July 23


Meet the Mother, one of the four Feminine Archetypes

By IsayaBelle

July 23, 2021

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During our moon cycles – both our own personal cycles, and the cosmic, lunar cycle overhead – four distinct and powerful female energy Archetypes are dancing in turn on our paths. The same thing happens throughout the sun year, with each season epitomizing one the four energies.
So, I am a student of Miranda Gray who discovered, invented, conceptualized, organized, choose the word that suits you, the female menstrual cycle or the female lunar cycle. The idea is that during our menstrual cycle we have four distinct powerful feminine energy Archetypes that take their turn to emerge. And this dance of the four Archetypes is found both in our personal menstrual cycle, in our own lunar cycle, but also in that of the actual Moon.
And, of course, on a larger scale throughout the solar year, with each season embodying one of the four energies. These four energies, these four Archetypes they are the Energy of the Maiden, linked with the pre-ovulation phase, the waxing moon and the spring, the Energy of the Mother which is linked with the ovulation phase, the full moon and the summer, the Energy of the Enchantress, related with the post-ovulation phase, the fall and the waning moon. And finally, the Energy of the Crone, of the wise old woman which is linked with the bleeding phase, the dark moon and with winter, of course.

Today I would like to tell you more about the Mother phase, an Archetype that is much larger, much wider than some of our social clichés.
The Mother Archetype is associated with the ovulation phase, the full moon, the high tide and the summer.
The dynamic energy of the Maiden has softened and the will for action and self-determination has become an emotional force which enables the Mother to give generously and take care of others.
The Archetype of the Mother embodies the energy of fullness, wholeness, balance and outward radiance.
She is the one who gives birth, who takes care, who raises and educates (children, ideas, projects – anything and everything is good for her to create).

The Mother is anchored in the earth and shines, she is at the maximum of her creative power and her fertility.
Her strength is in her nurturing presence, not in control. She  is all about sustaining what she’s created and allowing it to bloom in its own right; she understands the part she plays within the natural cycles of nature – when to foster growth and when to resist and allow separation and freedom.
She embodies presence, attention, and care. This means taking care of her offspring, both real and metaphorical, taking care of her environments and very importantly, taking care of herself (nurturing her own body, mind, and spirit, not as a luxurious treat, but as a necessity)
She has a static energy, not a growing one like the Maiden or a descending one like the Enchantress.
We find her in the fragrant blossoms of summer, the abundance of nature and in the gentle light of the full moon.
She is the stillness of the high tide, the warmth of the sun at noon, and the nurturing and caring energy of the ovulation phase.
She reaches out to others in compassion and to create relationships.
She is the Earth Goddess giving birth to her children and nursing them in their growth.
Her energy has matured into an emotional strength that allows her to give and care for others.
The Mother stands in her heart and loves herself, humanity, the Earth and all living things.
She is rooted deeply into the Earth, which gives her the strength and stability to open her heart to love and to care for others and to give generously
Her dominant way of thinking is in her feeling mind and the energies of her womb flow up to her heart, creating a strong heart to womb link. She turns her awareness away from the intellect and towards the deeper level of flowing feelings where she experiences empathy, understanding and compassion.
She is no longer driven to personal achievement but instead finds fulfillment on being who she is and in caring for the needs and desires of others. The Mother is fully open to the outside, very receptive to others and to new ideas.
Tolerant, more patient and more attentive, full of compassion, she is turned towards the needs of others, she gives a lot but can sometimes be forgotten and exhausted to feed the planet.

She feels what is good for others and acts for their good. She knows how to communicate diplomatically so that the other feels good. She takes care, reassures, protects and is present.
She is calm and likes to share, surrounded by her loved ones, whom she knows how to delight. She also knows how to make herself loved.
The Mother carries the world, carries out projects, gives birth to them and helps them grow. She encompasses inner strength and wisdom, ingenuity, creativity and sacred care-taking.
She is at the peak of her sexual potential and her sexual energy is at the highest. Her sexual desire may be strong as she is in her most fertile period. However, her sexual energies can make her desire an emotional connection. So she needs sex to feel loved by her partner so that she feels satisfied.
A little side note to remind postmenopausal women that, like me, you just have to connect to the Moon, and get into harmony with Her cycle to still experience your cyclic nature, whatever your age. This is what an energetic cycle is. And as women, whether we still have a uterus or not, whether we still bleed or not, we remain cyclic and this energetic cycle is always available to us. We just need to reconnect with the Moon.
With the Full Moon, we align ourselves with the Mother Archetype and will switch to the Enchantress Archetype as soon as the Moon starts waning.

There can be two issues with the Mother Archetype.
The first is a tendency to slip into control and over-mothering, which is an unbalanced expression of energy. It is therefore essential for her to be careful not to suffocate and suppress what she has created, and to allow for her "creations" to take flight and thrive freely.
The second issue is that the Mother, because she loves giving so much and so generously, often becomes so overactive that she exhaust herself and burns out. Again it is crucial to beware of this inclination during the Mother phases and place self-care above anything else. Because when the Mother is suffering from living an inauthentic life, or is burnt out from pleasing others, giving away her creative energy and feeling unfulfilled as a woman, the Enchantress that awakens int he next phase... might become out of balance and destructive.
So much for today …
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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