February 26


Life, Philosophy and the washing machine …

By IsayaBelle

February 26, 2017

change, gratitude

So I run a B&B. And I have 28 beds.

So I wash a lot of sheets, and so forth.

So washing, hanging, ironing is mostly an everyday job…

One that I’m excellent at.

One that I do NOT enjoy that much… one of my zones of excellence, not of genius !

I have a real love/hate relationship with my washing machine.

We have been closed for winter since December 1st. We’re opening next Saturday.

The sealer for the glazed panel of the washing machine door is leaking … I bought a new one, online, thinking I was going to replace it myself easily, according to a YouTube tutorial …

Then s* hit the fan.

My washing machine is nothing like the one on the tutorial … And I need tools that I don’t have, and I try, and I can’t,  and I don’t have the strength, or the flexibility, and I ask for help on the internet, and a guy says he will come and help me, then writes again to say that it is too complicated for him, and he won’t come, and my husband can’t help, and I ask my son, and we turn the machine upside down, and it helps a little, but not enough, and  … I feel powerless, stupid for even thinking I could do it myself…

And I ask  for help from the angels… and I got some, but not that much … I decide to let it be, instead of insisting and completely breaking my back and nerves … (improvement here …)

I leave the room.

That was yesterday.

This morning, I had to go back in there. I had to wash some sheets for next weekend (I have a smaller machine for emergencies like that)

Just seeing the machine lying on its side, like the Titanic before sinking … I got annoyed and tired and sick of it.

So I spent an hour on the internet choosing a new one, thinking “OK it’s time for an upgrade, forget it, I’ll buy one and JUST BIN THIS ANNOYING MACHINE”. I chose a nice one, discussed it with hubby over dinner and was ready to buy. I decided to to do that tonight.

I then spent my afternoon ironing (not a very happy place, although I did upgrade it … I installed my ironing board in front of the new huge TV screen and am watching Fried Green Tomatoes while working !) …

Around 6pm, going past the Titanic machine once again to unload the other one, I though to myself… ok, one last try.

And … after a prayer for help to Micheal the “beast Archangel”, with a hand from hubby and another from my son … I FIXED IT ! It is now washing its second batch, without any leaks or problems.

I feel supported by the angels and the Universe.

I feel powerful, gifted and GREAT ! I’m full of gratitude !

I feel like I have spared 400€ (the minimum price of a new one!), so I feel richer.

And I found two spare coins under the machine, so abundance is coming to me !

I am the Queen ! Even if my guardian angel may be  face palming now and then!

Lessons learnt …

Lesson 1. I really understand now what they mean when they say you must VISUALIZE what you want to come, you must give what you want to receive … Only until I had REALLY investigate a new functioning machine and let go of the stinginess and almost ordered it … only until then was I able to  fix it easily …

Lesson2. Don’t bin the second washing machine as s* happens and I need a washing machine at at all times!

Lesson 3. Do not second guess, third guess myself. If I think I can do it … I can, and I will.

Lesson 4. I do not need to do everything fast (and hurt myself in the process). Sometimes, letting it be for a while is part of the solutions.

Lesson 5. If I ask for help from the angels or the Universe or even from people, they WILL give it to me and it WILL be EASIER … I don’t have to do everything alone.

Lesson 6. I realize I’m fully ready to never again have to fix a washing machine myself and pay to have it done, or buy a new one!

Oh My Goddess … 6 lessons from a leaking washing machine … I told you we had a real relationship !!!

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