, the follow-up question... Are you ready to stop running for a while to take the time and make these choices?

Join my Free Get Organized Workshop in February… Because sometimes, making these choices alone is complicated… Daring to change your habits is courageous and risky .. so a little company doesn't hurt!

Participate with other great women in these 4 days during which I will guide you to get your head out of the water, take action, take the helm and navigate safely and smoothly even in bad weather from today onwards!

Free 4-day workshop to get organized! Plan and change your days to go from "rough seas" to "sunny days"!

This workshop is full of information and implementation ideas to transform your life in just 4 days ... And it's free!

We start on February 9th!

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So much for today ...

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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