June 8


Poetic Presentations, Demeter

By IsayaBelle

June 8, 2021

Sometimes ... I write in a different way ... I wished to create a different way for you to connect with the Goddesses ... I chose a poetic presentation ... I hope you like it ! 

Today ... Meet Demeter ...

I am the mother, unconditional love,
I am the wheat, the grain,
I give freely to satisfy the needs of others, my children,
I am the agate, secret and rich, organized and multiple,
I suffer, often without knowing it, from my status of eternal provider,
I am the separation and the solitude of winter, the unnecessary sacrifice,
I am fertile and generous, nurturing,
I am the mother goddess of crops, growth and renewal,
I am demanding of myself and others and sometimes tyrannical,
I am the never ending creativity, the overflowing cyclic fecundity of earth,
I am the one who nourishes, who takes care of the children, the family, others,
I am the belly where everything is created, the abundant harvest,
I don't know how to say no easily, and often I ignore everything about my own needs,
I am the fruits, the edible vegetables, the grain and the cereal, and the bountiful crop,
I am the protector and the responsible one, sometimes the victim of my deadly omnipotence,
I am the snake, symbol of rebirth, transformation, and the continual renewal of life and death,
I am the seasons and the cycles, the impetus of life and creation,
I am a woman of devotion and duty, I sometimes forget to flow and to take care of myself,
I am the second chakra, orange and fiery, the belly of creation, the womb of origination,
I am the sadness, despair and the Great Mystery of Life,
I am the summer and the birth, transformed by my ordeals,
I am initiated by creation and my journey in the shadow of my prostration,
I am the cornucopia, full of corn, wheat, ripe fruit and nourishing goodness,
I am fertility and creativity
I am the poppy, ever present and modest, feisty and vibrant,
I am possessive and controlling,
I am generosity.

I am Demeter.

Please tell me if you like it !

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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